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Most go-ahead plate appearances in 2011

Posted by Andy on July 24, 2011

Here's a quick Batting Event Finder to find the players with the most go-ahead plate appearances so far in 2011:

Ryan Howard 25
Adrian Gonzalez 24
Adrian Beltre 22
Ryan Ludwick 21
Lance Berkman 20
Jose Bautista 20
Neil Walker 19
Torii Hunter 19
Andrew McCutchen 19
Ryan Braun 19
Show more
Paul Konerko 18
Albert Pujols 18
Asdrubal Cabrera 18
Curtis Granderson 18
Danny Espinosa 18
Adam Lind 18
Justin Upton 17
Joey Votto 17
Michael Morse 17
Matt Kemp 17
Josh Hamilton 17
Prince Fielder 17
Matt Holliday 17
Hunter Pence 16
Troy Tulowitzki 16
Miguel Cabrera 16
Hideki Matsui 16
Andre Ethier 16
Justin Smoak 16
Kevin Youkilis 15
Carlos Quentin 15
Brennan Boesch 15
Johnny Damon 15
Chris Young 15
B.J. Upton 14
Brian McCann 14
Adam Jones 14
Mark Teixeira 14
Gaby Sanchez 14
Hanley Ramirez 14

A few surprising entries:

  • Ryan Ludwick is having a decent season for a below-average team, but he's apparently getting hits when they count. At the moment, of the top 46 leaders this year in RBI, Ludwick is the only one with an OPS+ under 100.
  • The Pirates have 2 guys, Walker and McCutchen, in the top 9.
  • Three Ryans in the top 10!

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15 Responses to “Most go-ahead plate appearances in 2011”

  1. Show More is doing well again this year. Wish he played for the Twins

  2. @ 1 - haha, I had no clue what you were talking about at first.
    And I agree, the Twins really could use him.

  3. Can someone do an article on the Mets financial situation and what they should do regarding trading their stars? Or has someone already done that?

  4. this contributes to the matsui discussion from a day or so ago,

    by all measures he is having a sub-par year at an advanced age

    yet he leads his team in go ahead situations and still finds a way to deliver quality at bats in the toughest situations despite his lack of overall consistency. People forget that this is his 17th year in professional baseball.

    he deserved the rookie of the year award; he played every game that season, drove in 100+ runs and hit 42 doubles in a much better league against pitching he had never seen before ON HIS FIRST TRY!!!! he needed no time to adjust, he started mashing the second he got top yankee stadium (grand slam in home debut)

    also he is one of the best post season performers ever

    56 games, .312 BA 26 xtra base hits and 32 runs

    what this guy accomplished was legendary...

    this is a great list by the way, how soon til we start talking about Torii Hunter for HOF

  5. Show More was originally drafted by the Yankees, way back in 1979. Then along with other stars like Willie McGee, Fred McGriff, and Doug Drabek, they traded him as a minor-leaguer in the hopes of a quick return from a washed-up major-league veteran.

  6. Johnny Twisto Says:

    [Matsui] needed no time to adjust

    Directly contradicted by Matsui himself, as well as anyone who watched him go 4-3 three times a game.

  7. I've got a question. I think it's interesting that the most powerful offense in MLB today only has two guys on the list and I'm wondering. How many of these came in the first inning?

  8. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    I think it's interesting that the most powerful offense in MLB today only has two guys on the list and I'm wondering. How many of these came in the first inning?

    Of all 2011 go-ahead plate appearances (total: 2758), 762 (27.6%) came in the first inning.

  9. Nash Bruce Says:

    Unfortunately, MN mistakenly drafted SP No More, Show More's twin brother. And that took away a job for Mo Mentum, who would have been tomorrow's starting pitcher, had he not lost the last roster spot, to Justin More No, who used to be the first baseman, until his body failed him, yet again, and he, himself, had to be replaced by No Mauer, who was only at 1B, because he could catch no mauer..........
    What an f***ed year this has been.

  10. Nash Bruce Says:

    and Danny Valencia ain't a-walking through that door, to bat in 3 runs for us, boys......

  11. The Ryan Ludwick sighting on here is more proof the Phillies will trade for him given his relatively high RBI, forgetting that he is not a #5 hitter in a good lineup like the Phils' and his OBP is .305.

  12. How about Hunter Pence with 16 go-ahead PAs on a team with 33 wins? I'm not sure whether that's impressive or more of an indicator that the 2011 Astros don't deserve to be called a major league team. Leaning toward the latter after they even let my lowly Cubs sweep them (first 3-game win streak all year for the Cubs).

  13. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    How about Hunter Pence with 16 go-ahead PAs on a team with 33 wins?

    Pence has 16 of the Astros' 84 go-ahead plate appearances, or 19%. That's impressive, but not especially so. The Astros actually have more GAPAs than two other teams: the Padres (78) and the Royals (74). In percentage terms, then, Ludwick's 27% of team GAPAs (21/78) leads everyone, and Howard is second at 26%.

    Besides being last in GAPAs for, the Royals have also compiled the most GAPAs against, 115. To this point in the season they're at -41 GAPAs. The Rangers have the best positive number with 28.

  14. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    The largest single-season total of GAPA is 49, by Joe Torre in his MVP season of 1971. Jeff Bagwell had 48 in 1997.

    Largest single-season team total is 193, by the 1978 Red Sox. Largest single-season team total against is 199, by the 1962 Mets, who were playing that crazy new 162-game schedule.

  15. Nash Bruce @ 9

    Good stuff