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Teams With 8+ Batters With 300+ PA & 50 Or Less Runs Scored In One Season

Posted by Steve Lombardi on September 27, 2011

Since 1901, how many teams had 8+ players in the same season with at least 300 Plate Appearances and none of them scored more than 50 runs that year?

Here is the list -

Rk Year Tm Lg #Matching  
1 2010 Cleveland Indians AL 10 Michael Brantley / Asdrubal Cabrera / Trevor Crowe / Jason Donald / Travis Hafner / Austin Kearns / Matt LaPorta / Jayson Nix / Jhonny Peralta / Luis Valbuena
2 2005 Los Angeles Dodgers NL 9 Milton Bradley / Hee-Seop Choi / J.D. Drew / Cesar Izturis / Jason Phillips / Jason Repko / Oscar Robles / Olmedo Saenz / Jayson Werth
3 1992 Boston Red Sox AL 9 Tom Brunansky / Jack Clark / Scott Cooper / Billy Hatcher / Tony Pena / Phil Plantier / Luis Rivera / Mo Vaughn / Bob Zupcic
4 1968 New York Mets NL 9 Tommie Agee / Ken Boswell / Ed Charles / Jerry Grote / Bud Harrelson / Ed Kranepool / Art Shamsky / Ron Swoboda / Al Weis
5 1909 Washington Senators AL 9 George Browne / Wid Conroy / Jim Delahanty / Jiggs Donahue / Jack Lelivelt / George McBride / Clyde Milan / Gabby Street / Bob Unglaub
6 1998 Tampa Bay Devil Rays AL 8 Miguel Cairo / John Flaherty / Mike Kelly / Aaron Ledesma / Dave Martinez / Bob Smith / Paul Sorrento / Kevin Stocker
7 1990 California Angels AL 8 Dante Bichette / Brian Downing / Donnie Hill / Jack Howell / Wally Joyner / Luis Polonia / Johnny Ray / Dick Schofield
8 1988 Oakland Athletics AL 8 Don Baylor / Mike Gallego / Ron Hassey / Glenn Hubbard / Stan Javier / Dave Parker / Terry Steinbach / Walt Weiss
9 1983 Seattle Mariners AL 8 Jamie Allen / Tony Bernazard / Al Cowens / Dave Henderson / Steve Henderson / Ricky Nelson / Spike Owen / Richie Zisk
10 1976 New York Mets NL 8 Bruce Boisclair / Wayne Garrett / Jerry Grote / Bud Harrelson / Ed Kranepool / Roy Staiger / Joe Torre / Del Unser
11 1972 San Diego Padres NL 8 Cito Gaston / Enzo Hernandez / Johnny Jeter / Leron Lee / Jerry Morales / Dave Roberts / Larry Stahl / Derrel Thomas
12 1970 Chicago White Sox AL 8 Ken Berry / Ed Herrmann / Gail Hopkins / Duane Josephson / Bobby Knoop / Tommy McCraw / Syd O'Brien / Walt Williams
13 1968 Los Angeles Dodgers NL 8 Bob Bailey / Ron Fairly / Len Gabrielson / Tom Haller / Jim Lefebvre / Wes Parker / Paul Popovich / Zoilo Versalles
14 1963 Houston Colt .45's NL 8 Bob Aspromonte / John Bateman / Howie Goss / Bob Lillis / Pete Runnels / Rusty Staub / Johnny Temple / Carl Warwick
15 1959 Baltimore Orioles AL 8 Bob Boyd / Chico Carrasquel / Billy Gardner / Billy Klaus / Bob Nieman / Al Pilarcik / Brooks Robinson / Gus Triandos
16 1954 Baltimore Orioles AL 8 Clint Courtney / Chuck Diering / Billy Hunter / Bob Kennedy / Dick Kryhoski / Vern Stephens / Eddie Waitkus / Bobby Young
17 1954 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 8 Gair Allie / Toby Atwell / Dick Cole / Sid Gordon / Dick Hall / Jerry Lynch / Curt Roberts / Preston Ward
18 1953 St. Louis Browns AL 8 Clint Courtney / Jim Dyck / Billy Hunter / Dick Kokos / Dick Kryhoski / Don Lenhardt / Roy Sievers / Bobby Young
19 1946 Cincinnati Reds NL 8 Bobby Adams / Claude Corbitt / Lonny Frey / Al Libke / Eddie Lukon / Eddie Miller / Ray Mueller / Benny Zientara
20 1939 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 8 Fern Bell / Bill Brubaker / Elbie Fletcher / Lee Handley / Chuck Klein / Johnny Rizzo / Lloyd Waner / Pep Young
21 1916 St. Louis Cardinals NL 8 Bruno Betzel / Roy Corhan / Mike Gonzalez / Tom Long / Dots Miller / Jack Smith / Frank Snyder / Chief Wilson
22 1915 Baltimore Terrapins FL 8 Mickey Doolan / Steve Evans / Otto Knabe / Jack McCandless / Yip Owens / Harry Swacina / Jimmy Walsh / Guy Zinn
23 1909 St. Louis Browns AL 8 Hobe Ferris / Art Griggs / Danny Hoffman / Tom Jones / Jack McAleese / George Stone / Bobby Wallace / Jimmy Williams
24 1908 New York Highlanders AL 8 Neal Ball / Hal Chase / Wid Conroy / Willie Keeler / Red Kleinow / George Moriarty / Harry Niles / Jake Stahl
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And, to think, those '88 A's went to the World Series.

22 Responses to “Teams With 8+ Batters With 300+ PA & 50 Or Less Runs Scored In One Season”

  1. oneblankspace Says:

    On the '88 A's, just off the top of my head, I see two catchers, two DHs, and two or three middle infielders. It seems to me that they were an example of platooning working. The 1982 Brewers platooned at their DH position and both Howell and Money wound up >300 PA and <50 R. And they led in game 7 of the World Series.

  2. topper009 Says:

    The 88 A's also had Luis Polonia who had 313 PAs and 51 runs

  3. Dvd Avins Says:

    Grote Harrelson, and Kranepool form the nucleus of a team that did it twice.

  4. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    A miracle has occurred, I do believe! For once we have a list dealing with hitting futility, and the '06 White Sox -- the "Hitless Wonders" -- aren't on it!

  5. Gordon Says:

    Re: '88 A's - misleading fluke. They were still #2 in the league (all of MLB, actually) for runs scored, and only 13 runs behind #1.

  6. pauley Says:

    I think it's misleading in that most of the teams had somebody else with 300 pa's and more than 50 runs. The 88 A's had the #2 and #6 players in the league in runs scored in Canseco (120) and Hendu (100) as well as McGwire and Lansford with well over 50. Haven't looked through the whole list but it seems as if the 09 Senators were truly awful, they didn't have anybody with more than 50.

  7. Hartvig Says:

    The team that jumps out at me are the 1992 Red Sox. In spite of playing in a good hitters park and having a line up full of names recognizable as all stars or even MVP candidates (Wade Boggs, Jack Clark, Mo Vaughn, Ellis Burks, Mike Greenwell, Tom Brunansky, Tony Pena, John Valentin, Scott Cooper, & Jody Reed all met that criteria plus guys like Tim Naehring, Phil Plantier and Billy Hatcher who managed to put up some respectable numbers in other seasons) they managed to score the second fewest runs in the league and 9 teams managed to outscore them by more than 100 runs. They also managed to allow more unearned runs to be scored on them than any other team in the league. Only outstanding pitching by Clemens and Viola kept them from losing over 100 games.

  8. Justin Bailey Says:


    1992 Red Sox:
    - .347 team SLG
    - 2 players with double-digit HRs (Vaughn and Brunansky)
    - 1 player with more than 300 PAs and an OPS+ over 100 (Brunansky)
    - 1 position player with more than 2 WAR (Boggs, 2.2)

    In other words, who gives a crap how many famous guys were on that team? They all sucked that year.

  9. Andrew Says:

    And to think that Johnny Jeter was once the most famous Jeter.

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  11. Johnny Twisto Says:

    who gives a crap how many famous guys were on that team? They all sucked that year.

    One might say that's exactly why they're interesting.

  12. Doug Says:

    The '53-'54 Browns/Orioles have the distinction of being the only team to make the list in consecutive seasons. Not exactly a great way to attract a fan base in a new city.

    Interesting that the '68 Mets make this list, and then win the World Series the next year with only one change in their regulars (Ed Charles replaced by Wayne Garrett). Truly a miracle.

  13. Hartvig Says:

    Pauley @ 6

    "it seems as if the 09 Senators were truly awful"

    Their offense was really anemic- they scored 60 runs fewer than the next lowest scoring team and more than 150 runs fewer than the league average- but they also allowed the most runs by an even larger margin (67 runs) although they were a little closer to league average of pitching runs allowed. It would be a couple years before Walter Johnson and Clyde Milan got enough help to lift them out of the second division.

    At a glance, my money for the worst of the bunch (when you take the era's that they played in to account) would be the '63 Astro's- a 19 year old Rusty Staub was clearly overmatched and a 21 year old Jimmy Wynn and 19 year old Joe Morgan didn't get enough plate appearances to help much. When Al Spangler is your biggest offensive threat by a considerable margin you have really got some problems.

  14. Tmckelv Says:

    Rare appearance by the Highlanders. Nice.

  15. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    Of the eight players listed for the 1970 White Sox, six were traded during the following off-season: Berry and O'Brien to the Angels, Hopkins and Knoop to the Royals, Josephson to the Red Sox along with Luis Aparició and his career-high 114 OPS+, and McCraw to the Senators. All the machinations lifted the Sox from eighth in the league in runs scored in 1970 to seventh in 1971.

    Besides Aparició, the two other 1970 White Sox regulars who scored more than 50 runs were Bill Melton and Carlos May.

  16. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    The real problem for the 1970 White Sox was their pitching — the staff ERA was 4.54 (84 ERA+). With some off-season trades and a magnificent transition by knuckleballer Wilbur Wood from relief ace to ace starter (1971 ERA+ of 189 in over 300 innings), the Sox lowered their team ERA to 3.12 (116 ERA+).

  17. Lawrence Azrin Says:

    @7Hartvig "... The team that jumps out at me are the 1992 Red Sox. In spite of playing in a good hitters park and having a line up full of names recognizable as all stars or even MVP candidates ..." "... they managed to score the second fewest runs in the league and 9 teams managed to outscore them by more than 100 runs.

    OK, what did these guys actually do in 1992?
    Wade Boggs - by _far_ his worst year with the Red Sox
    Jack Clark - in his last year, he could draw walks and do little else (5 HR/ .210 BA in 257 AB)
    Mo Vaughn - his first full year with the RS was by far his worst full year of his RS career
    Ellis Burks - played the fewst games of his RS career (66) with a 103 OPS+
    Mike Greenwell - played only 49 games and had the worst year of his RS career, with .233/ 2 HR/ 18 RBI

    -Tom Brunansky - the only RS position player who had a decent hitting year, leading the RS with 15 HR and 74 RBI. Thing is, it wasn't _that good_ of a year, with a 118 OPS+. Somehow he managed to score only 47 runs in 138 games.
    Tony Pena - his OPS+ of 64 was about average for his four years with the RS
    - John Valentin - had a 113 OPS+, but played only 58 games; Luis Rivera was the regular SS with a OPS+ of 51

    There's more players you mentioned, but in summary - the 1992 Red Sox had many recognizable names, and a number of stars. But, most of the "name" players had below-average years, in some cases, WELL below-average years, so all that "star-power" did the team not much good. Welcome to The Butch Hobson Years.

  18. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    The 2011 Indians have 11 players with 200-400 PA and 20-50 runs scored. My Play Index subscription has expired; anyone able to determine whether that's a record?

  19. Joe Garrison Says:

    Willie Davis scored a few runs for those 1968 Dodgers... everyone else falls into the "scored dang few" category.

    An environment ripe for shutouts, and most needed of course.

    Thank you Don Drysdale for your efforts that year.

  20. Shorty Says:

    I agree with Pauley (#6 above). The only team with nobody scoring 50 runs was the 42-110 1909 Washington Senators. George McBride, Wid Conroy, Bob Unglaub, Clyde Milan, Gabby Street, George Browne, Jack Lelivelt, Jim Delahanty, and Jiggs Donahue each had 300+ plate appearances for that club.

  21. Ted Says:

    Not sure where I can post this.
    The 2011 Texas Rangers had 10 players with 100 hits
    Is this the record?

  22. Says:

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