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AL Cy Young award

Posted by Andy on October 21, 2009

One of the close races for this year's seasonal awards is the American League Cy Young award.

This simple poll asks who you think deserves the award, which isn't necessarily the same as who you think will win.

I hope to incorporate a lot more polls here, so stay tuned.

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9 Responses to “AL Cy Young award”

  1. I meant for this poll to be embedded in the post but didn't do it correctly. You can still follow the link and vote.

  2. It should be fixed now.

  3. Weaver? FUENTES?! Really?

  4. The list was derived from Bill James' Cy Young predictor--I just took the top ten names.

  5. I voted for Felix Hernandez. This is definitely a tight competition. The tipping point for me was Wins...not just his win total, but the team's win total in his starts. Greinke's Royals and Halladay's Blue Jays managed just 17 Wins each in their 30+ respective starts, while the Mariners went 25-9 in Hernandez' starts. Sabathia, Verlander and Lester fell in between. Granted, much goes into a team win other than the starting pitcher's effort, but Hernandez was nearly unbeatable after May 20. He was 15-2, while his team went 20-5 in his starts, and in those 25 starts, he lasted 6+ innings 24 times (5.2 in the other). I don't think there's any way that Seattle is above .500 or contending for a wildcard in September without him...not even close.

  6. damthesehigheels Says:

    is it possible for any future polls of this kind to get some kind of generic statistics following each name as opposed to having to look up every guy?

    I'm kinda lazy though so it's probably not a big deal

  7. Yeah I'll see what I can do about that. I hate cherry-picking statistics since they can be misleading...#5 above is a great example of a voter doing his/her own research and coming up with some meaningful stuff.

  8. Felix has the luxury of having an elite defense behind him, though. Zack has to deal with the clowns that comprise the Royals.

  9. [...] is a poll for the National League Cy Young award. As with my poll for the AL award,the 10 guys I put on the ballot are based on the Cy Young Predictor formula (developed by Bill [...]