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Inter-league matchups that haven’t happened

Posted by Sean Forman on May 15, 2009

Everybody has played everybody else in interleague play, but there are some home/road pairings that still haven't happened out of 870 possible home/road pairings, 17 haven't happened.

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Only a couple of marquee ones that people would really want to see. Cubs @ Fenway, Dodgers @ Yankee Stadium, Twins @ the Ted.

5 Responses to “Inter-league matchups that haven’t happened”

  1. glanzerr Says:

    Nice info! As a Twins fan I am well aware that the team has yet to return to Atlanta since the '91 Series. I wonder if Braves fans would still bring up Hrbek if the Twins were to play there?

  2. leatherman Says:

    I don't think Hrbek would play, but I bet you could still get three scoreless innings from Jack Morris.

  3. Jgeller Says:

    It's been since 1918 that the Cubs have played at Fenway in a non-exhibition game. Take a wild guess who won that World Series.

  4. spudart Says:

    Whoa. So the only current MLB to never play at Wrigley Field is the Angels.

  5. spudart Says:

    Why do you think the Dodgers never played at Yankee Stadium? Boy, MLB blew that one. They knew the old Yankee Stadium was being torn down and yet they never had the Dodgers play there? Maybe MLB was afraid that the Dodgers would just stay in New York and never go back to California.