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Getting Pinched Twice

Posted by Steve Lombardi on March 23, 2009

Here's another fun list via's Play Index Batting Game Finder. It's batters, since 1956, who entered the game as a pinch-hitter and then got to bat again in the game still with that "pinch-hitter" status and who got at least two hits in the contest with that status - while never playing a position in the game.

O.K. that's terrible grammar. Let's use an example: Joe Batter enters the game in the top of the 7th inning as a pinch-hitter (batting for the pitcher). And, he gets a hit. Then, before three outs are registered, he gets to bat again in that inning, still as a "pinch-hitter" in the game, and then he gets another hit. Then, in the bottom of the inning, he comes out of the game as a new pitcher takes the mound for his team. So, in this game, Joe Batter got two hits as a "pinch hitter." It's cases like this that make this report.

Here's the list.

                   Games Link to Individual Games
 Jeff Stone            1 Ind. Games                
 Bill Robinson         1 Ind. Games                
 Jeff Reboulet         1 Ind. Games                
 Angel Pagan           1 Ind. Games                
 Greg Norton           1 Ind. Games                
 Russ Nixon            1 Ind. Games                
 Duane Kuiper          1 Ind. Games                
 Cliff Johnson         1 Ind. Games                
 Brian Hunter          1 Ind. Games                
 Dave Henderson        1 Ind. Games                
 Ken Griffey           1 Ind. Games                
 Julio Franco          1 Ind. Games                
 Chris Bando           1 Ind. Games                
 Oscar Azocar          1 Ind. Games                
 Rick Auerbach         1 Ind. Games                

Actually, you can take Jeff Reboulet off the list (above).  I think that's a fluke boxscore error on him - as he stayed in the game as a D.H.

But, the others look "good" here - just doing a quick check on PA in the game.

4 Responses to “Getting Pinched Twice”

  1. gerry Says:

    I think you'll find that technically the second time the batter comes up he's no longer a pinch-hitter. He's in a sort of statistical limbo, where there's no adequate description for him. Some years ago I saw a list of players who had homered with no position. These were players who homered after having pinch-hit or pinch-run earlier in the inning. The list, which went through 2001, had 18 names on it.

  2. Raphy Says:

    About little over a year ago we had a discussion about the status of these players. At the time Sean said he was in the middle of changing some of the ways these players were recorded.

    See the comments on this post:

  3. Raphy Says:

    That Rick Auerbach game was pretty amazing:

  4. Hardcase Says:

    In that same great game, Hendrick hits a bases clearing single in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game. Very hard to do, especially if the third guy that scores is a catcher.