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Allen Craig’s fabulous post-season

Posted by Andy on October 24, 2011

Allen Craig has tied the record for most post-season pinch-hitting appearances in a season with a WPA of at least 0.09:

1 Del Unser 1980 3 Ind. Games 4 4 4 3 0 0 3 0 0 1.000 1.000 1.750 2.750 0 0 0 0 0
2 Dusty Rhodes 1954 3 Ind. Games 7 6 4 0 0 2 7 1 2 .667 .714 1.667 2.381 0 0 1 0 0
3 Allen Craig 2011 3 Ind. Games 3 3 3 0 0 0 4 0 0 1.000 1.000 1.000 2.000 0 0 0 0 0
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Generated 10/23/2011.

He benefits, of course, from playing in an era with more post-season games in a year, but nevertheless he's been excellent.

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25 Responses to “Allen Craig’s fabulous post-season”

  1. Craig also has had three go-ahead RBIs in a single World Series. How many others have done that or exceeded it?

  2. Going back to the 6th inning of Game 3 (score STL 8 - TEX 6)...

    The Cards had runners on 1st and 2nd with Ogando pitching and Craig batting....

    It was so weird. Everyone seemed so concerned with Allen Craig, that after he struck out, the overall feeling was a huge sigh of relief and the Rangers would definitely get out of the jam...and ALBERT PUJOLS was coming up next (and of course crushed a HR to effectively end the game).

    Did anyone have that same feeling - like the overall consensus was that Craig was THE big out in that situation?

  3. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    The way people have been talking lately, the stats tell us that Allen Craig is more valuable than Pujuls {See the comments in the previous post, "Albert Pujols' Not Very Good Three-HR Game"}! I am a supporter of Statistics-based management; but if there was ever a time that the flaws in such an approach come to light, I would say that this is it.

  4. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Please note: I was typing this post when Tmckelv posted; it's good to see someone else saying about the same thing.

  5. Frank, I somewhat disagree, as follows:

    1) The numbers, even under scrutiny and in game context, bear our that Craig was more valuable in total for those first 3 games.

    2) However, both sides of the spectrum (sabermetricians vs non-stats-oriented fans) can get carried away. Pujols' performance was awesome but certainly not the most valuable World Series performance ever--but a lot of fans simply run with that idea even without much legitimate supporting evidence. Similarly, some sabermetricians get carried away and suggest that Craig is somehow more of a threat than Pujols. I don't care what Allen Craig does tomorrow--he could hit 4 homers in a single game--I am still going to fear Pujols as the bigger threat.

    I don't think it's a shortcoming in the stats that you are pointing out, but rather a shortcoming in people's beliefs based on the stats.

  6. WPA for players in games is about outcomes, not about predictors.

  7. KT, true, but I'm sure it also correlates to some degree with future success.

  8. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Good point, Andy; but using numbers as predictors is a practice as old as the SPC fad back in the '80s {which, by the way, I was compelled to sit through at work}.

    I think you hit the nail right on the thumb; and thew danger of using these stats as a basis for staffing is a quite real issue.

  9. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Make that "The danger of using these stats", and forgive the typos, please. I think it hurt me more to lose my secretary {no Freudian comments, please} than giving up my job when I retired.

  10. Craig fabulous? Pujols not-so-great? Andy, you're losing it! Next you'll be telling us that the Phillies are finished this season! :-p

  11. I'll say it now---Phillies are already done in 2012.

  12. shaqfearsyao Says:

    Wow Andy is a notorious Philly hater. What total non-bias blogging by baseball-reference.

  13. so can someone answer: who else besides Craig has had three or more go-ahead RBIs in a single World Series?

  14. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Uh, Shaq...I think Andy is still beating himself over the head for a comment he made a couple of years ago -- he is, I believe, laughing at himself. And if It's any consolation to him, I can think of how I thought a few years ago that Ted Williams was talking out of his head when he was raving about a young catcher the Reds had. In fact, I believe that my exact words were, "Sure, he's good now; but he'll flame out pretty quickly. Still, as a Reds fan, I wish he was right."

    The player? Some Sooner kid named Bench.

  15. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    FYI, I also called the Pappas-for-Robinson trade a good move in '66. Who knew?

  16. Yeah, I was just continuing laughing at myself since so many of you still like to do it and I make it so easy ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    Well, Andy, enjoy it...I have a few more years {decades?} of such statements than you do, and I still enjoy it, too. Makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable to me.

  18. @12: <----- what a very monochromatic life you lead.

  19. @12: The world will end tomorrow, better sell all your belongings.

  20. Frank Clingenpeel Says:



  21. Hey, you finally remembered to post that the Phillies are done!

  22. @20: devoid of color

  23. or specifically of only one color

  24. devoid of color variation

  25. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    I'll make my prediction now:

    Joey Votto will lead the NL in both homers and RBIs in '12 -- and Pujols will beat him out for the MVP.