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Exciting World Series Game Sixes

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 27, 2011

Here's one possible list -

Rk Tm Opp Date Series Gm# #Matching  
1 ATL TOR 1992-10-24     23  
2 CHC DET 1945-10-08     21  
3 BOS CIN 1975-10-21     18  
4 KCR STL 1985-10-26     17  
5 ATL MIN 1991-10-26     16  
6 BOS NYM 1986-10-25     15  
7 BAL PIT 1971-10-16     15  
8 CHW CIN 1919-10-07     15  
9 MLN NYY 1958-10-08     14  
10 BRO NYY 1956-10-09     14  
11 NYG NYY 1951-10-10     12  
12 CHC DET 1935-10-07     12  
13 BRO NYY 1952-10-06     11  
14 PHI TOR 1993-10-23     10  
15 BSN CLE 1948-10-11     10  
16 BRO NYY 1947-10-05     10  
17 DET STL 1934-10-08     10  
18 PIT WSH 1925-10-13     10  
19 ATL CLE 1995-10-28     9  
20 NYG NYY 1936-10-06     9  
21 NYG WSH 1924-10-09     9  
22 BOS CHC 1918-09-11     9  
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Any here that you would not include? Any missing that should be included?

114 Responses to “Exciting World Series Game Sixes”

  1. Nash Bruce Says:


  2. Stu B Says:

    Speaking of playing championship games on Saturday, I've wished for years that the NFL would move the Super Bowl to Saturday night.

  3. Stu B Says:

    As I posted in the other string, as Freese's dinger sailed over the wall, I said to my fiance, "And this is why we watch baseball."

  4. zuke Says:


    or turn monday into a national holiday. either way.

    i think the job by the umps last night warrants mentioning. some really tough calls were made involving batted balls and it looked like they got them right, without resorting to a lot of meetings/review. i think there should have been a runner's interference at one point, but the no-call was understandable, and it didn't end up making a big difference anyway

  5. Cabriael Says:

    104) As much as I hate umpires, I have to say that yesterdays' game was officiated well.

    However that means the chance of a crucial gaffe has been increased, just by that. We will see.

  6. Mike Says:

    Try again 105 posts later ----- unless I missed it..... what does the # matching represent?

  7. zuke Says:


    i think it's number of players with an aLI > 1.25. i don't think it was clearly posted anywhere

  8. Jimmy Says:

    Add Game 6 of the 2011 World Series to this list

  9. pauley Says:

    @93- Yeah, he's only hit 8 home runs in the last 12 games, who needs him? Cruz didn't give up the double to Pujols or walk Berkman and didn't throw a 1-2 cupcake to Freese. So he lost the series singlehandedly for the Rangers. When was the last time a World Series game had 3 blown saves by one team? But yeah, the Rangers will be a lot better off without Nelson Cruz.

  10. DanFlan Says:


    I would never say 714 is larger than 762. I would just bet that way more people know 714 off the top of their heads. But you're right about 755: 5-5-7 would have been more fortuitous.

  11. Jason Says:

    Stu B-

    we can argue 755, but no way does 762 surpass 714 in fame.

    infamy maybe.

    Which number means more to you?

    61 or 73?

  12. Lawrence Azrin Says:

    @44/ Stu B -

    "@11 JoeC: The '86 game was wonderful - should be no. 1 on the list!..."
    Stu - Not if you're a Red Sox fan!

    "... @35 Lawrence Azrin: There are plenty of good reasons that the '75 game is so high on the list, but Peter Gammons using it in a book isn't one - it's just his opinion."

    Stu, I wouldn't put Gammons' book high on the list, but it was one of the most prominent of a number of media pieces that perpetuated the feeling that G6 of the 1975 WS was amongst the greatest games ever.

    Game six yesterday had enough excitement for the entire WS. With all the errors and other questionable plays, but also great defensive plays like Napoli's pick-off at third, it reminded me of Dickens famous intro:

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

  13. SocraticGadfly Says:


  14. Mike Says:


    Thanks Donny, forgot all about that