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Most 10+ K games

Posted by Andy on June 30, 2009

Tim Lincecum struck out only 8 batters last night, but check out where he ranks among 10+ strikeout games among the first 74 career cames for pitchers (since 1954):

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Dwight Gooden        27 Ind. Games                
 Herb Score           22 Ind. Games                
 Kerry Wood           18 Ind. Games                
 Mark Prior           16 Ind. Games                
 Hideo Nomo           16 Ind. Games                
 Tim Lincecum         15 Ind. Games                
 Oliver Perez         14 Ind. Games                
 Roger Clemens        13 Ind. Games                
 Bobby Witt           12 Ind. Games                
 Nolan Ryan           11 Ind. Games                
 Vida Blue            11 Ind. Games                
 Bob Turley           10 Ind. Games                
 Tom Phoebus          10 Ind. Games                
 Randy Johnson        10 Ind. Games                
 Cole Hamels          10 Ind. Games                
 Dennis Eckersley     10 Ind. Games                
 Al Downing           10 Ind. Games                

In case you're wondering, 74 happens to be the number of games Lincecum has appeared in so far in his major-league career.

If we change it to most games with 8+ strikeouts, look who rises to number 1:

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Tim Lincecum         39 Ind. Games                
 Dwight Gooden        38 Ind. Games                
 Kerry Wood           36 Ind. Games                
 Herb Score           36 Ind. Games                
 Mark Prior           35 Ind. Games                
 Hideo Nomo           33 Ind. Games                
 Roger Clemens        28 Ind. Games                
 Frank Tanana         26 Ind. Games                
 Oliver Perez         24 Ind. Games                
 Ron Guidry           24 Ind. Games                
 Vida Blue            24 Ind. Games                
 Bobby Witt           23 Ind. Games                
 Cole Hamels          23 Ind. Games                
 Roy Oswalt           22 Ind. Games                
 Jose DeLeon          22 Ind. Games                
 Bert Blyleven        21 Ind. Games                
 Greg Swindell        20 Ind. Games                
 Ramon Martinez       20 Ind. Games                
 Scott Kazmir         20 Ind. Games                
 Al Downing           20 Ind. Games                
 Dave Boswell         20 Ind. Games                
 Bob Turley           19 Ind. Games                
 A.J. Burnett         19 Ind. Games                

Bet you didn't see that coming, eh?

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2 Responses to “Most 10+ K games”

  1. I think I'm more surprised to see Oliver Perez at #9. Vida Blue, Ron Guidry and .... Oliver Perez!

  2. Yup...that was the surprise I was going for. Perez was a pretty promising pitcher at one point.