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Post-Season Games With 10+ Players With Leverage Index >= 2

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 25, 2011

The title of this one explains the query.  Here is the result:

Rk Tm Opp Date Series Gm# #Matching  
1 ATL NYM 1999-10-17     17  
2 LAA NYY 2009-10-17     15  
3 ATL MIN 1991-10-22     15  
4 HOU PHI 1980-10-12     14  
5 NYM SFG 2000-10-07     13  
6 ATL HOU 1999-10-08     13  
7 NYM NYY 2000-10-21     12  
8 CHW HOU 2005-10-25     11  
9 CHC FLA 2003-10-10     11  
10 FLA SFG 2003-10-03     11  
11 BOS OAK 2003-10-01     11  
12 ATL NYM 1999-10-19     11  
13 ATL COL 1995-10-03     11  
14 ATL TOR 1992-10-24     11  
15 LAD NYM 1988-10-09     11  
16 ATL HOU 2005-10-09     10  
17 FLA CLE 1997-10-26     10  
18 BAL CLE 1997-10-11     10  
19 NYY SEA 1995-10-04     10  
20 CIN NYM 1973-10-09     10  
21 BAL MIN 1969-10-04     10  
22 CLE NYG 1954-09-29     10  
23 NYG WSH 1924-10-10     10  
24 BOS NYG 1912-10-16     10  
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Generated 10/25/2011.

That's two dozen pretty exciting post-season games, no?

9 Responses to “Post-Season Games With 10+ Players With Leverage Index >= 2”

  1. zuke Says:

    two games from the '99 nym/atl series -- more evidence that it may have been the best postseason series ever

  2. Tmckelv Says:

    Boy, Atlanta is on there a lot. I know they have a large number of total playoff games, but the Yankees have to have a similar number (I would imagine more) and are only on the list once. Braves have a much higher percentage then they should.

  3. aweb Says:

    Does the calculation take into account scoring levels? I'm just wondering why there wasn't a single game to qualify from 1925-1953, and only 3 in the pre-divisional play era. and those three are at the bottom of the list. I suppose modern reliever usage is keeping games closer than they used to be?

  4. sean Says:

    regarding that first one on the list--it would be 12 years until Dotel would pitch in another LCS game!

  5. Evan Says:


    The list is biased toward the modern era and games played without the DH because both of these factors tend toward more substitutions, making it easier to get more guys with higher ALI.

  6. deal Says:


    And there are also a LOT more games now. 3 Rounds plus the LCS are both 7 games rather than 7.

    I imagine each post season has as many games as 3 or 4 50s era World Series'

  7. Johnny Twisto Says:

    I haven't looked at any of the games, but I'd assume increased use of relievers is easily the most important reason for all the recent games. Which Evan hinted at, but I think it's more the use of relievers than simply "more substitutions."

  8. Jon Says:

    I was thinking about what factors would make games show up on this list *aside* from being great games. The most obvious one would be extensive use of the bullpen - bringing a large number of pitchers in in high-leverage situations. It would be interesting to check whether the Braves and Mets really were more likely than other teams to go to the bullpen (as indicated by their frequent presence on this list).

  9. Evan Says:

    JT @7,

    I just looked at a few of the games and I think you are underestimating the impact on this type of list of pinch hitters and defensive replacements who only hit once or twice and/or only bat after the 7th inning in a tied or one run game. But, yes, the use of more pitchers was what I was getting at with the modern bias and the use of more pinch hitters was the non-DH bias.