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Seasons With 2+ Sudden Death Post-Season Games

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 15, 2011

Here is the list, to date -

So, if we get an additional two or more "Sudden Death" games this year, does that make 2011 the "Greatest Post-Season Ever"?

15 Responses to “Seasons With 2+ Sudden Death Post-Season Games”

  1. Keith Says:

    Greatest post-season ever? As if. Never. Not in a million years.

  2. Dan Hirsch Says:

    Its ridiculous to just say that this will not be the best postseason ever, when we haven't even completed the LCS yet. On the other hand, the number of sudden death games shouldn't be the only factor in ranking postseasons.

    Its extremely hard to compare contemporary postseasons with pre-1969 seasons since the World Series was the only series back then.

    The way I see it right now, we have had a great postseason, especially if you include the last day of the regular season. Some may not be as interested since the "big boys" are out of it, but these games have been pretty entertaining

  3. BSK Says:

    I think we need to look at the individual games in conjunction with the series results. You could have a 7 game series in which each game is well-in-hand by the end of the 3rd inning. A 7 game series can have 7 pretty drama-free games. I'm not saying that is the case this postseason; only that we can't just look at the number of game 5s/7s alone.

  4. Rasputin Says:

    We have had three sudden death games decided by one run and multiple extra inning games. If we get some good drama out of the remaining LCS and world series games then yeah this is probably the best ever.

  5. James Kunz Says:

    I'm a Cardinals fan, but that still doesn't change the fact that 2003 >>>> 2011 in terms of overall postseason amazingness

  6. TheGoof Says:

    What about 1924? 1912? 1986? And, of course, 2003. It takes more than volume.

  7. Doug Says:

    1986 was a classic post season all around, the 2 league championships and the World Series. 1968 was a great World Series between the Tigers and Cardinals. 2011 has been a good post season run so far but not sure how memorable it will be in the future. Still enough games left to make for some unforgettable drama.

  8. scott-53 Says:

    @6: 1912-7 game series.
    1924-7 game series.
    1986- 20 games in 3 series.
    2003-38 games in 7 series.

    Not a criticism, but no other years had more volume under the formats of those times.

  9. pauley Says:

    1986- I count seven truly great baseball games within this years playoffs- ALCS game 4: Angels beat Sex 4-3 (Cal scores 3 runs in 9th to tie and win on a Bobby Grich walk off single in the 11th) ALCS game 5: Bos 7-6 (Baylor and Henderson HR's to tie game in 9th, Bos wins in 11) NLCS game 1: Hou 1 NY 0 (Scott outduels Gooden 1-0, both complete games, only run a Glenn Davis HR) NLCS game 3: NY 6 Hou 5 (Len Dykstra 2 run walkoff HR to win game) NLCS game 5: NY 2 Hou 1 in 12 innings (another walkoff win) NLCS game 6: NY 7 Hou 6 (16 inn.- Hou scores 3 in 1st, NY ties it with 3 in 9th, NYM leave bases loaded in 9th, NYM score in 14th and leave bases loaded again, Billy Hatcher ties it with home run, Mets score 3 in top of 16th, Astros score 2 in bottom of inning and leave the series ends with the tying run at 2nd and winning run at 1st.)
    Oh, and then theres WS game 6, where the ball goes through Buckner's legs, in case you haven't heard.

  10. Shping Says:

    @3 -- Good point.

    Seems the best way to look at this question would be to calculate the WPA variations throughout each individual game for each postseason, total them up and/or average them, then compare them to other years. It would be a very laborious process, i believe, but would be a great way to objectively answer this question. And longer 5 and 7 game series would automatically get "extra votes" just by having extra games/numbers to add.

    Anyone up for the challenge? 🙂

  11. jake Says:

    It's gonna be really hard to top 2003.

    Bartman, Boone, Beckett...and that's just listing the B's.

  12. Thom-13 Says:

    @everybody. I am a bit confused on the term "Sudden Death". Baseball really doesn't have "sudden death" as per NFL. The away team can score 40 runs in the top of the 19th, but if the home team scores exactly 40 runs in the bottom of the 19th, we go to the 20th. It is only "sudden" if the HOME team wins in the bottom of the 9th inning or later.

  13. The Original Jimbo Says:

    I've been watching baseball for 25 years. The Blue Jays are my favourite team.

    But the 2001 WS was the best series I ever saw IMO.

  14. James Jack Says:

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  15. Simon Oliver Lockwood Says:

    Could 1962 count as well? Yes, technically the Giants / Dodgers playoff were regular season games, but ...