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’09 Yanks On Verge Of Setting 20/70 Mark?

Posted by Steve Lombardi on September 3, 2009

Today, Peter Abraham asked "I’d be curious to know the last team that had eight players hit at least 20 home runs and drive in at least 70 runs."

Well, thanks to's Play Index Batting Season Finder, the answer is simple to find: It's never been done before. (But, for the record, the 1996 O's had seven players with 20+ HR and 70+ RBI.)

So, if Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada can reach 20 HR and 70 RBI this season, that would give the 2009 Yankees eight players with these marks - and the team record for most players in one season with 20+ HR/70+ RBI.

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6 Responses to “’09 Yanks On Verge Of Setting 20/70 Mark?”

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  3. Forget about the 70 RBI, there has never been a team with more than 7 players with 20+ HR. There have only been 4 teams with 7 such players. I saw the list somewhere recently, maybe even on this blog.

  4. Posada homered today, giving the Yankees seven. That makes four teams. If there was a 4th beside the '09 Yankees, I can't find it.

    2005 AL Texas Rangers

    Mark Teixeira / Hank Blalock / Michael Young / Alfonso Soriano /
    Kevin Mench / David Dellucci / Rod Barajas

    2000 AL Toronto Blue Jays

    Jose Cruz / Carlos Delgado / Tony Batista / Shannon Stewart /
    Brad Fullmer / Darrin Fletcher / Raul Mondesi

    1996 AL Baltimore Orioles

    Cal Ripken / Rafael Palmeiro / Bobby Bonilla / Roberto Alomar /
    Brady Anderson / B.J. Surhoff / Chris Hoiles

    2009 AL New York Yankees

    Mark Teixeira / Johnny Damon / Alex Rodriguez / Hideki Matsui /
    Nick Swisher / Robinson Cano / Jorge Posada

  5. I was answering Gerry's question on 20 HR's only. Didn't do an RBI count. Jeter is sitting at 17 HR/61 RBI right now.

  6. DavidRF is right. I don't know what I was thinking of.