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Up Three Rivers Without A Paddle?

Posted by Steve Lombardi on September 4, 2009

To date, 19 times this season a Pittsburgh Pirates starting pitcher has gone 6+ IP, allowing 3 ER or less, and was charged with a loss this season. Via Play Index Pitching Game Finder, here's how all big league teams have done in this slice, so far, this year:

 Tm  Year Games Link to Individual Games
 PIT 2009    19 Ind. Games
 ARI 2009    17 Ind. Games
 KCR 2009    15 Ind. Games
 CHC 2009    15 Ind. Games
 ATL 2009    15 Ind. Games
 SDP 2009    14 Ind. Games
 CLE 2009    14 Ind. Games
 STL 2009    13 Ind. Games
 BAL 2009    13 Ind. Games
 OAK 2009    12 Ind. Games
 NYM 2009    12 Ind. Games
 COL 2009    12 Ind. Games
 TOR 2009    11 Ind. Games
 CIN 2009    11 Ind. Games
 WSN 2009    10 Ind. Games
 PHI 2009    10 Ind. Games
 FLA 2009    10 Ind. Games
 TBR 2009     9 Ind. Games
 MIL 2009     9 Ind. Games
 LAD 2009     9 Ind. Games
 TEX 2009     8 Ind. Games
 MIN 2009     8 Ind. Games
 DET 2009     8 Ind. Games
 CHW 2009     8 Ind. Games
 SFG 2009     7 Ind. Games
 SEA 2009     7 Ind. Games
 LAA 2009     7 Ind. Games
 HOU 2009     7 Ind. Games
 BOS 2009     6 Ind. Games
 NYY 2009     5 Ind. Games

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3 Responses to “Up Three Rivers Without A Paddle?”

  1. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    You can also find that by going here and sorting by "Ltuf" (tough losses). (Bill James used to define that as a loss when the game score was 50 or less, but B-R is defining it as a loss when throwing a quality start.)

  2. Er, Three Rivers? How many years has it been since the Pirates played in Three Rivers?

  3. Gerry: Last time I visited Pittsburgh, there were still three rivers flowing there, and the Pirates new PNC Park is right near the confluence of them (just a few blocks east of the old stadium). Steve's creative title does not necessarily refer to Three Rivers Stadium, merely Pittsburgh's famous waterways.

    And, if you were really wondering, this marks the ninth season for the new park.