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Post-Season Game 1 Grand Slams

Posted by Steve Lombardi on October 2, 2011

How many times has a player hit a grand slam in the first game of a post-season series?

Here is the list -

Cr# Gm# Date Series Gm# Batter Tm Opp Pitcher Score Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) RBI WPA RE24 LI Play Description
1 1 1970-10-03 ALCS 1 Mike Cuellar BAL @MIN Jim Perry ahead 2-3 t4 123 1   4 0.20 2.71 2.51 Home Run; Hendricks Scores; Johnson Scores; Belanger Scores
2 1 1977-10-04 NLCS 1 Ron Cey LAD PHI Steve Carlton down 5-1 b7 123 2 8 (3-2) 4 0.42 3.34 2.47 Home Run; Lopes Scores; Russell Scores; Smith Scores
3 1 1987-10-17 WS 1 Dan Gladden MIN STL Bob Forsch ahead 1-3 b4 123 0 4 (1-2) 4 0.08 2.15 1.12 Home Run (LF-CF); Hrbek Scores; Lombardozzi Scores; Laudner Scores
4 1 1988-10-15 WS 1 Jose Canseco OAK @LAD Tim Belcher down 2-0 t2 123 2 2 (1-0) 4 0.38 3.37 3.28 Home Run (Line Drive to Deep CF); Hubbard Scores; Stewart Scores; Lansford Scores
5 1 1989-10-04 NLCS 1 Will Clark SFG @CHC Greg Maddux ahead 3-4 t4 123 2 1 (0-0) 4 0.27 3.35 2.87 Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Sheridan Scores; Uribe Scores; Butler Scores
6 1 1996-10-01 ALDS 1 Bobby Bonilla BAL CLE Paul Shuey ahead 3-5 b6 123 2 6 (3-2) 4 0.14 3.29 1.74 Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Anderson Scores; Zeile Scores; Palmeiro Scores
7 1 1998-09-30 NLDS 1 Ryan Klesko ATL CHC Matt Karchner ahead 0-3 b7 123 2 6 (3-2) 4 0.05 3.33 .67 Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Weiss Scores; Lockhart Scores; Jones Scores
8 1 1998-10-17 WS 1 Tino Martinez NYY SDP Mark Langston tied 5-5 b7 123 2 6 (3-2) 4 0.34 3.31 4.54 Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Jeter Scores; Williams Scores; Davis Scores
9 1 1999-10-05 NLDS 1 Edgardo Alfonzo NYM @ARI Bobby Chouinard tied 4-4 t9 123 2   4 0.45 3.30 6.90 Home Run; Ordonez Scores; Mora Scores; Henderson Scores
10 1 2005-10-04 NLDS 1 Reggie Sanders STL SDP Jake Peavy ahead 0-4 b5 123 1 4 (3-0) 4 0.04 2.68 .59 Home Run (Fly Ball); Edmonds Scores; Pujols Scores; Walker Scores
11 1 2008-10-01 NLDS 1 James Loney LAD @CHC Ryan Dempster down 2-0 t5 123 2 5 (1-2) 4 0.42 3.31 3.68 Home Run (Fly Ball); Furcal Scores; Ramirez Scores; Ethier Scores
12 1 2011-09-30 ALDS 1 Robinson Cano NYY DET Al Alburquerque ahead 1-4 b6 123 2 2 (0-1) 4 0.08 3.31 1.00 Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Gardner Scores; Jeter Scores; Granderson Scores
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It can be a very exciting play...if you're a fan of the team who hit the homer, of course.

16 Responses to “Post-Season Game 1 Grand Slams”

  1. DoubleDiamond Says:

    Mike Cuellar!

  2. Voomo Zanzibar Says:

    The first ever World Series GS happened in the same game as the unassisted triple play. 1920.10.10

  3. Kingturtle Says:

    canseco's grand salami was overshadowed by someone else's home run.

  4. Raphy Says:

    Its weird that the 1999 NLDS doesn't have pitch information. I would have figured that someone could have just sat down and watched a video.

  5. Stu B Says:

    What's remarkable about Cuellar hitting one is that his teammate, Dave McNally, also hit one that postseason, against the Reds in game 3 of the World Series. Who needed a DH?

  6. Stu B Says:

    It's also interesting that Cuellar was knocked out of the box in the fifth inning of that game, and the win went to reliever Dick Hall.

  7. The Original Jimbo Says:

    The Giants must've had this list ready, they signed Klesko, Sanders, and Alfonzo all at some point following their slams.

  8. DaveZ Says: hindsight do you think that GS by Canseco was the worst thing that could've happened to the A's in the World Series?

  9. pauley Says:

    @8, You're right, having your best player hit a grand slam is something you want to avoid in all situations. That, coupled with Mark McGwire's walk off Home run in game three most likely cost the A's the series.
    In retrospect, the only thing that might have changed the series is "Bud Selig's Silly All Star Game Rule." The Athletics own Terry Steinbach was MVP of the ASG that year leading the AL to a 2-1 win. That would have given the A's the home field advantage.
    Given that set of circumstance in game one, the Dodgers either start Kirk Gibson as DH but after he walks in the 5th inning they lift him for a pinch runner or they start Mike Davis as DH, never have to use all their pinch hitters, and Lasorda pinch hits Danny Heep instead of Gibson and Eckersley strikes him out.
    Oh where is Bud when you need him.

  10. aweb Says:

    What daveZ @8 is saying, I interpret, is that the A's would be better off not having lost game 1 the way they did, but rather a more typical 4-2 loss with nothing of particular note happening. The narrative has it that the Dodgers "believed" after that, in a way that lifted their play more than any usual win could have. It makes a nice story. The Jays, 4 years later, had Alomar hit a similar homer against the same guy that had a similar effect (narrative-wise). Whether these effects are real or not is a valid debate.

  11. pauley Says:

    The manner in which they lost game one doesn't have anything to do with it- the Dodgers lost game three the exact same way and didn't crumble after that. Even if they had lost 4-2 in a non-walkoff situation, they still had to face Orel Hershiser in games 2 and 5 with the probability of him coming on in relief in game 7. Just in case no one remembers, he threw 6 straight shutouts to close the season, then another in the NLCS- is it any wonder he shut them out in game two? I think the Dodgers started "believing" when Orel turned into Waltecai Cleveland Gibewson for those last two months.

  12. Owen23 Says:

    @6 Cuellar didn't finish the minimum of 5 IP and qualify for the win. He only went 4 1/3 IP.

  13. Stu B Says:

    @12 Owen23: You have an amazing grasp of the obvious.

  14. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    There's been exactly one Game 1 postseason grand slam to tie up a game (Ron Cey, 1977 NLCS, #2 on Steve's list), and the Dodgers lost that game when the Phillies scored two runs off Elías Sosa in the top of the ninth. (Dodgers won the series, though.)

  15. Owen23 Says:

    @13 sorry dude. trying to help or explain if you didn't know. sorry yet again

  16. futsal Says:

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