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Suggestions v. June 22, 2009

Posted by Sean Forman on June 22, 2009

Let us have them!

14 Responses to “Suggestions v. June 22, 2009”

  1. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    On the "old" blog, there was one Suggestions page which collected about 200 comments, not just suggestions but also some random, interesting baseball convo. Rather than reposting a new one every few weeks, it would probably work better if the link to this thread was just moved near the top of the page like the old one was. I know there's a "Your Suggestions" link on the right but it's way down the page and most people probably don't see it.

  2. pm Says:

    In the pitchers split page, please include ERA for the splits like for example: innings 1, innings 4-6 and ERA for each catcher. I also wouldn't mind if you did that for every stat on the page, though I understand it doesn't mean much in categories like vs. LH.

    I wish you had all time leaderboards for advanced stats. Example: leaderboard for most OF assists at home plate or catchers throwing runner's out at 3rd base.

    also, In Ross Detwiler's minors page, you have at a 3.00 ERA with 27.1 IP. That doesn't make sense mathematically. That would be an ERA of 2.96.

  3. Joel Says:

    On the Event Finder, is it possible to make filters chosen out of the same section an "OR" instead of an "AND". For instance, if I want to see all of the walks a pitcher gives up with a runner occupying first base, I have to run 4 separate queries and then compile the data outside of the site. Logically though, it seems like I should be able to choose "1--", "12-", "1-3", "123" and the tool should know that I want cases that match any of those, not all of them.

    Also would be cool to be able to search for all cases where a hitter put the ball in play on a bunt attempt, not just sacrifice attempts.

    I'd also like to see batted ball type as one of the filters on events, if possible.

  4. Student of The Game Says:

    First of all, LOVE Joel's idea - was gonna suggest it myself! Must must try to get an "OR" in there.

    Can batting event finder include GDP? Was trying to find that this morning, actually, kind of surprised to find it not there.

    Is there any way to combine years in event finder? I wanted to look at grand slams over the last 5 years but could only look it up year after year after year.

    Finally, on the team schedule pages, every day shows the division standing. (How many games ahead or back in the division) the team was on that day. I suggest, for post-1994 teams, adding wild card standing as well. It's harder to appreciate a certain stretch of baseball (example: 2007 Rockies) when you only see how many games it changed in the divisional race.

  5. bland3080 Says:


    How about the amount of years all current pitchers have pitched 200+ innings.

    I think Buehrle has pitched the last 8 years with 200+ innings each year.

  6. Joel Says:

    Bland3080: you can already get that with Play Index. This is the active pitchers with 200 IP in a season and the number of times they've done it.

  7. damthesehigheels Says:

    is there any way to see something along the lines of what player has played in the most of Mariano Rivera's (upcoming) 500 saves? Although this could be fun for any stat... pitcher wins, random player home runs....

  8. leatherman Says:

    With his save last night against the Mets, Trevor Hoffman became the all-time leader in one pitch saves with 5. He had been tied with Dennis Eckersley with 4. 6 others have 3 one pitch saves. The shareit link ends in 8uBh (I still don't know how to post links here).

    Additionally, it was his second one pitch, two out save. That ties him with Jeff Montgomery and Eckersley for most all time, with 2. The shareit link ends in mRfk (this link has all 19 such games).

  9. kingturtle Says:

    Of all those who qualify for the Hall of Fame but are not in the Hall of Fame, Rusty Staub has the most games played (2951). I was looking closely at his stats, and realized he never sucked. From 1965 to 1981 his OPS+ was 100 or more. That's 17 straight years. So...what other players out there can claim 17 or more years of 100 or more OPS+ seasons?

  10. damthesehigheels Says:

    I guess this is kinda silly, but is it possible to see what the highest ERA (like season-wise) a pitcher ever had when pitching a complete game shutout? Or even a no hitter? although that one seems like i could do it easily by just looking that list up. but the first list?

  11. dave Says:

    Today (July 9, 2009) Joel Hanrahan of the Pirates got a victory in a game even though he (and the team) did not play. How is this possible?

    He was the pitcher of record for the Nationals when a game was suspended earlier in the season.
    The Nationals won in extra innings and Hanrahan was given the win even though he didn't play today...and he was with another team!

    How many times has that happened?????????

  12. leatherman Says:

    194 times a pitcher has allowed 3 or more runs and earned a save: shareit link ends in f7sn.

    6/6/73 - 8 runs allowed in a save. Dave Goltz allows 2 runs in the 7th, 2 in the 8th, and 4 in the 9th, earning him a 3 inning save in a 13-9 game.

    9/4/71 - Phil Hennigan allows 6 runs in earning a save.

    8 run saves: 1
    6 run saves: 1
    5 run saves: 5
    4 run saves: 23
    3 run saves: 164

    As expected, most of these were the 3 inning save variety. Only 73 of the 194 were shorter than 3 innings.

  13. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Damthesehighheels, you can just do a pitcher season search setting SHO at least 1 and searching for the highest ERA that qualified for the ERA title. In 1999 Brian Bohanon had a 6.20 ERA in 33 starts for COL w/ 1 SHO. Actually the next two on the list are also '99: Jose Jimenez and Bobby Witt each had 2 SHO despite ERAs over 5.80.

  14. Samurai Sam Says:

    I've noticed that the Yankees have scored 4 runs or more in their last 17 games. This has got me wondering about if this is close to a record, and what kinds of runs-per-game-related streaks exist.