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Another Post on Santana’s Game

Posted by Chris J. on August 19, 2007

I know Andy already wrote one, but that doesn't mean he covered all the ground, right?

Santana allowed 2 hits in 8 innings of shutout ball while allowing no runs nor any walks.  That's a game score of 95.  Is that the best game score ever (well, "ever" being since 1957) for someone with only 8 IP?  Yup, breaking Nolan Ryan's old record of 93.  He's got a 6 point lead on second place.

There's another way of looking at this: Andy covered about how this stacks up in Twins history, but how does it compare to other performances against the Rangers.  It's tied for the second most K's ever against the Rangers.  The Big Unit's still #1, while Santana rubs shoulders with, um, Bill Monbouquette?  Ohh-kay.  Actually, they were the Senators back then.  He's also tied with Frank Tanana, in case your wondering how tonight's game affected him.

It's not the best game score ever against the Rangers.  Figures.  Only 8 innings after all.  But please note the best ever game score against the Rangers came last month courtesay the orange, white, and black of Baltimore's Eric Bedard.  Also near the top of that list is Mark Buehrle's no-hitter from earlier this year.  That's 3 times a pitcher has gotten a game score of 94 or higher against the Rangers this year.  Ow.

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3 Responses to “Another Post on Santana’s Game”

  1. OscarAzocar Says:

    This season also saw the record set for gamescore by a pitcher who pitched only 7 innings. On April 25th Jake Peavy had a gamescore of 86 in only 7 innings.
    ( )

  2. Chris--thanks for making this post. I was too tired last night to do all that research!

  3. An interesting person on that list: Mariano Rivera. He was a starter at one point for the Yankees.