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Pujols, Prince, and…Scutaro? Yes, Scutaro!

Posted by Andy on August 6, 2009

Check out this list of most games this year getting on base at least once:

                   Year Games Link to Individual Games
 Albert Pujols     2009    98 Ind. Games                
 Prince Fielder    2009    94 Ind. Games                
 Adrian Gonzalez   2009    92 Ind. Games                
 Adam Dunn         2009    92 Ind. Games                
 Mark Teixeira     2009    91 Ind. Games                
 Ichiro Suzuki     2009    91 Ind. Games                
 Marco Scutaro     2009    91 Ind. Games                
 Carlos Pena       2009    90 Ind. Games                
 Justin Morneau    2009    90 Ind. Games                
 Nick Markakis     2009    90 Ind. Games                
 Carl Crawford     2009    90 Ind. Games                
 Ryan Zimmerman    2009    89 Ind. Games                
 Michael Young     2009    89 Ind. Games                
 David Wright      2009    89 Ind. Games                
 Chase Utley       2009    89 Ind. Games                
 Mark Reynolds     2009    88 Ind. Games                
 Chone Figgins     2009    88 Ind. Games                

There's only one surprising name on here, and that's Marco Scutaro.

Scutaro has been a pretty decent middle infielder for several years now. He doesn't put up huge offensive numbers but his OPS+ has been consistently right around 90. This year, it's way up to 118 and he's already set career highs for walks and SB. In just a few more games, he's very likely to set career highs in runs, 2B, and total bases. Unless he runs into a big slump, he'll finish the year with career highs in BA, OBP, and SLG.

Scutaro hasn't really flown under the radar thanks to a whole bunch of game-winning plate appearances. Can you believe that Scutaro has already been responsible for NINE walk-off wins? That's more than most players get in their entire careers, much less below-average middle infielders. Those walk-off winners include homers off closers B. J. Ryan in 2004 and Mariano Rivera in 2007.

6 Responses to “Pujols, Prince, and…Scutaro? Yes, Scutaro!”

  1. Raphy Says:

    How about we call it responsible for eight walk-off wins?
    Sorry, but I can't give him credit for the third baseman throwing the ball away on a sac bunt.

  2. Raphy Says:

    I meant the pitcher throwing the ball away.

  3. genis26 Says:

    Well, I looked up the list for the most games reaching base at least twice, and Scutaro was 2nd to Pujols with 65 such games (Pujols has 68). Then its Jeter (63), Adrian (62), and then 5 players with 60 such games.

    The list gets really interesting when you raise the number to 3 times in a game.
    Chase Utley 2009 36 Ind. Games
    Chone Figgins 2009 34 Ind. Games
    Prince Fielder 2009 34 Ind. Games
    David Wright 2009 32 Ind. Games
    Matt Holliday 2009 30 Ind. Games
    Nick Johnson 2009 29 Ind. Games
    Shin-Soo Choo 2009 29 Ind. Games
    Shane Victorino 2009 28 Ind. Games
    Albert Pujols 2009 28 Ind. Games
    Bobby Abreu 2009 28 Ind. Games
    Nyjer Morgan 2009 27 Ind. Games
    Orlando Hudson 2009 27 Ind. Games
    Justin Morneau 2009 26 Ind. Games
    Adam Dunn 2009 26 Ind. Games
    Marco Scutaro 2009 25 Ind. Games
    Hanley Ramirez 2009 25 Ind. Games
    Dustin Pedroia 2009 25 Ind. Games
    Joe Mauer 2009 25 Ind. Games
    Derek Jeter 2009 25 Ind. Games
    Miguel Cabrera 2009 25 Ind. Games
    Jason Bay 2009 25 Ind. Games

    How about Choo and Nick Johnson, eh?

  4. Raphy Says:

    According to the Stats blog Scutaro easily leads the majors (min. 25 PA) with a .458 BA with an 0-2 count.

  5. spudart Says:

    I'd like to see this list with most games this year getting at least one hit. It would be great research for people playing Beat the Streak on It's shocking to see Adam Dunn on this on-base list. I always think of him swinging for the fences--not your typical beat the streak guy. And then I look at his numbers. .288 average with 88 walks. Ahhhh. His walks very much pad his numbers to get onto this on-base list. I'm curious if Dunn would make it onto the "most games this year getting at least one hit."

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