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Some Run Scoring Plays Ending Long Games Since 2007

Posted by Steve Lombardi on July 27, 2011

In honor of last night's Pirates/Braves game, here's a list to play with today.

The query results cherry picking the long ones -

Yr# Gm# Date Batter Tm Opp Pitcher Score   Inn 6 RoB Out Pit(cnt) RBI WPA RE24 LI Play Description
457 1 2011-05-25 Raul Ibanez PHI CIN Carlos Fisher tied 4-4 Out b19 123 1 2 (0-1) 1 0.17 -0.11 5.80 *ENDED GAME*:Flyball: CF/Sacrifice Fly (Deep CF); Rollins Scores
495 1 2011-07-26 Scott Proctor ATL PIT Daniel McCutchen tied 3-3 FC b19 -23 1 3 (0-2) 1 0.16 0.79 4.22 *ENDED GAME*:Fielder's Choice 3B; Lugo Scores; Schafer to 3B
143 1 2008-05-25 Adrian Gonzalez SDP CIN Edinson Volquez tied 9-9 HR b18 1-3 2 6 (3-2) 3 0.37   4.88 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF); Hairston Scores/unER; Giles Scores/unER; Gonzalez Scores/unER
171 1 2008-07-06 Mark Teixeira ATL HOU Tim Byrdak tied 6-6 1B b17 123 0 3 (1-1) 1 0.06   2.53 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF); Blanco Scores; Escobar to 3B; Jones to 2B
15 1 2007-04-25 Adam LaRoche PIT HOU Brian Moehler tied 3-3 1B b16 123 2 2 (1-0) 1 0.34   6.39 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Weak SS); Wilson Scores; Bautista to 3B; Bay to 2B
238 1 2009-05-16 Nick Hundley SDP CIN Micah Owings tied 5-5 HR b16 --- 2 2 (0-1) 1 0.47   1.30 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF)
399 1 2010-09-08 Jeff Mathis LAA CLE Hector Ambriz tied 3-3 Out b16 --3 1 1 (0-0) 1 0.17   4.76 *ENDED GAME*:Flyball: RF/Sacrifice Fly; Hunter Scores
154 1 2008-06-04 Paul Konerko CHW KCR Jimmy Gobble tied 4-4 HR b15 1-- 0 1 (0-0) 2 0.28   3.14 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF Line); Quentin Scores
201 1 2008-09-06 Jim Thome CHW LAA Justin Speier tied 6-6 HR b15 --- 1 2 (0-1) 1 0.41   1.90 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
227 1 2009-05-03 Jose Lopez SEA OAK Dana Eveland tied 7-7 1B b15 123 0 5 (1-2) 1 0.06   2.50 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Fly Ball to Short CF); Gutierrez Scores/unER; Betancourt to 3B; Suzuki to 2B
252 1 2009-06-08 David Ross ATL PIT Jeff Karstens tied 6-6 1B b15 123 1 4 (1-2) 1 0.17   5.67 *ENDED GAME*:Single to SS (Ground Ball to Weak 3B); Francoeur Scores; Prado to 3B; Johnson to 2B
279 1 2009-07-29 Albert Pujols STL LAD Jeff Weaver tied 2-2 1B b15 12- 2 8 (3-2) 1 0.39   4.35 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF); Lugo Scores; DeRosa to 2B
282 1 2009-08-07 Alex Rodriguez NYY BOS Junichi Tazawa tied 0-0 HR b15 1-- 2 4 (2-1) 2 0.43   2.40 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Jeter Scores
356 1 2010-07-04 Todd Helton COL SFG Guillermo Mota tied 3-3 Out b15 123 0 1 (0-0) 1 0.06   2.37 *ENDED GAME*:Flyball: LF/Sacrifice Fly (Deep LF Line); Fowler Scores
41 1 2007-06-20 Ryan Ludwick STL KCR Jorge de la Rosa tied 6-6 HR b14 --- 0 5 (2-2) 1 0.36   2.28 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep LF-CF)
65 1 2007-07-25 Ryan Howard PHI WSN Chris Booker tied 5-5 HR b14 1-- 0 5 (2-2) 2 0.28   3.15 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Utley Scores
140 1 2008-05-24 Jason Bay PIT CHC Michael Wuertz tied 4-4 1B b14 1-3 1 4 (1-2) 1 0.18   5.28 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep LF-CF); Sanchez Scores/unER; McLouth to 2B
164 1 2008-06-20 Elijah Dukes WSN TEX Jamey Wright tied 3-3 1B b14 123 2 1 (0-0) 1 0.34   6.39 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Ground Ball thru Weak 3B); Lopez Scores; Lo Duca to 3B; Langerhans to 2B
218 1 2009-04-22 Melky Cabrera NYY OAK Dan Giese tied 7-7 HR b14 1-- 1 2 (1-0) 2 0.35   2.98 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF); Swisher Scores
229 1 2009-05-04 Jorge Cantu FLA CIN Danny Herrera tied 2-2 Out b14 12- 0 3 (2-0) 0 0.18   3.24 *ENDED GAME*:Groundout: 1B-SS/Forceout at 2B; Paulino Scores/Adv on E6 (throw)/unER/No RBI
271 1 2009-07-17 Garrett Jones PIT SFG Bob Howry tied 1-1 HR b14 --- 0 2 (0-1) 1 0.37   2.25 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF-RF)
286 1 2009-08-12 Ken Griffey SEA CHW Tony Pena tied 0-0 1B b14 12- 2 5 (1-2) 1 0.39   4.38 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive to Deep RF Line); Beltre Scores; Hannahan to 2B
302 1 2009-09-17 Ichiro Suzuki SEA CHW Scott Linebrink tied 3-3 1B b14 12- 1 2 (1-0) 1 0.29   4.29 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF-RF); Langerhans Scores; Johjima to 2B
345 1 2010-06-02 Garret Anderson LAD ARI Cesar Valdez tied 0-0 1B b14 --3 2 6 (2-2) 1 0.38   4.59 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive); Kemp Scores
349 1 2010-06-05 Aaron Hill TOR NYY Chad Gaudin tied 2-2 1B b14 -2- 1 3 (0-2) 1 0.30   3.17 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to LF-CF); Encarnacion Scores
369 1 2010-07-21 Chris Snyder ARI NYM Fernando Nieve tied 3-3 1B b14 12- 1 5 (2-2) 1 0.29   4.30 *ENDED GAME*:Single to LF (Line Drive to Deep LF); Upton Scores; Montero to 2B
400 1 2010-09-10 Bobby Abreu LAA SEA Brian Sweeney tied 3-3 HR b14 --- 1 1 (0-0) 1 0.42   1.77 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep CF)
424 1 2011-04-08 Jose Tabata PIT COL Franklin Morales tied 3-3 2B b14 1-- 2 5 (3-1) 1 0.44 1.09 2.19 *ENDED GAME*:Double to RF (Fly Ball to Deep RF); Rodriguez Scores
426 1 2011-04-09 Maicer Izturis LAA TOR Jon Rauch tied 5-5 1B b14 -2- 2 3 (0-2) 1 0.40 0.91 3.78 *ENDED GAME*:Single to RF (Line Drive); Bourjos Scores
462 1 2011-05-28 Corey Patterson TOR CHW Gavin Floyd tied 8-8 HR b14 --- 0 4 (1-2) 1 0.36 1.00 2.26 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Line Drive to Deep RF)
464 1 2011-06-04 J.D. Drew BOS OAK Guillermo Moscoso tied 8-8 1B b14 12- 2 2 (0-1) 1 0.39 1.00 4.38 *ENDED GAME*:Single to CF (Line Drive to Deep CF); Crawford Scores; Lowrie to 2B
486 1 2011-07-06 Nate Schierholtz SFG SDP Pat Neshek tied 5-5 HR b14 --- 0 5 (1-2) 1 0.38 1.00 2.19 *ENDED GAME*:Home Run (Fly Ball to Deep RF)
489 1 2011-07-19 John McDonald TOR SEA Jamey Wright tied 5-5 Out b14 --3 1 6 (3-2) 1 0.17 0.16 4.71 *ENDED GAME*:Flyball: CF/Sacrifice Fly; Davis Scores
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21 Responses to “Some Run Scoring Plays Ending Long Games Since 2007”

  1. zuke Says:

    did you only search for games that were tied when the hit occurred or is it just a coincidence that these were all tie games?

  2. Cabriael Says:

    Sorry, but yesterday's run scoring play was made by home plate umpire Jerry Meals.

    Another umpire gaffe deciding a game.

    However , because pirates have been bad, Meals will never enter the pantheon of bad umpires including Denkinger and Joyce. May their names live in shame for ever.

  3. nightfly Says:

    I tried sorting for "egregious blown call" in the play description and came up empty. Is this a known bug? =D

  4. Steve Lombardi Says:

    zuke - yes, only tie games.

  5. Cabriael Says:

    For some reason, this site has a few die-hard umpire supporters. That's why egregious blown calls won't show up in the search criteria.

    They think umpires can get away with murder just by a cheapo apology.

  6. Johnny Twisto Says:

    I was hoping Cabriael would make an appearance.

  7. zuke Says:

    unfortunately, it's going to take a bad call in the playoffs for baseball to make a change. it doesn't make any sense for them to drag their feet on this.

  8. oneblankspace Says:

    So this was the third 19-inning game this year. When was the last time that happened?

  9. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Zuke, you don't think there's already been a few dozen bad calls in the last couple postseasons?

  10. Johnny Twisto Says:


  11. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    The only two extra-inning games in 2010 ending on a RoE happened within three days of each other, with the same team in the field (Angels) and the same pitcher on the mound (Bobby Cassevah). Strange.

  12. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    So this was the third 19-inning game this year. When was the last time that happened?

    If you're okay with including games that went longer than 19 innings, the last time was 1973:

    Indians-White Sox, 5/26/73 (21 innings)

    Braves-Phillies, 5/4/73 (20 innings)

    Mets-Dodgers, 5/24/73 (19 innings)

  13. ken Says:

    I can forgive any honest mistake, even Jim Joyce's, because I've refereed hockey games and umpired baseball games, and I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to officiate at the major-league level. I'd never get angry over a bang-bang play where only a TV going frame-by-frame shows the umpire "blew" the call.

    That said, there sure was something smelly about last night's call. Very smelly.

  14. eorns Says:

    It's interesting that the guys who got the run in with the bases loaded and nobody out only got 0.06 WPA. That must be the smallest reward for a game-winning PA!

  15. Jacob Says:

    That wasn't the first smelly call of the night by that umpire. And the smelliness worked against both teams.

  16. nightfly Says:

    Ken - I'm with you, having refereed hockey as well, and the faster the pace, the easier it is to miss something. In fact, last night I was playing (not reffing) and ran face-first into the difference between honest mistakes and willful indifference to the job, and it was infuriating.

    Waking up this morning and hearing about the call on this play was like cosmic kismet - it's almost like Meals knew on some level that he was struggling (as anyone is wont to do from time to time), was stuck for much longer than normal trying to deal with it, and subconsciouly found a way to get the hell out of the situation.

  17. Cabriael Says:

    >Meals knew on some level that he was struggling (as anyone is wont to do from time to time), was stuck for much longer than normal trying to deal with it, and subconsciouly found a way to get the hell out of the situation.

    And I hope he will get the hell out from a ball park (and out of a job) for good.

  18. Cabriael Says:

    >unfortunately, it's going to take a bad call in the playoffs for baseball to make a change. it doesn't make any sense for them to drag their feet on this.

    Don't you know what happened to Denkinger?

    The day after he awarded the game 6 of the world series to the Royals, he was the home umpire!

    Only an umpire carried away in a gurney, preferably with his face covered with a white sheet, will change things.

  19. Fireworks Says:

    I didn't think Meals' call was that bad and I thought his explanation was sound.

    That said, the game ending on that was terrible.

    As for the games above, that NYY-BOS game was sexcellent. Watched that one from start to finish (at home, of course), and I knew that no matter which team won it was going to be an instant classic. That isn't how you want to make your MLB debut, pitching in a tense August game for the Sox in New Yankee Stadium, in extras, in a scoreless game, and then having Alex Rodriguez put a fastball into orbit for the walk-off.

  20. mccombe35 Says:

    Somewhere, Harold Baines was hoping you went back a few more years. (or decades)

  21. Cabriael Says:

    Joe Torre bleated that people should accept the 'human factor' and (just shut up).

    Well, he might have forgotten due to his age, but I never forgot what happened during the playoff game between Yankees and Orioles. Ever since then, Orioles suck.

    It's only fitting that such senile comment would come out from someone who benefited enormously from bad calls, and it shows that the opinion of Joe Torre and his generation is simply 'off-sync' to today's reality.

    Joe's time has passed. When Bud Selig and his coterie retire, instant replay will come in and all these wrongs will be partially righted.

    People who don't like them can start their own league. Whether they like it or not, umpires are obsolete and they will be going the way of buggy whips.