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Walking Off with Marco Part II

Posted by Raphy on August 8, 2009

Last week Andy wrote about Marco Scutaro's  large number of walk-off plate appearances.:

"Can you believe that Scutaro has already been responsible for NINE walk-off wins? That’s more than most players get in their entire careers, much less below-average middle infielders."

Andy is  an expert when it comes to walk-offs. He has written about them extensively and has a good feel for when something unusual happens.  I however, am a novice and felt compelled to run the numbers.

Scutaro began playing full time in 2004. That same season he collected had first walk-off win. As Andy mentioned Scutaro has amassed 9 walk-off wins playing either 2nd base or shortstop.  Here are the leaders since 2004 in walk-off wins among middle infielders (through Friday's games).

Marco Scutaro 9
Orlando Cabrera 8
Placido Polanco 7
Jose Lopez 6
Juan Uribe 6
Mark Loretta 6
Bobby Crosby 5
Carlos Guillen 5
David Eckstein 5
Michael Young 5
Miguel Tejada 5
Orlando Hudson 5
Yuniesky Betancou 5

As you can see, the numbers confirm Andy's statement.  When it comes to walking away with a win, there is no one up the middle who has done it better than Marco.

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7 Responses to “Walking Off with Marco Part II”

  1. Could you post the active lead and all-time lead for most walk-off plate appearances? Thanks.

  2. Wow that's two brown-nosing posts in a row, Raphy...thanks!

  3. That all-time lead coming anytime soon?

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  6. If you're so desperate to know, its not that complicated to figure out. All you need is a computer (with a PI subscription and a good spreadsheet program (or a basic programming language if you're so inclined)) and some time.

    Step 1: Go to and select "Team Batting Event Finder"
    Step 2: (This step is to avoid PI hang time) Where it says select team click on the drop down menu and select Angels and click on "Get Report".
    Step 3: Click on "game-ending" and "go ahead". Change the search parameters to "1954", "All Teams" and "Plate Appearances". Then click "Get Report".
    Step 4: When you get your results there will be a list of all walk-off game-winning plate appearances for 1954. Select them all and copy them all.
    Step 5: Paste the list into a spreadsheet.
    Step 6: repeat for all years 1954-2009.

    When you complete step 6 save your spreadsheet and let me know. I'll instruct you from there.

  7. Imashark, I would have thought youd've given up posting here after the many, many comments you've posted that have been filtered out by the blog software.