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Watch Out Duke, He Comes A-Rod

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 30, 2009

Alex Rodriguez has struck out 3 times in both Games 1 and 2 of the 2009 World Series. Via's Play Index Post-Season Batting Game Finder, here are the "leaders" for most games in the post-season where the games were 9 innings or less with 3+ whiffs in the contest:

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Duke Snider           5 Ind. Games
 Ryan Howard           5 Ind. Games
 Reggie Sanders        4 Ind. Games
 Jim Edmonds           4 Ind. Games
 Willie Wilson         3 Ind. Games
 Dan Wilson            3 Ind. Games
 Chase Utley           3 Ind. Games
 Alfonso Soriano       3 Ind. Games
 John Shelby           3 Ind. Games
 Alex Rodriguez        3 Ind. Games
 Manny Ramirez         3 Ind. Games
 David Ortiz           3 Ind. Games
 John Olerud           3 Ind. Games
 Willie McGee          3 Ind. Games
 Evan Longoria         3 Ind. Games
 Kenny Lofton          3 Ind. Games
 Reggie Jackson        3 Ind. Games
 Chone Figgins         3 Ind. Games

Then again, perhaps it will be Ryan Howard that A-Rod has to "chase" for this title?

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One Response to “Watch Out Duke, He Comes A-Rod”

  1. looks like ryan howard set the new record after K'ing 3 times in game 3.