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Really Working For It In The Bronx

Posted by Steve Lombardi on June 14, 2007

Andy Pettitte pitched a strong ballgame for the Yankees today in the Bronx:  8 innings, 1 run allowed, and on just 101 pitches.

And, this got me thinking: 

How many times, have the Yankees, won a game in the Bronx, under Joe Torre, where their pitchers worked really hard for a win in a 9-inning game where they did not give up a lot of runs?  To that end, I turned to the B-R PI Team Pitching Gamelog Finder and asked it show me:  "From 1996 to 2007, Playing for NYY, Team Won, At Home,  requiring Pitches >= 180, IP=9, and R<=3)" and the result was just two games:

 9/2/99:  Here, the Yankees threw 187 pitches in the game - led by El Duque who offered up 136 pitches in 6.2 IP. (Time of Game: 3:51)

8/28/05:  Here, the Yankees threw 190 pitches in the game - led by Senator Al who offered up 112 pitches in 6 IP.  (Time of Game: 3:23)

Orlando Hernandez and Al Leiter?  Any Yankees fans shocked by this?

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