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Most Innings with a PA – 9 Inning Game

Posted by Raphy on April 28, 2009

Here is quick piece of trivia.

Since 1954 four players have come up 8 times in a nine inning game. However, in only one of those games did all of the  plate appearances each take place in a different inning. On August 28th 1992, Darryl Hamilton of the Brewers took part in his team's 22-2 thrashing of the Blue Jays. The 22 runs were evenly distributed and Hamilton managed to come to the plate in every inning except the 5th. Here are his PAs as listed by PI:

Darryl Hamilton

PA     Inn  Bases  Outs              Pitcher     Result

  1. 1. 1--, 0 outs vs. Key, Strikeout (K+SB2)
  2. 2. --3, 2 outs vs. Key, Base on Balls (W)
  3. 3. 123, 2 outs vs. Timlin, Single (S8/L8LM.3-H;2-H;1-3)
  4. 4. 1--, 1 out  vs. Linton, Single (S9/G34D.1-3)
  5. 6. ---, 0 outs vs. MacDonald, Out (9/F9M)
  6. 7. 12-, 2 outs vs. MacDonald, Single (S9/L9S.2-H;1-3)
  7. 8. 123, 2 outs vs. Eichhorn, Single (S/L89S.3-H;2-H;1-3)
  8. 9. 12-, 2 outs vs. Wells, Out (4(1)/FO/G4M.B-1)

3 Responses to “Most Innings with a PA – 9 Inning Game”

  1. tomepp Says:

    Really interesting find! I noticed that Hamilton faced 6 different pitchers in those 8 PA. A quick check of the other three games where a player had 8 PA revealed that Cameron also faced 6 different pitchers (Bohanon 3x; DiPoto, McElroy, R. Ramirez, Leskanic, and Veres once each). Kinsler and Catalanotto - who had 8 PAs each in thee same game - only faced 4 different pitchers (D. Cabrera, Burres, R. Bell, and Shuey).

    I wonder if a single batter facing 6 different pitchers in a 9-inning game is the record? Also, I wonder what the record is for most different pitchers faced by a single batter in an extra-inning game?

    While it is not too uncommon for a team to have more than 6 players pitch in a game (especially in a blow-out), generally many of those pitchers only go an inning or less and only face a few batters in the lineup. That, combined with the common practice of pinch-hitting for regulars once the game is in-hand (or out-of-hand, depending on which side you're on), leads me to think that a batter facing 6+ pitchers in a game is pretty rare.

  2. Slothbaby Says:

    Resident new guy I don't know all the ins and outs of posting here, but I did wonder something:

    I remember quite a few years back, hearing about a Rockies game where Colorado scored at least one run in every inning. If my memory serves (and that's iffy at best), that hadn't been done in some arbitrarily long time.

    Which leads to the question: when? Anyone have a notion on that?

  3. Raphy Says:

    Look at the bottom of this page for a complete list: