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Walk-off game-losing hits

Posted by Andy on August 20, 2011

We're accustomed to seeing game-winning walk-off hits--they get replayed over and over on highlight shows. But how about hits that result in a game-ending loss?

Here are all the hits that ended losses since 1990:

Date ▾ Pitcher Tm Opp Batter Score Inn RoB Pit(cnt) Play Description
2008-08-09 Paul Byrd CLE @TOR Lyle Overbay ahead 4-2 1B b9 --- 6 (3-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Fly Ball to Deep LF); Overbay out at 2B/LF-2B
2007-08-30 David Weathers CIN @PIT Nate McLouth ahead 5-4 1B b9 -2- 7 (3-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to 2B (Line Drive to Short RF); Phelps out at Hm/2B-C
2007-05-13 Ryan Dempster CHC @PHI Chase Utley ahead 4-1 1B b9 --- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF); Utley out at 2B/LF-2B
2005-09-29 Ryan Dempster CHC @HOU Luke Scott ahead 3-2 2B b9 1-- 5 (2-2) *ENDED GAME*:Double to CF (Line Drive); Gipson out at Hm/CF-2B-C
2005-09-02 Ryan Dempster CHC @PIT Rob Mackowiak ahead 7-3 1B b9 12- 4 (0-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive); Wilson out at Hm/LF-C; Sanchez to 2B
2005-08-12 Josh Towers TOR @BAL Alejandro Freire ahead 12-0 1B b9 12- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Gomez out at Hm/RF-C; Lopez to 2B
2004-08-18 John Smoltz ATL @SDP Brian Giles ahead 6-5 2B b9 1-- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Double to RF (Ground Ball thru Deep RF Line); Loretta out at Hm/RF-2B-C
2004-08-06 Bob Wickman CLE @CHW Joe Borchard ahead 3-2 1B b9 -2- 4 (1-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to 2B (Ground Ball); Harris out at Hm/2B-C
2004-06-25 Trevor Hoffman SDP @SEA Edgar Martinez ahead 3-2 1B b9 -2- 2 (0-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to 2B (Ground Ball); Bocachica out at Hm/1B-C-3B
2003-08-16 Jeff Nelson NYY @BAL Larry Bigbie ahead 5-4 2B b12 1-- 4 (1-2) *ENDED GAME*:Double to RF (Line Drive to CF-RF); Cust out at Hm/RF-2B-3B-C-3B
2003-05-23 Armando Benitez NYM @ATL Julio Franco ahead 6-5 1B b9 12- 1 (0-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Ground Ball); Jones out at Hm/CF-C; Jones to 2B
2003-04-09 Mike MacDougal KCR @DET Carlos Pena ahead 9-6 1B b9 1-- 1 (0-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single/runner struck by batted ball and is out (Ground Ball); Higginson out at 2B/2B
2002-09-03 Scot Shields ANA @TBD Randy Winn ahead 10-2 1B b9 -2- 3 (2-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Grieve out at Hm/RF-C
2002-08-15 Eric Gagne LAD @MON Jose Vidro ahead 1-0 1B b9 -2- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Mateo out at Hm/RF-C
2002-08-09 John Smoltz ATL @HOU Orlando Merced ahead 6-5 2B b13 1-- 6 (2-2) *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF); Biggio out at Hm/LF-C
2001-09-04 Victor Zambrano TBD @SEA Mike Cameron ahead 8-3 1B b10 --- 6 (3-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to LF-CF); Cameron out at 2B/LF-SS-2B
2001-08-04 Armando Benitez NYM @ARI Mark Grace ahead 4-2 1B b9 -2- 4 (1-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single (Ground Ball); Dellucci out at 3B/SS
2001-06-30 Giovanni Carrara LAD @SDP D'Angelo Jimenez ahead 7-3 2B b9 --- 5 (1-2) *ENDED GAME*:Double to RF (Line Drive); Jimenez out at 3B/RF-SS-3B
2000-07-19 John Wetteland TEX @ANA Kevin Stocker ahead 3-2 1B b9 -2- 3 (2-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Spiezio out at Hm/RF-C
1999-08-31 Jose Silva PIT @COL Vinny Castilla ahead 9-8 2B b10 1-- 2 (0-2) *ENDED GAME*:Double to CF (Line Drive); Bichette out at Hm/LF-SS-C
1999-06-04 Dennis Springer FLA @TBD Paul Sorrento ahead 10-0 1B b9 --- 7 (3-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Ground Ball); Sorrento out at 2B/RF-SS
1998-09-13 John Franco NYM @MON Mike Hubbard ahead 1-0 1B b9 12- 4 (2-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Guerrero to 2B; Andrews out at Hm/CF-C
1998-09-06 Rick Aguilera MIN @TEX Ivan Rodriguez ahead 6-5 2B b9 1-- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive); Newson out at Hm/LF-2B-C
1997-06-22 Heathcliff Slocumb BOS @DET Jody Reed ahead 2-1 2B b9 1-- 8 (3-2) *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive to Deep 3B); Johnson out at Hm/LF-SS-C
1996-04-13 Ricky Bottalico PHI @STL Ray Lankford ahead 4-2 1B b9 12- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to SS (Ground Ball to SS-2B); Sweeney out at 3B/SS-3B; Clayton to 2B
1994-06-24 Steve Frey SFG @COL Nelson Liriano ahead 10-3 2B b9 --- 1 (0-0) *ENDED GAME*:Double to CF (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Liriano out at 3B/CF-SS-1B
1994-05-18 Mike Stanton ATL @CIN Thomas Howard ahead 3-1 1B b9 1-- 1 (0-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Pop Fly to Deep 1B); Boone to 3B; Howard out at 2B/RF-SS
1993-09-03 Omar Daal LAD @FLA Jeff Conine ahead 5-4 1B b13 -2- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF); Renteria out at Hm/LF-C
1993-08-02 John Franco NYM @MON Wil Cordero ahead 4-3 1B b9 12- *ENDED GAME*:Single to 3B (Ground Ball); Spehr out at Hm/3B-1B-2B-C-3B; Lansing to 2B
1993-07-01 Xavier Hernandez HOU @CIN Barry Larkin ahead 8-1 1B b9 -2- 2 (1-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single to 3B (Ground Ball); Sabo out at Hm/1B-C
1993-05-02 Darren Holmes COL @FLA Chuck Carr ahead 2-1 1B b9 -2- 4 (2-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to 2B (Ground Ball to Deep 2B-1B); Weiss out at Hm/2B-C
1992-10-04 Bob Milacki BAL @CLE Carlos Baerga ahead 4-3 1B b13 --- 4 (2-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single (Ground Ball to Deep 2B); Baerga out at 2B/RF-SS
1992-09-19 Doug Jones HOU @ATL Mark Lemke ahead 3-2 1B b12 -2- 3 (1-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to SS (Line Drive); Hunter out at Hm/LF-C; Lemke to 2B
1992-07-07 Norm Charlton CIN @CHC Kal Daniels ahead 3-2 1B b9 --- 4 (2-1) *ENDED GAME*:Single to SS (Ground Ball to Weak SS); Daniels out at 2B/1B-2B
1992-04-22 Norm Charlton CIN @LAD Eric Davis ahead 4-3 1B b9 --- 1 (0-0) *ENDED GAME*:Single to 3B (Line Drive to Deep 3B); Davis out at 2B/LF-2B
1991-06-13 Mitch Williams PHI @HOU Craig Biggio ahead 5-4 1B b9 -2- 7 (3-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single (Ground Ball to 2B-1B); Finley out at Hm/1B-C; Biggio to 2B
1990-08-21 Mike Schooler SEA @TEX Kevin Reimer ahead 4-3 2B b9 1-- 2 (0-1) *ENDED GAME*:Double to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF); Huson out at Hm/CF-SS-C
1990-06-25 Bobby Thigpen CHW @CAL Luis Polonia ahead 2-0 1B b9 12- 6 (1-2) *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF Line); Davis out at Hm/LF-C; White to 2B
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The vast majority of these hits resulted in runners being thrown out at home, but there are a few other oddities:

  • First of all, Ryan Dempster was the pitcher in 3 such consecutive plays over 2005-2007!
  • Lyle Overbay was thrown out in 2009 trying to stretch a single into a double when the Blue Jays were down by 2 runs.
  • Chase Utley was thrown out in 2007 trying to stretch a single into a double when the Phillies were down by 3 runs.
  • In 2003, Bobby Higginson was struck by a ball batted by Carlos Pena, causing the last out of the game.
  • Mike Cameron was thrown out stretching in 2001.
  • In 2001, David Dellucci was thrown out trying to advance from second to third on a Mark Grace single. The Dbacks were down by just 2 at that point.
  • In 2001, D'Angelo Jimenez was thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple with the Padres down by 4 runs.
  • There were a bunch of other players thrown out stretching, too.

53 Responses to “Walk-off game-losing hits”

  1. » Benitez History Lesson – Vol. 1 Curse of Benitez Says:

    [...] gem comes courtesy of a fantastic Baseball-Reference blog post on walk-off game-losing [...]

  2. DonDraper Says:

    In early June, 2008, the Braves accomplished this in a 2008 home game vs. the Phillies. In the bottom of the 10th, 2 outs and Blanco at 2nd, Yunel Escobar singled to center. Somehow Vizciano threw out Blanco at home trying to score.

    From there, the Braves quickly fell out of contention.

  3. oneblankspace Says:

    That Mark Grace hit that retired Delluci sounds like hit by a batted ball, as the putout reads shortstop unassisted... if he was hit by a batted ball, the putout would go to the nearest fielder and the batter would be awarded a base hit.

  4. Andy Says:

    Here's the Braves-Phillies games referenced in #2 above:

    It's Victorino who recorded the final out.

    I'm trying to figure out how this game eluded my PI search.

  5. Andy Says:

    Oh yeah, I missed a bunch and here they are:

    Date ▾ Pitcher Tm Opp Batter Score Inn RoB Pit(cnt) R Play Description
    2008-06-06 Brad Lidge PHI @ATL Yunel Escobar ahead 4-2 1B b10 -23 2 (0-1) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Anderson Scores; Blanco out at Hm/CF-C
    2007-04-18 Joe Nathan MIN @SEA Jose Vidro ahead 5-3 1B b9 12- 5 (2-2) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Lopez Scores; Beltre out at Hm/RF-2B-C
    2006-04-14 Tom Gordon PHI @COL Miguel Ojeda ahead 10-7 1B b9 1-3 3 (1-1) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to LF-CF); Holliday Scores; Smith out at 3B/LF-3B
    2005-09-15 Alberto Reyes STL @CHC Henry Blanco ahead 6-1 1B b9 12- 8 (3-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to SS (Ground Ball); Burnitz to 3B; Perez to 2B
    2005-08-09 Rick White PIT @COL Matt Holliday ahead 12-3 2B b9 -2- 2 (1-0) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Double to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF); Miles Scores; Holliday out at 3B/CF-SS-3B
    2003-07-08 Salomon Torres PIT @MIL John Vander Wal ahead 8-6 1B b10 12- 5 (3-1) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Podsednik Scores; Jenkins out at 3B/CF-3B
    2003-07-03 Brady Raggio ARI @COL Chris Stynes ahead 8-3 1B b9 -2- 6 (3-2) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive); Norton Scores; Stynes out at 2B/LF-2B-SS
    2003-04-04 Ramiro Mendoza BOS @BAL Geronimo Gil ahead 8-6 2B b9 1-3 2 (1-0) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive); Mora Scores; Cruz out at Hm/LF-SS-C
    2001-08-28 Trevor Hoffman SDP @STL Craig Paquette ahead 5-1 2B b9 12- 1 (0-0) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive to LF-CF); Pujols Scores; Edmonds out at Hm/LF-SS-C
    1993-04-11 Rob Dibble CIN @STL Luis Alicea ahead 4-1 1B b9 123 5 (3-1) 2 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Zeile Scores; Jordan Scores; Lankford out at Hm/RF-P-LF-C
    1991-06-07 Bill Sampen MON @ATL Otis Nixon ahead 11-1 1B b9 123 2 (1-0) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to 3B (Ground Ball); Bream Scores; Heep out at Hm/SS-C; Lemke to 2B
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  6. Andy Says:

    That 4th game is particularly weird--Blanco got a hit, the runners advanced, but there are no outs or runs were recorded. I have to think it was rain that ended the game.

  7. Evil Squirrel Says:


    From the Retrosheet play by play:

    Blanco singled to shortstop [Burnitz to third, Perez to second]; game called for rain after 58 minute delay;

  8. RUDY S Says:

    Didn't Billy Martin get thrown out on a Mantle hit to end a World Series game back in the 50's?

  9. Neil L. Says:

    In my opinion, Andy, one of your most creative lists. You've been saving this one for a rainy day. 🙂

    Getting thrown out at second base like Mike Cameron or Lyle Overbay is particularly inexcusable because you don't even have a base coach to share the blame with, presumably.

    And, as you point out, Andy, Overbay wears the all-time baserunning dunce cap since his single would have brought the tying run to the plate. At least Cameron's Rays were down by five.

  10. Andy Says:

    Neil you're too kind--literally.

  11. Neil L. Says:

    @9 @10
    Andy,it's clouding over outside as I type and rain is in the forecast for the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) where I live, seriously .......... 🙂

    I have to go out and run some family errands but am looking forward to digesting the baseball quirks that must be in the plays on the list later on.

  12. YJK Says:

    These incidents are of course only for the regular season. It doesn't cover game 4 of the 2003 NLDS between Florida and San Fransisco when JT Snow was thrown out at the plate at the top of the 9th inning to clinch the series for the Marlins. Jeffrey Hammonds got the single.

    IIRC it was the first and only time that a series ended with a play at the plate.

  13. John Autin Says:

    I like this topic, too!

    I was thinking the other day about a very specific and dramatic subset of these events -- making the last out trying to stretch a triple into a HR. Alas, the only one I found doesn't quite fit Andy's criteria:

    Dave Engle's triple scored the tying run, but he was thrown out at the plate for the 2nd out of the 8th. Then the game was interrupted and ultimately ended by rain, resulting in the only tie game in the AL that year.

    That's the only game-ending triple in the database that resulted in an out.

  14. John Autin Says:

    @12, YJK -- You must mean the only time a series ended with an out at the plate. There was at least one other that ended with a close play at the plate and the runner safe.

  15. John Autin Says:

    Speaking of the postseason, is it possible to find postseason games with the Event Finder?

    A notice on the Event Finder main page says, "Data runs from 1919 to 2011 for regular season data, 1933-Present for the All-Star Game, and 1903-Present for the Postseason." But I can't find any way to select postseason or A-S games, and they don't come up in a standard search.

  16. David Brown Says:

    I guess these are all games when home team's walk-off hit ends the loss. I'm not sure why a road team's such hits don't count in this list.

    On 4-11-10, Jim Thome doubled off Bobby Jenks at the Cell and J.J. Hardy was thrown out (easily) at the plate, resulting in a Sox one-run win.

  17. Andy Says:

    David, there's an easy answer for why such games were omitted--I'm a goober. I failed to consider such scenarios and missed them in my search. I'll revise the list later today when I'm back at the laptop.

  18. Michael E Sullivan Says:

    I understand trying to stretch when you are the tying or winning run -- but why in the world would you try to stretch a single into a double when down 3 runs or more? or a double into a triple when down 2+?

    Not making an out is so hugely valuable in that situation (last out) that you should never take a risk unless the payoff makes a big difference in your winning chances. But if you are down 3, getting to second doesn't increase your win chances much at all. It increases the chances of you coming in by a lot, but nearly all of the time that you win or tie, it won't matter whether you are on first second or third -- if the guy behind you scores, you will too.

    So with one or two exceptions these seem like very bad decisions.

  19. Neil L. Says:

    My point exactly. Michael E., in picking on Overbay @9. When singling to left field, the whole defensive play is in front of you and it's not like you are obeying the sign of a 3B coach waving you around.

    So to try and stretch a single into a double when down by two seems the ultimate baserunning brain cramp.

  20. Neil L. Says:

    Interesting thought, JA, about a walkoff, game-losing triple.

    Impossible, of course, to have a walkoff, losing, inside-the-park HR, but I can excuse an aggressive move such as trying to stretch a triple when down by one.

    Thanks for the link to the Twins game, JA.

    Not to keep harping on WPA, but Lyle Overbay's WPA in 2008 for trying to advance from first to second after the hit is only -0.002, the same as if he struck out in the at bat.

    Now if he had stopped at 1B and then been caught stealing during the subsequent at bat it would be a different WPA story.

  21. Andy Says:

    JA @15, select post-season batting or pitching finder from the main PI page--they are in their own separate databases and search engines.

  22. Andy Says:

    Here are a whole bunch more (see #16, 17 above):

    Date ▾ Pitcher Batter Score Inn RoB Out Pit(cnt) R Play Description
    2011-08-17 Andrew Bailey Nick Markakis ahead 6-4 1B t9 1-3 2 5 (1-2) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Andino Scores; Davis out at Hm/RF-C; Markakis to 2B/Adv on throw
    2011-07-05 Jonathan Papelbon John McDonald ahead 3-2 1B t9 12- 2 3 (0-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF); Encarnacion out at Hm/LF-C; Arencibia to 2B
    2011-05-25 Scott Maine Jose Reyes down 4-7 1B t7 1-- 2 4 (2-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Weak 3B); Gee to 2B
    2011-04-07 Chris Perez J.D. Drew ahead 1-0 1B t9 1-- 2 1 (0-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to P (Ground Ball to Weak 3B); McDonald out at 3B/P-3B-2B
    2010-09-05 Matt Capps Vladimir Guerrero ahead 6-4 1B t9 123 2 2 (1-0) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to 2B (Ground Ball to SS-2B); Guzman Scores; Young out at 3B/3B; Murphy to 2B
    2010-08-21 Daniel McCutchen Jose Reyes down 1-5 1B t6 --- 0 2 (1-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive to CF-RF)
    2010-06-27 Andrew Bailey Jose Tabata ahead 3-2 1B t9 1-- 2 4 (0-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single/runner struck by batted ball and is out (Ground Ball); Alvarez out at 2B/1B
    2010-06-23 Brian Fuentes Jamey Carroll ahead 2-1 1B t9 12- 2 2 (0-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Fly Ball to Short LF); Johnson to 3B; Martin out at 3B/LF-2B
    2010-05-15 Francisco Cordero Joe Mather ahead 4-3 2B t9 1-- 2 1 (0-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF Line); Schumaker out at Hm/LF-SS-C
    2010-05-13 Alfredo Simon Ichiro Suzuki ahead 6-5 1B t9 12- 2 3 (0-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Weak 3B); Wilson out at Hm/LF-C; Moore to 2B
    2010-04-11 Bobby Jenks Jim Thome ahead 5-4 1B t9 1-- 2 4 (1-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF); Hardy out at Hm/LF-3B-C
    2009-09-12 Josh Beckett Evan Longoria ahead 9-1 2B t6 --- 0 2 (1-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF Line)
    2009-06-18 Jon Lester Jorge Cantu down 1-2 1B t6 --- 0 5 (2-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Fly Ball to LF-CF)
    2009-05-16 (2) Ron Villone Raul Ibanez down 5-7 1B t6 12- 0 6 (3-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Ground Ball thru 2B-1B); Rollins to 3B; Utley to 2B
    2009-05-13 Carlos Marmol Jody Gerut ahead 6-3 1B t8 12- 2 3 (1-1) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive); Hundley Scores; Giles out at 3B/LF-3B-2B-SS-3B
    2009-05-06 Brian Bass Justin Morneau ahead 4-1 1B t6 --- 2 3 (1-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to P (Ground Ball to Weak 2B)
    2008-09-27 Lance Cormier Lyle Overbay ahead 2-1 2B t7 --- 0 1 (0-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Ground Ball)
    2008-07-30 Chad Billingsley Randy Winn ahead 4-0 1B t9 -2- 2 2 (0-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF); Castillo out at Hm/LF-C
    2007-09-29 Brian Wolfe Akinori Iwamura ahead 5-2 1B t9 -2- 2 3 (1-1) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive to Short RF); Harris Scores; Iwamura out at 2B
    2006-08-31 Jason Isringhausen Mike Jacobs ahead 5-2 1B t9 12- 2 2 (0-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to 1B (Ground Ball); Uggla out at 3B/1B-3B; Willingham to 2B
    2006-05-28 Julian Tavarez Carl Crawford ahead 5-3 1B t9 123 2 5 (2-2) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive); Norton Scores/unER; Gathright out at Hm/LF-C; Lugo to 2B
    2006-04-03 Billy Wagner Jose Vidro ahead 3-2 1B t9 --- 2 6 (2-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Vidro out at 2B/CF-2B
    2005-07-10 Brad Lidge Oscar Robles ahead 6-5 1B t9 --- 2 1 (0-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Robles out at 2B/CF-2B
    2005-07-03 Zack Greinke Adam Kennedy down 0-5 1B t6 --- 0 5 (2-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive)
    2004-09-17 Brad Lidge Scott Podsednik ahead 2-1 1B t9 -2- 2 6 (3-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Magruder out at Hm; Podsednik to 2B
    2004-09-04 Shingo Takatsu Raul Ibanez ahead 8-5 1B t9 123 2 8 (3-2) 2 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Suzuki Scores; Winn Scores; Boone out at 3B/RF-3B
    2004-06-12 Eddie Guardado Juan Rivera ahead 3-0 1B t9 --- 2 5 (2-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Fly Ball); Rivera out at 2B/RF-SS-P-3B
    2001-09-29 Esteban Yan Darrin Fletcher ahead 5-2 1B t9 1-- 2 2 (0-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to CF-RF); Fernandez out at Hm/CF-2B-C
    2000-07-07 Danny Graves Russell Branyan ahead 2-0 2B t9 12- 2 5 (2-2) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Double to LF (Line Drive to LF Line); Alomar Scores; Fryman out at Hm/LF-SS-C
    2000-06-20 Alan Benes Bill Mueller ahead 7-2 1B t9 1-- 0 1 (0-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive); Murray to 2B
    1999-09-30 Lou Pote Rich Becker ahead 5-4 1B t9 --- 2 2 (1-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Fly Ball); Becker out at 2B/RF-SS
    1999-06-09 Jerry DiPoto Butch Huskey ahead 16-10 1B t9 -2- 2 2 (1-0) 1 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF); Rodriguez Scores; Huskey out at 2B/LF-2B
    1999-06-01 Steve Trachsel Phil Nevin down 0-1 2B t6 --- 2 4 (1-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Double to RF (Line Drive to Deep RF Line)
    1999-04-18 Michael Jackson Matt Lawton ahead 3-2 1B t9 1-- 2 8 (3-2) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Hocking out at Hm/CF-2B-C
    1998-06-08 Jeff Montgomery Jose Valentin ahead 8-7 1B t9 12- 2 3 (1-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to 1B (Ground Ball to 2B-1B); Jackson out at Hm/1B-C; Jenkins to 2B
    1998-06-07 Shane Reynolds Dean Palmer ahead 7-1 1B t9 -2- 2 2 (1-0) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Short LF); Morris out at Hm/LF-C
    1997-08-07 Mark Wohlers David Bell ahead 3-0 1B t9 -2- 2 4 (2-1) 0 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep SS-2B); Lampkin out at Hm/CF-C
    1997-05-07 Doug Jones Matt Stairs ahead 1-0 1B t9 12- 2
  23. Andy Says:

    RE: table above, there are a lot that look like rainouts, but also another struck baserunner and lots of guys thrown out on the basepaths.

  24. Jimbo Says:

    I'll always remember that game where Snow got thrown out at the plate. Irod was driving in runs all series and ends the series by holding onto the ball after being hit by Snow.

    And man Snow was running slow. It looked like a runner would score easily on that hit, and yet he got thrown out by a mile.

  25. Phil Haberkorn in Indiana Says:

    Re: NEIL @9....."Overbay wears the all-time baserunning dunce cap"...
    I thought that honor went to Lloyd Moseby, reportedly the only player ever thrown out trying to steal FIRST base.

  26. Neil L. Says:

    Ohmygosh, Phil, I don't even remember that game. Are you serious? And I have followed Moseby's team for its entire existence.

    Were there any extenuating circumstances such as a runner already at second, forcing Moseby to return to first?

    I would love to see the wording of the play-by-play on that boxscore!

  27. Andy Says:

    I presume Phil is making a joke about Moseby's relative lack of ability to get on base by conventional means.

  28. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    Neil, Andy — I think Phil means this. The extenuating circumstance was Ozzie Guillén.

  29. Neil L. Says:

    Kahuna, nice link, thank you. I'm not sure if it is what Phil Haberkorn meant but it is not a CS of first base.

    I like the reference in the comments to an A-Rod-like fake-out of Moseby with offense and defense reversed.

  30. DoubleDiamond Says:

    @2, @4 - That June 2008 game in Atlanta was the closest that Brad Lidge came to a blown save in his perfect season that year. But the game almost didn't get that far. The Phillies were down by one but with runners on 1st and 2nd with two out in the top of the 9th, but Braves 2nd baseman Kelly Johnson dropped a pop-up hit by Chris Coste. One runner scored to tie the game, but a second runner was out at the plate. The Braves didn't score in their half of the 9th, so the game went into extra innings. The Phillies scored twice in the top of the 10th, and the Braves scored once before Victorino threw out Gregor Blanco trying to score the tying run for the 3rd out.

    Ironically, earlier in the game, I thought that the Blanco in this game was Henry, who had played for the Braves a few years earlier. I see that he appears in one of the lists above (the game that turned out to be rain-shortened).

    How long has it been since the Phillies' 2008 championship season? The son of a guy who played for them that year (the winning pitcher in this game) has played against them this year - Tom and Dee Gordon, respectively!

  31. Andy Says:

    It's clearly what Phil meant. If you watch the video the announcer specifically says (jokingly) that Moseby stole first since the play resembled an attempted steal of second in mirror-image.

  32. John Autin Says:

    @21, Andy -- Thanks! (And ... "doink!")

  33. John Autin Says:

    Thanks to Andy, I am now able to check postseason events. I am sad to report that there has never been a postseason game-ending triple (neither winning nor losing).

    Sadder to report that the only postseason game-ending walk still pains me.

    You can't imagine how conflicted I felt when The Gambler who had so sabotaged my '99 Mets pitched so brilliantly for my Tigers in the '06 postseason, yielding nary a run in 3 starts.

  34. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    Didn't Billy Martin get thrown out on a Mantle hit to end a World Series game back in the 50's?

    Yes. Three postseason games have had walk-off game-losing hits:

    1. 10/3/53, World Series Game 4, Mickey Mantle singles off Brooklyn's Clem Labine with two outs, the bases loaded and the Dodgers leading 7-2; Gene Woodling scores, but Billy Martin is thrown out at the plate 7 to 2 to end the game.

    2. 10/4/03, NLDS Game 4, Giants' Jeffrey Hammonds singles off Marlins' Ugueth Urbina with two outs, runners on first and second and the Marlins leading 7-6. J.T. Snow is thrown out at the plate 7 to 2 to end the game.

    3. 10/11/07, NLCS Game 1, D-backs' Miguel Montero singles off Rockies' Manuel Corpas with two outs, the bases empty and the Rockies leading 5-1. Montero is thrown out at second 7 to 4 trying to stretch the hit to a double, ending the game.

  35. Gerry Says:

    The table at #22 shows a few games where the pitcher's team is behind when the game-ending hit occurs - how can that be a game-losing hit for the batter's team?

  36. Andy Says:


  37. Brendan Says:

    So should we exclude rain from this list?

  38. Jbird Says:

    @28. thanks a mill, kt. mosebly footage is priceless.

  39. Jbird Says:

    moseby oops

  40. Gerry Says:

    Andy, if "Rain" (#36) was supposed to be an answer to my question (#35), I'm not buying. Take the entry, 2005-07-03 Zack Greinke Adam Kennedy down 0-5 1B t6 --- 0 5 (2-2) 0 ENDED GAME :Single to LF (Line Drive). The last play before the game ended was a hit by a player on the winning, not the losing, team. Whether the game ended because of rain, snow, or a gentlemen's agreement is not the issue; it didn't end after a hit by a player on the losing team, so it shouldn't be in the list at #22.

    On the other hand, if "Rain" was just a reference to a song by The Beatles, then Love You To.

  41. Brett Says:

    I believe all the games listed in post #22 in which the 4th column reads "down" instead of "ahead" should be removed from the list. It appears that in all of these games, the "walk-off" hit was by the team ahead, not trailing. This includes the game Gerry refers to in posts #35 and #40.

    Also, I might argue that a "walk-off" in a game ended by rain, should not qualify as such, since at the time of the "walk-off", none of the participants were aware that it was the last play of the game. The players "walked-off" the field, but only because of the rain! Maybe these plays could be dubbed "rain-offs"?

    In the September 15, 2005 game between the Cardinals and Cubs (mentioned in #6 and #7), David Eckstein slipped while trying to field Henry Blanco's ground ball, and earlier in Blanco's at-bat, Yadier Molina dropped a foul pop-up. If ever there was a "rain-off", it was this play. - See Yahoo!'s game recap.

  42. Brett Says:

    Why do blogs close?

    In reference to the Nick Masset post a couple weeks ago:
    I have more examples where rule 10.17 (c) was exercised and also not excercised when perhaps it should have been. I also think I figured out the root of Chuck's and Skeeb's misinterpration of this rule and could actually help them to see the correct interpration. Others were misinterpreting the rule in the same fashion just not arguing over it (Charles and DD), so I think it worthwhile to revisit and hopefully help them and others see how the rest of us intepret the rule.

    Since the blog in question is closed, is here the best place to post my findings? Or has the blogged been continued elsewhere?

  43. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Brett, imo it was a discussion worthy of being continued, so you should post it somewhere. But this thread is about to move to the second page, where a lot of people will forget about it. Maybe post it in John's Sunday Recap thread. I like those for off-topic commentary, plus there's a parallel discussion about applying the rule on HBPs.

  44. Andy Says:

    Gerry @40, the game ended due to rain. The issue is that my post title is not consistent with all the games I posted in the supplemental lists. The game you cite is an example of a "walkoff win" although that hit at the end was not the game-winner obviously.

  45. Andy Says:

    Posts (as they should be called, not "blogs") stop accepting new comments after something like 2 weeks, as per Sean's settings. I think that's mainly because spambots tend to be by far the most common poster on old threads.

  46. Phil Haberkorn in Indiana Says:

    Re: MOSEBY. KahunaTuna got it right @28, the link he posted takes you to a description of the play I was thinking about, but I recall later announcers referring to it that he got thrown out returning to first base and that's how I got it wrong. ALMOST thrown out at first base isn't a stat people normally keep, so I doubt the play by play or box score of the game will indicate anything about it..

  47. Brett Says:

    Did anyone see Ruben Rivera's baserunning play on MLB network's top 40 wackiest plays ever. It was probably the funniest play I've ever seen. It was in the top 5 in case you find the whole episode.

    Ok I found it on youtube! Google "youtube Ruben Rivera". Here is a direct link.

  48. nightfly Says:

    Don't know what's ugliest: Rivera's baserunning, the Diamondbacks' fielding, or the horrid purple and black uniforms.

  49. Brett Says:

    Hey Andy. I just learned how to you use the "sharebox tool". I am trying to figure out which tool you used to display your charts. I tried the html option, but it didn't work so well. Here is an attempt to use to the "js script widget"

    I think you can figure out the significance of these games.

    Report from

  50. Brett Says:


    Report Created on

  51. Brett Says:

    bb table?

    [tr][td]Chad Qualls[/td][td]2010-09-15[/td][td]TBR[/td][td]NYY[/td][td]W 4-3[/td][td]7-7 BW[/td][td]0.2[/td][td]1[/td][td]2[/td][td]2[/td][td]0[/td][td]1[/td][td]0[/td][td]0[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]Brayan Villarreal[/td][td]2011-04-15[/td][td]DET[/td][td]OAK[/td][td]W 8-4[/td][td]9-10 W[/td][td]0.2[/td][td]3[/td][td]3[/td][td]3[/td][td]0[/td][td]0[/td][td]1[/td][td]0[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]Brian Wilson[/td][td]2011-07-01[/td][td]SFG[/td][td]DET[/td][td]W 4-3[/td][td]8-9 BW[/td][td]0.2[/td][td]4[/td][td]2[/td][td]2[/td][td]1[/td][td]0[/td][td]2[/td][td]1[/td][/tr]

  52. Andy Says:

    Brett, you can't post tables here. Only blog authors can do so. But you can use the generated HTML code on your own website, or other websites that do accept HTML code from users.

  53. Brett Says: