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The Best of Times and The Worst of Times

Posted by Raphy on March 29, 2009

Since 1954 there have been 43 instances where a player has started at least 100 of his team's wins in a season.

Five players have each accounted for 2 of those seasons.

                   Year Games Link to Individual Games
 Brooks Robinson   1969   106 Ind. Games
 Brooks Robinson   1970   105 Ind. Games
 Pete Rose         1970   100 Ind. Games
 Pete Rose         1975   108 Ind. Games               

 Andruw Jones      1998   103 Ind. Games
 Andruw Jones      1999   103 Ind. Games                

 Derek Jeter       1998   104 Ind. Games
 Derek Jeter       2002   100 Ind. Games                

 Miguel Tejada     2001   100 Ind. Games
 Miguel Tejada     2002   102 Ind. Games

Since 1954 there have been 27 times when a player has started 100 losses in one season.

Only 2 players have managed to do it twice.

                   Year Games Link to Individual Games
 Frank Thomas      1954   100 Ind. Games
 Frank Thomas      1962   109 Ind. Games  

 Billy Williams    1962   102 Ind. Games
 Billy Williams    1966   103 Ind. Games                 

There have also been 3 players who have pulled off one of each:

                   Year Games Link to Individual Games
 Rocky Colavito    1961   100 (wins)   Ind. Games
 Rocky Colavito    1964   101 (losses) Ind. Games 

 Eddie Murray      1979   102 (wins)   Ind. Games
 Eddie Murray      1988   107 (losses) Ind. Games 

 Ichiro Suzuki     2001   107 (wins)   Ind. Games
 Ichiro Suzuki     2008   100 (losses) Ind. Games                                                           

Ichiro  - Welcome to the club.

2 Responses to “The Best of Times and The Worst of Times”

  1. tomepp Says:

    One interesting observation is how fast the Seattle Mariners fell - just 7 years after a record 116-win season, they were in the 100-loss cellar. The Mariners actually were in the AL West cellar just 3 years after that 116-win season (by 2004), and avoided the 100-loss stigma by just 1 game (63-99). Funny things happen after fire-sales...

    Rocky experienced those highs and lows in a span of 4 seasons, but that was because he switched teams from the runner-up Tigers in 1961 to the cellar-dwelling Kansas City A's in 1964 (who would have another 100-loss season the next year).

    Eddie Murray experienced those extremes with the same team as well (the Orioles), but it only happened after a fairly steady 9-year decline from one of the best records in franchise history to the worst record of their Baltimore years.

  2. JohnnyTwisto Says:

    I found it interesting that all 3 guys are very good players. Of course, anyone who starts that many games in two different seasons at least a few years apart is probably at least a decent player.