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Two homers in first career game

Posted by Andy on April 29, 2009

Since 1954 two players have hit 2 homers in their first career major-league game. Do you know whom?Back in 1999, I remember when Mark Quinn of the Royals achieved the feat, and I recall it being mentioned that he was the first guy sicne Bert Campaneris to do it. The PI confirms:

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Mark Quinn            1 Ind. Games
 Bert Campaneris       1 Ind. Games

How crazy that both these guys played for Kansas City?

Does anybody know if anybody did this before 1954 (I tend to doubt it...)

5 Responses to “Two homers in first career game”

  1. jackfish Says:

    Bob Nieman of the St. Louis Browns did it on 09-14-51 & Charlie Reilly of the Columbus Solons (American Association) did it 10-09-1889. Both players did it in their first two Major League at bats.


  2. BunnyWrangler Says:

    Maybe even crazier is that, although both did it for Kansas City, the two did it for different teams - Campaneris for the Athletics and Quinn for the Royals.

    Keith McDonald homered in his first two at-bats, too, but the at-bats came in different games. He only had one at-bat in his first game.

  3. Doggy Daddy Says:

    I suppose the most interesting thing about Keith McDonald is that he accumulated only three hits in his major league career and they were all home runs.

  4. BunnyWrangler Says:

    As far as I can tell, McDonald holds the record for most homers by a guy who had more homers than strikeouts in his career. I had hoped that someone with a more substantial career had done it. I didn't search before 1903, though, so I don't know.

  5. tomepp Says:

    Looking at McDonald's minor league numbers, he looks like a modest hitter with some power (~.770 OPS, 27.7 AB/HR in AAA from 1999 - 2003). Given the fact that he's a catcher who hit 3 HR in 11 major league AB, it's surprising that he only got 2 AB in the majors in 2001 and didn't get another cup of coffee after that. His fielding looks decent (29% CS, .991 Fld%, 7.15 RF/G), though it's tough to gauge catchers based on numbers alone. You'd think SOMEeone would have been interested and have given him another chance.