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All-time Cardinals/Brewers team

Posted by Andy on October 9, 2011

In honor of the rematch of the 1982 World Series that will occur in the 2011 NLCS, here is a stab at the all-time team of players who appeared in the majors for both the Cardinals and the Brewers:

C: Ted Simmons, Darrell Porter, Mike Matheny
1B: Tito Francona
2B: Fernando Vina, Ronnie Belliard
3B: David Bell, Russell Branyan
SS: Royce Clayton, Ducky Schofield
CF: Jim Edmonds, Jose Cardenal
RF: Sixto Lezcano, Bernie Carbo, Tom Brunansky
Utility: Mark Sweeney

Starting pitchers: Pete Vuckovich, Jerry Reuss, Cal Eldred, Reggie Cleveland, Ray Sadecki
Relief pitchers: Ray King, Tony Fossas, Jesse Orosco, Mike DeJean

I limited myself to fairly well-known players even if they didn't play a lot for both the Cardinals and Brewers. I couldn't find anybody to put in left field thought!

Anyway, this isn't exactly a stellar team, although it's pretty deep at C and CF!

17 Responses to “All-time Cardinals/Brewers team”

  1. Kaz Says:

    Why is Jeff Suppan not on the list?

  2. Andy Says:

    Judgment call on my part..he was not as good as other starting pitchers.

  3. Riley Connors Says:

    Where is Albert Pujols?

  4. Andy Says:

    Pujols has never played for the Brewers.

  5. Dvd Avins Says:

    Suppose we order them by how big their role was in the history of their lesser of the two teams. So Edmonds, for instance, had a bigger role with the Cardinals so it's his role with the BREWERS that counts.

    Off the top of my head, I think the two players who would be on the top are Simmons and Porter, contemporaries who played the same position. One of whom even replaced the other, though they were never traded for each other.

  6. Spindlebrook Says:

    As for the most obscure player to suit up for the Brewers and the Cardinals, I nominate Jim Adduci.

  7. Richard Chester Says:

    Tito Francona almost won the batting title in 1959 when he batted .363. Until 1958 the requirement for the title was 400 AB. Because of all the walks Ted Williams received that year the rule was changed to 477 PA. Williams won the title in 1958 but barely had enough AB.

    In 1959 Francona had 441 PA and 398 AB with two games left on the schedule. Obviously there was no way that he could reach 477 AB, so he got just one PA and AB in those games. Hr could easily have gotten 400 AB. Harvey Kuenn won the title with .353.

  8. T Says:

    RF is pretty strong as well, if you count Sixto's '79!

  9. Hartvig Says:

    I'd say the Cardinal's clearly get the better deal offensively, since they got the prime years of Simmons & Edmonds. The pitching looks to be about a split.

  10. Sam E. Says:

    Carbo played 298 games in LF and was actually a LF when he won ROY in '70 -- you could always stick him there.

  11. Kevin Says:

    Rollie Fingers could be added with an * since he was a Cardinal for 4 days prior to being traded to the Brewers.

  12. Cheese Says:

    so edmonds in the 3 spot and simmons cleanup?

  13. Cheese Says:

    I agree that this team would lose to the tigers/rangers..But this offseason could swing the momentum if Pujols and Fielder swap teams 😉

  14. Doug B Says:

    Schofield had all of 3 hits for the Brewers.

  15. groundball Says:

    Didnt tito francona play some OF? You could put Simmons at 1B (he played some at other positions if I remember, though probably not much without looking) and move Francona to LF. And get Porter and Simmons both in. Of course Carbo would be a stronger fit in LF, offensively.

  16. Splint Chesthair Says:

    Is this the first time an LCS was a repeat of a WS matchup?

  17. Brendan Says:

    Given that Brewers/Cardinals is the only possibility, if you don't count 19th century WS, the answer is yes.