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Productive Gardening

Posted by Raphy on June 30, 2009

On Friday night Brett Gardner of the Yankees went 5 for 6 with a triple and a home run. It was the third game this year in which Gardner has both homered and tripled (thanks to Peter Abraham for opening my eyes to this). His third such game occurred in the Yankees' 73rd game of the season and the 106th game of Gardner's career.

Since 1954 only 1 player has had more homer-triple games in his team's first 73 games:

 George Altman     1961     5 Ind. Games
 Harry Simpson     1956     3 Ind. Games
 Lloyd Moseby      1984     3 Ind. Games
 Willie Mays       1960     3 Ind. Games
 Mike Lansing      2000     3 Ind. Games
 Brett Gardner     2009     3 Ind. Games
 George Brett      1979     3 Ind. Games
 Ken Boyer         1964     3 Ind. Games
 Barry Bonds       1988     3 Ind. Games         

In 1961 George Altman hit only 7 triples and 13 home runs in the Cubs' first 72 games. Still he managed  to pair-up those homers and triples in 5 different games. Altman would  only do it once more that season, but still remains the post-1954 season leader:

                   Year Games Link to Individual Games
 George Altman     1961     6 Ind. Games
 Lou Clinton       1962     5 Ind. Games
 Harry Simpson     1956     4 Ind. Games
 Luke Scott        2006     4 Ind. Games
 Juan Samuel       1987     4 Ind. Games
 Willie Mays       1957     4 Ind. Games
 Vladimir Guerrero 2000     4 Ind. Games
 Brian Giles       2001     4 Ind. Games
 Cesar Cedeno      1972     4 Ind. Games
 George Brett      1979     4 Ind. Games
 Harold Baines     1984     4 Ind. Games

Gardner had his third homer-triple game in his 106th career game.  Gardner became the 3rd player since 1954 (and 2006) to accomplish this. In 2006, Luke Scott had 4 such games out of his first 88 career games and Ryan Braun did it 3 times in his first 101 games in 2007.  Before Scott, the fastest player to 4 games (post 1954) was  Lou Clinton who did it in 155 games in 1962. Clinton would only do it once more in his career and Scott has now played 435 games and with his total still at 4.

The career (post 1954) leader for such games is Barry Bonds, who did it 17 times (only 1 of them post 1998).

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Barry Bonds          17 Ind. Games
 Frank Robinson       16 Ind. Games
 Billy Williams       15 Ind. Games
 Willie Mays          14 Ind. Games  (Mays played 155 games before '54)
 Steve Finley         14 Ind. Games
 Willie Stargell      13 Ind. Games
 Jim Rice             13 Ind. Games
 George Brett         13 Ind. Games
 Ernie Banks          13 Ind. Games  (Banks played 10 games before '54)    

5 Responses to “Productive Gardening”

  1. Andy Says:

    Lots of good names on those lists...perhaps this bodes well for Gardener.

  2. It’s Nice To Say Hello. Hello & How Are You? Says:

    [...] some stats on The Magic Gardner that would make Carole and Paula sing their fannies off…click here to see [...]

  3. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    I tend to think this has no predictive value for Gardner. Still I'm quite pleased with how he's played so far. I thought if he could manage a .350 OBP, with his defense and speed, he'd be a decent regular. He's outdoing that right now. Does anyone have the formula for Bill James's speed score? Not that it's definitive but I really think Gardner might be the fastest guy in the majors.

  4. Raphy Says:

    Johnny - Fangraphs has it. (Although they only use a very basic form of it) If you go to their advanced leaderboard page, go to advanced, select all players (instead of qualified) and sort by spd #1 is Brett Gardner at 8.7

  5. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Thanks Raphy. Fangraphs is a great site which for some reason I'm not in the habit of checking regularly.