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User Survey –

Posted by Sean Forman on September 19, 2011

User Survey -

In an effort to better serve our users, we've posted a feedback form on our overall company site,

In addition to your feedback, we are looking for a couple dozen volunteers to sign on for occasional, additional surveys and perhaps some early beta testing of new features. We are calling these volunteer groups Sports Reference User Boards. You can still give us feedback without having an interest in being on a user board.

Thank you, as always, for your support and feedback.

12 Responses to “User Survey –”

  1. mosc Says:

    I took the survey, gave my usual "your site is spectacular but please give us forums!" comments. Wanted to let you know when I hit submit, it jumped me to a blank looking page. I think it submitted OK but it didn't give a "thank you for your input" type acknowledgment of submission.

  2. DoubleDiamond Says:

    I'm a bit touchy about the demographic question about years of schooling that often shows up in surveys. If you can promise me that this question isn't in this survey OR that it can be skipped, I'll be glad to take your survey. (Some demographic questions, such as race, age, or gender, are often skippable in surveys, but this one never is.)

  3. Frank Clingenpeel Says:


    I just took the survey, and it has neither questions about age, race, gender or educational achievement.

  4. Dr. Doom Says:

    Thanks for keeping the community involved in the direction of the site, as always, Sean!

  5. nightfly Says:

    @Mosc - I thought the same thing for a minute, but scroll all the way up to the top of the page. Turns out there's a huge amount of blank space. The acknowledgment is up top.

  6. John Northey Says:

    Interesting to see golf mentioned. I'd love a as it is hard to get quality information on tournaments other than the majors, or to get a good stat line for guys other than the most famous or most recent ones. Ideally it would have pro, college, and amateur plus women's pro golf. Anyone else here pushing for that?

  7. Terry Says:

    I like this site, and visit daily.

    One very minor gripe....former White Sox shortstop Harry Chappas was 5'3", not 5'7" as listed here. The subject came up, when an article was posted about player's size. Hell, he made the cover of Sports Illustrated because of his size, look it up.

  8. jiffy Says:

    @7, well I did look it up and Chappas himself said he was closer to 5'7" than 5'3" and Veeck made him say he was shorter. I'd never heard of him.

  9. kds Says:

    i forgot to mention on the survey that when there are make-up games, not on the original schedule, they are not listed in "Today's Games" on the front page.

  10. Terry Says:


    I saw the same wiki, Chappas said closer to 5'5" not 5' 7"

    Oh well, he was a scrub anyway. I never forgave Bill Veeck for letting go of Bucky Dent, but that's a another story 🙂

  11. tim Says:

    I hate taking surveys. Just put that I think the site is great. Only problem is sites like this have resulted in the demise of just about every major sports stat book that existed, although the book stores also are going bellyup, so i guess we wouldn't be able to buy them soon anyway.

  12. TERRELL Says:

    Took the New York Times Personality Test. Turns out I'm a Tech Guru. Take the quiz here