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Postseason Batter vs. Pitcher

Posted by Sean Forman on September 30, 2009

Barry Bonds Batting Against Greg Maddux - Baseball-Reference PI

I'm getting ready for the postseason and I've cleaned up the presentation of the batter vs. pitcher numbers to include a line for the playoffs along with a total line for the regular season and also for regular and postseason.

One Response to “Postseason Batter vs. Pitcher”

  1. tangotiger Says:


    When you look at the last 3 lines of that page, it makes it seem that Bonds / Maddux faced themselves the 155th, 156th, and 157th times in the 2002 post-season, when those numbers are really 139, 140, 141.

    I think breaking it down as you did is fine (good actually), but the "Car#" should reflect when they actually faced each other, and not be just a sequential number that starts at one higher than the last time they faced each other in the regular season.