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1000+ Hits for Multiple Teams

Posted by Raphy on August 27, 2009

Tonight, when Vladimir Guerrero notched his 1000 hit as Angel, he  joined a select group of players to have 1000 hits for more than one franchise. I have pulled out the others from this PI search.

Buddy Bell TEX CLE
Eddie Collins PHA CHW
Joe Cronin WSH BOS
Carlton Fisk CHW BOS
Jimmie Foxx PHA BOS
Frankie Frisch STL NYG
Vladimir Guerrero MON LAA
Rafael Palmeiro TEX BAL
Manny Ramirez CLE BOS
Tris Speaker CLE BOS
Joe Torre ATL STL
B.J. Surhoff MIL BAL
Dave Winfield NYY SDP

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5 Responses to “1000+ Hits for Multiple Teams”

  1. You missed Joe Torre.

  2. Buddy Bell is another one.

    Including the 19th century brings in Jake Beckley and Fred Clarke.

    Near misses (950+ on second team) include Barry Bonds and Joe Morgan. Also, A-Rod is 966/957 SEA/NYY, so he has a shot if he ever gets back to Seattle.

  3. Thanks David!
    There were some leading spaces in my spreadsheet that I didn't realize existed. I have fixed that now. As far as I can tell, the only players I missed were the ones you mentioned. I have added them in. Thanks for catching that.

  4. Lots of second-timers for the Red Sox

  5. While Andy is correct there are a lot of second timers for the Sox, it is not as many as it seems. I took the teams off the player pages which list the teams in order of PA. In reality, both Fisk and Speaker played for Boston first.

    It still is remarkable how many Red Sox are involved here. If you look in the link in the post, there are at least 6 teams with as many or more 1000 hit players. Yet none (except maybe Cleveland), come close to Boston when it comes to sharing.