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October Field Goats

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 5, 2009

According to's Play Index Post Season Batter Events Finder - only 4 post-season games, to date, have ended via an error. Here's the details on each situation:

  Car#  G# Date          Series G Batter            Tm   Opp Pitcher           Score       Inn RoB Out Cnt Pit RBI Play Desc.
     1   1 1914-10-12    WS     3 Herbie Moran      BSN  PHA Joe Bush          tied   4-4  b12 12-   0  -        0 *ENDED GAME*:Reached on E1 (throw to 3B)/Sacrifice Bunt; 
     2   1 1969-10-15    WS     4 J.C. Martin       NYM  BAL Pete Richert      tied   1-1  b10 12-   0  -        0 *ENDED GAME*:Reached on E1 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt; 
     3   1 1986-10-25    WS     6 Mookie Wilson     NYM  BOS Bob Stanley       tied   5-5  b10 -2-   2 3-2   9   0 *ENDED GAME*:Reached on E3 (Ground Ball); Knight Scores/unER
     4   1 1996-10-02    ALDS   2 Charlie Hayes     NYY  TEX Mike Henneman     tied   4-4  b12 12-   0 0-0   1   0 *ENDED GAME*:Reached on E5 (throw to 1B)/Sacrifice Bunt 

Many know about Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.  But, how many remember Game 2 of the 1996 ALDS or Game 4 of the 1969 World Series?  And, for sure, I don't think many today can call upon Game 3 of the 1914 World Series from their own personal eye-witness memory.

Poor Joe Bush, Pete Richert, Bill Buckner and Dean Palmer - for making those errors.  Gotta be a player's worst nightmare, right?  Of course,  all these games were already tied when these errors, it's not like any of these miscues turned a "W" into an "L."  Now, that would really leave a doubt.

Note: Three of these puppies came on bunts. So, maybe that's a smart play, when you're at home, in October, in extra innings, with the score tied?

4 Responses to “October Field Goats”

  1. aapoet Says:

    I remember the 1969 game. Martin was laying down a sac bunt, and Richert's throw hit him in the wrist. The only problem is that photos after the game showed that Martin was clearly outside the 3-foot lane (toward the infield side), and should have been called out. Mets magic.

  2. rico petrocelli Says:

    Remember the classic Baseball card commemorating the 1969 Word Series?

    "JC Martin's Bunt Ends Deadlock" !!!

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