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Minor League Stats Available on Major League Pages

Posted by Sean Forman on July 7, 2011

Tug Hulett Statistics and History -

On the major league player pages we are now including summary minor league lines for each season in the minor leagues for this player.    By default, they are hidden, but clicking the "Show Minors" tooltip above the Standard Batting or Standing Pitching tables will cause them to be shown.

For now, you'll be able to see this just for active players, but I'm rerunning everything and you'll be able to see them on all player pages later this evening.

18 Responses to “Minor League Stats Available on Major League Pages”

  1. Neil L. Says:

    Cool, Sean, thank you. It's an especially nice feature for players who have bounced up and down between the minors and the bigs a lot. I checked it out and seeing the minor-league stats interspered with the major-league lines is great.

    For example, pulling up Derek Jeter, it shows his 6 PA in Trenton right next to his current 2011 ML line. Good stuff!

  2. Sven J. Says:

    Awesome work. I used to often check your competition site (the cube), over B-R, because they list minors numbers with majors, while you didn't. Now, I will won't skip your site if I'm looking for minors numbers.

  3. Lee Says:

    You're just adding another reason for me to think this is the best site on the internet.

  4. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    Ahh, memories of the old Baseball Register.

  5. tim Says:

    I'd rather see the minor league stats on the same page, but in a different chart, rather than putting them side by side with the major league stats.

  6. Baseball: Minor League Stats Available on Major League Pages » Stathead » Blog Archive Says:

    [...] Minor League Stats Available on Major League Pages: You can now toggle minor-league stats on/off when viewing a player’s Baseball-Reference page. [...]

  7. camisadelgolf Says:

    This is great. It would be nice if the minor league stats could be summed under the major league stats after you click "show minors". Also, is there a plan to eventually be able to sum up the stats for parts of minor league careers?

  8. KB Says:


    I agree. My first impression that there should definitely be a minor and major league totals bar underneath. Nonetheless, great addition to the site!

  9. blahblahblah Says:

    Perfect! I've been wanting something more convenient than having to go the minors site every time.

  10. GrandsBiscuits Says:

    I like it. Reminds me of how baseball cards of marginal players show their minor and major league statistics together.

  11. Charles Says:

    I noticed that Dick Stuart hit 200 plus homers in both majors and minors. I was wondering if he's the only one to do so. One season he hit 16 in the majors and 31 in the minors. I wonder if anyone ever came closer to 20 and 20.

    Luis Tiant one year he was double digits in wins 15 (minors) and 10 (majors).

  12. Charles Says:

    Mike Stanton in 2010 21 homers in minors, 22 in majors

  13. Charles Says:

    Cal Eldred and Luis Tiant are the pitchers I have found so far with 10 or more wins in minors and majors in the same year

  14. Charles Says:

    There are quite a few pitchers with 100 wins in both majors and minors. I found 10 in a quick search.

    Left Grove 111 wins before majors debut, 300 majors
    Bobo Newsom 146 minors, 211 majors
    Jesse Haines 107 minors, 210 majors
    Only three I found with 200 ML wins

    Minor league owners in the 1920's tended to hold their pitchers before selling them to a ML team
    Ray Kremer 115 minors, 143 majors, played 10 seasons in majors starting at age 31 with a ML winning % of .627
    A teammate of Lefty Grove in the minors at Baltimore was Tommy Thomas 138 minors, 117 majors. Another teammate, Jack Ogden had 213 minor league wins

    Rube Benton was the only one I found with 150 in both
    172 minors, 150 majors
    Won 115 in minors from ages 36 to 43

    Bill Thomas won 383 games in the minors and never pitched in the majors.

    In 1933 Monte Pearson won 10 games in the majors, 11 in the minors
    That's 3 with Cal Eldred and Luis Tiant with 10 wins in minors and majors the same year.

    Noticed a typo for Red Ruffing 4 wins 77 losses in 1924 in the minors .

  15. Charles Says:

    Left out another HOF
    Hoyt Wilhelm 143 major league wins, 109 minors(107 before his debut at age 29).

  16. Charles Says:

    Hits in majors and minors
    Babe Herman had 771 before his Major League debut, 1818 in the majors and 774 in the minors after he retired for a total of 3363, the only 1500/1500 hitter that I found.

    In 1984, Dan Gladden had 93 hits in the minors and 120 in the majors, the closest to 100/100 that I found.

    Also have to mention Julio Franco for 3864 hits in US, Korea, Japan and Mexico (0.305 batting average)

  17. Chuck Says:


    Put the "compare players" option on minor league pages.

    Having to open a separate browser window is kind of a pain.


  18. Charles Says:

    Carl Hubbell in 1928 won 12 minors, 10 majors.