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World Series Game #7s –

Posted by Sean Forman on October 28, 2011

World Series Game #7s -

Complete list of World Series Game #7's.  Where do you expect tonight's game to rate?

17 Responses to “World Series Game #7s –”

  1. jiffy Says:

    Regardless of the quality of the game, it will be a great one if the Cardinals lose and LaRussa gets another DUI.

  2. DaveZ Says:

    I predict one of two things will happen...1)another see-saw classic or 2)a route akin to the 1985 Royals/Cards game 7 only this time Cards prevail. I think we'll know fairly early in (I'll say by the 2nd inning) which way it goes. If it's a rout it's going to be over very early.

  3. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Unless there is a MAJOR dropoff in the excitement that has seemed to dominate this years' post season play, I expect tonight's game to rank no less tha, ninth or tenth on the list.

  4. Paul E Says:

    Whatever happens, it can never top Mariano blowing the lead after Schilling got scorched for Soriano's 8th inning bomb.

    Two giants of the game at their most vulnerable. Schilling had the look of a 6 year-old child after someone kicked his dog; Rivera getting hit around....great, unexpected, theatre.

  5. scott-53 Says:

    8 game 7's since 1980. The home team is 8-0. Unsure where it will rate.

  6. topper009 Says:

    The only American league teams to lose 2 straight World Series:
    63-64 Yankees
    21-22 Yankees
    07-08-09 Tigers

  7. pauley Says:

    Think it will end up more like 1960 than 1991- my two personal favorites

  8. scott-53 Says:

    Last American league team to win game 7 on the road.

    Detroit Tigers 1968.

  9. Timmy Pee Says:

    @1 Childish and stupid.

  10. oneblankspace Says:

    #6: The '64 Yanks lost to St Louis.
    #8: The '68 Tigers beat St Louis.

  11. Timmy Pee Says:

    Speaking of rodents, I'm surprised somebody in St. Louis has not tried to smuggle a squirrel into the ball park.

  12. steven Says:

    Of all the Cardinals World Championships, until (possibly) tonight,only Billy Southworth, in 1942 and 1944, is the only manager to have won multiple titles with St. Louis.

  13. scott-53 Says:

    @10: Knew St Louis lost in '68 when I posted #8 but it did not occur to me until later that they were the last National League team to lose at home. Tunnel vision looking for last American League winner.

  14. Doug Says:

    Results of teams appearing in a WS after losing the previous year's WS.

    2011 Rangers lost
    1992 Braves lost
    1989 Athletics won
    1978 Dodgers lost
    1977 Yankees won
    1970 Orioles won
    1964 Yankees lost
    1961 Yankees won
    1958 Yankees won
    1956 Yankees won
    1953 Dodgers lost
    1944 Cardinals won
    1943 Yankees won
    1937 Giants lost
    1931 Cardinals won
    1927 Yankees won
    1924 Giants lost
    1923 Yankees won
    1922 Yankees lost
    1913 Giants lost
    1912 Giants lost
    1909 Tigers lost
    1908 Tigers lost
    1907 Cubs won

    If you're keeping score, that's 12 times coming back from a WS loss to win, and 12 times losing again.

  15. scott-53 Says:

    The returning loser was on a roll from 1927-1957. 9 wins 3 losses.

  16. scott-53 Says:

    @14&15 Make that 1927-1977.

  17. Penny Stipler Says:

    That is some GREAT information. I am very impressed and can't wait for more like it.