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Suggestions, v. May 13, 2009

Posted by Andy on May 13, 2009

It appears we just need to add a suggestion post every once in awhile, give it a suggestion tag and then link to the tag page. Here you go.

11 Responses to “Suggestions, v. May 13, 2009”

  1. redsock Says:

    Is it possible to get a list of each of a player's PA with RISP or in Close & Late situations -- like we can do with a pitcher's games against a certain club -- or just the season totals?

  2. Charles Saeger Says:

    A table of whither went each player's outs, for ground outs and air outs. List every position from 1 to 9 twice, once for ground outs, once for air outs, and give the total at the end. Don't count GDPs as two outs, and don't count bunts.

  3. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Redsock, I might be overlooking an easier way, but you could search for a player's PA with RISP against a specific team using the Batter Event tool. For instance, Scott Rolen vs. the Yankees:

  4. ZimJim Says:

    this may seem a little arbitrary but i was wondering who had the most pinch hit appereances in a season without ever taking the field for a position (as in, pinch hit for the pitcher and then was replaced by another pitcher)

  5. dave Says:

    How many times has a player been a pinch hitter for an AB in an inning but then had another AB in the same inning?

  6. dave Says:

    It's too bad you guys can't do a PI for innings.
    (Most runs in an inning without an extra-base hit).

    Heck! You have the box scores for the games.

  7. dave Says:

    Most HR by a team in a game in which all the HR are from the same guy!

  8. Dan Franzen Says:

    Speaking of pinch hits, I know we can get the individual player's PH stats - and thanks for those - but do the all-time leaders appear on here anywhere? I see that Rusty Staub had 98 career pinch hits, which I think puts him in the top five or so, behind guys like Greg Gross and Manny Mota. Love the PH Index stat, too.

  9. dave Says:

    Can we do a splits category for players where the parameter is "shutouts" and/or "10 run games"
    For example, a player's stats when his team gets shutout and a list of stats when his team scores 10+ runs in a game.

  10. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    Not quite what you're looking for, but the site does have splits based on performance in wins and losses, and when the score is close or not.

  11. JSE Says:

    David Hernandez was the fourth Orioles starter to make his big league debut in 2009. What team had the most starting pitchers appear in their first big-league game -- or, more generally, featured the most major-league debuts (pitchers and position players) in a single season? (Besides the pitchers, the Orioles have Reimold and Wieters debuting, with the possibility of more to follow.)