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Bloops: ZiPS Career projections: Jeter, Ichiro, Thon

Posted by Neil Paine on August 28, 2009

Dan Szymborski weighs in with some career projections using ZiPS. There's Jeter, career intact and on track for more than 3,500 hits, but then two "what-ifs" -- Ichiro for the beginning of his career (what if he had played in MLB from the start?), and Dickie Thon for all but the beginning (what if he hadn't been hit in the face by a Mike Torrez heater?). Most interesting to me: if ZiPS was reality, Ichiro would rank 3rd all time in hits, trailing Cobb by just one.

One Response to “Bloops: ZiPS Career projections: Jeter, Ichiro, Thon”

  1. ImAShark Says:

    Ichiro would probably have the all-time lead if he played in the MLB from the beginning of his career.