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Yankees and Angels – Well Balanced Attacks

Posted by Raphy on August 19, 2009

Two recent blog posts ( one by Rob Neyer and one on the Replacement Level Yankees Weblog ) inspired me look closely at the depth of the Yankees' and Angels lineups.  Both teams' offenses have been clicking on all cylinders this season.  The Angels have averaged 5.8 runs per game and the Yankees 5.53.  One striking thing about both teams' offenses is the number of players contributing. The following numbers, which are obviously DH enhanced, illustrate this fact.

The Angels currently have 9 players on pace (based on team games) for at-least 100 hits, and that doesn't include Vlad Guerrero who is sure to get there.  If the Angels are successful in having 10 players with 100 hits, they will become just the second team to ever accomplish this feat. The only team in baseball history to do this was the 2004 Tigers.

Meanwhile,  the Yankees have been specializing in extra-base hits. They have nine players who are pace to have at least 40 XBH.  The only team ever to accomplish this feat  was the 2003 Red Sox. That year, each of the Red Sox 9 actually had at least 50 hits that went for extra bases. Its safe to say that at least that mark is out of reach for the Yankees this season.

3 Responses to “Yankees and Angels – Well Balanced Attacks”

  1. gerry Says:

    The 1930 Phillies came close to pre-empting the 2004 Tigers - they had 8 players with 100+ hits, and two players with 97. And they finished last, 40 games out of 1st place.

  2. Fireworks Says:

    The Yanks have a shot at passing the '96 O's, '00 Jays, and '05 Rangers, each of whom had seven players with 20 or more homers. As of right now the Yanks only have four (Teixeira - 31, Damon - 22, Rodriguez - 21, Swisher - 20), but Matsui only needs 1 more, Cano 2 more, and Posada and Jeter need 5 more apiece. I wouldn't bet against them at least tying those other teams.

  3. Adam Darowski Says:

    Wow, 8 of those 9 Red Sox had 30 doubles. Worst OPS+ of the nine was actually Johnny Damon's 94.