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Most 5-hit games in a season

Posted by Andy on May 26, 2009

A reader asked so here is the answer. Most 5-hit games in a season since 1954:

 Year Games Link to Individual Games
 2008    42 Ind. Games                
 2004    41 Ind. Games                
 1999    39 Ind. Games                
 2000    38 Ind. Games                
 2007    37 Ind. Games                
 2005    35 Ind. Games                
 1996    35 Ind. Games                
 1970    31 Ind. Games                
 1991    30 Ind. Games                
 1986    29 Ind. Games                
 1980    29 Ind. Games                

Well well well....the record was set last year.

That's not such a surprise since A) there are more teams now so it would have to be a recent season and B) more run-scoring means more plate appearances per game, making it easier to get 5 hits in a single game. To some degree, this list would be more meaningful if I at least normalized it by total number of games played each year.

So far in 2009, we've had 10 such 5-hit games. With just over a quarter of the season gone, that means tings are on pace for roughly a typical year from the last several years of 35-40 such games.

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One Response to “Most 5-hit games in a season”

  1. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Ichiro had 4 5-hit games in '04, most of the Retrosheet era. Tony Gwynn joins him with 4 games of at least 5 hits in '93.