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Most wins, first two games

Posted by Andy on April 7, 2009

Only one pitcher since 1954 has won both of his team's first two games:

                   Year Games Link to Individual Games
 Dave LaRoche      1977     2 Ind. Games

Both games were pretty bizarre. LaRoche won the first one as the pitcher of record in extra innings. In the second game, he came in for one to to close out the 7th inning. The Indians exploded for 13 runs in the 8th inning, and he got the win.
The two games were separated by 3 days. I wonder why--rain perhaps?

3 Responses to “Most wins, first two games”

  1. Piehead Says:

    LaRoche also got the decision (a loss) in the Indians' third game that year.

  2. Raphy Says:

    3 pitchers have lost their teams first 2 games: Ryan Madson (2007), Harvey Haddix (1954) and Bill Campbell ( 1977)

  3. tomepp Says:

    This post got me curious, what is the record for a pitcher posting his team's first N wins of the season? (Where other pitchers could have pitched losses in between.) Similarly, what is the record for a pitcher posting hjis team's first N losses of the season? I seem to remember that Brad Radke got the Twins' first two wins the year before last (with a bunch of L's in between), but I'm sure there's someone who has done better than that...