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Teams With 2+ 18+ Game Winners Since 1973

Posted by Steve Lombardi on June 30, 2011

How many teams, since 1973, had at least two pitchers on their team win 18+ games in the same season?

Here is the list -

Rk Year 6 Lg Tm #Matching  
1 2010 AL New York Yankees 2 Phil Hughes / CC Sabathia
2 2008 AL Toronto Blue Jays 2 A. J. Burnett / Roy Halladay
3 2007 AL Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 2 Kelvim Escobar / John Lackey
4 2007 AL Cleveland Indians 2 Fausto Carmona / CC Sabathia
5 2004 NL Houston Astros 2 Roger Clemens / Roy Oswalt
6 2002 NL Arizona Diamondbacks 2 Randy Johnson / Curt Schilling
7 2002 NL Atlanta Braves 2 Tom Glavine / Kevin Millwood
8 2002 AL Boston Red Sox 2 Derek Lowe / Pedro Martinez
9 2002 AL New York Yankees 2 Mike Mussina / David Wells
10 2002 AL Oakland Athletics 2 Mark Mulder / Barry Zito
11 2001 NL Arizona Diamondbacks 2 Randy Johnson / Curt Schilling
12 2001 AL Oakland Athletics 2 Tim Hudson / Mark Mulder
13 2001 AL Seattle Mariners 2 Freddy Garcia / Jamie Moyer
14 2000 NL Atlanta Braves 2 Tom Glavine / Greg Maddux
15 1999 NL Atlanta Braves 2 Greg Maddux / Kevin Millwood
16 1999 NL Houston Astros 2 Mike Hampton / Jose Lima
17 1998 NL Atlanta Braves 2 Tom Glavine / Greg Maddux
18 1998 AL New York Yankees 2 David Cone / David Wells
19 1998 AL Texas Rangers 2 Rick Helling / Aaron Sele
20 1997 NL Atlanta Braves 2 Greg Maddux / Denny Neagle
21 1993 NL Atlanta Braves 3 Steve Avery / Tom Glavine / Greg Maddux
22 1993 AL Chicago White Sox 2 Alex Fernandez / Jack McDowell
23 1993 NL San Francisco Giants 2 John Burkett / Bill Swift
24 1991 AL California Angels 3 Jim Abbott / Chuck Finley / Mark Langston
25 1991 NL Atlanta Braves 2 Steve Avery / Tom Glavine
26 1991 AL Minnesota Twins 2 Scott Erickson / Jack Morris
27 1990 NL New York Mets 2 Dwight Gooden / Frank Viola
28 1990 AL Oakland Athletics 2 Dave Stewart / Bob Welch
29 1989 AL Oakland Athletics 3 Storm Davis / Mike Moore / Dave Stewart
30 1989 NL Chicago Cubs 2 Mike Bielecki / Greg Maddux
31 1988 AL Boston Red Sox 2 Roger Clemens / Bruce Hurst
32 1988 NL Cincinnati Reds 2 Tom Browning / Danny Jackson
33 1988 NL New York Mets 2 David Cone / Dwight Gooden
34 1985 NL St. Louis Cardinals 3 Joaquin Andujar / Danny Cox / John Tudor
35 1984 AL Detroit Tigers 2 Jack Morris / Dan Petry
36 1983 AL Chicago White Sox 2 Richard Dotson / LaMarr Hoyt
37 1983 AL Detroit Tigers 2 Jack Morris / Dan Petry
38 1982 NL Los Angeles Dodgers 2 Jerry Reuss / Fernando Valenzuela
39 1980 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Scott McGregor / Steve Stone
40 1980 AL Kansas City Royals 2 Larry Gura / Dennis Leonard
41 1980 AL Oakland Athletics 2 Rick Langford / Mike Norris
42 1979 NL Houston Astros 2 Joe Niekro / J. R. Richard
43 1979 AL New York Yankees 2 Ron Guidry / Tommy John
44 1978 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Mike Flanagan / Jim Palmer
45 1978 AL Kansas City Royals 2 Dennis Leonard / Paul Splittorff
46 1978 AL Milwaukee Brewers 2 Mike Caldwell / Lary Sorensen
47 1978 AL New York Yankees 2 Ed Figueroa / Ron Guidry
48 1977 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Rudy May / Jim Palmer
49 1977 AL Kansas City Royals 2 Jim Colborn / Dennis Leonard
50 1977 NL Philadelphia Phillies 2 Steve Carlton / Larry Christenson
51 1976 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Wayne Garland / Jim Palmer
52 1976 NL Philadelphia Phillies 2 Steve Carlton / Jim Lonborg
53 1975 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Jim Palmer / Mike Torrez
54 1975 AL Boston Red Sox 2 Luis Tiant / Rick Wise
55 1975 NL Los Angeles Dodgers 2 Burt Hooton / Andy Messersmith
56 1975 AL Oakland Athletics 2 Vida Blue / Ken Holtzman
57 1974 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Mike Cuellar / Ross Grimsley
58 1974 AL Chicago White Sox 2 Jim Kaat / Wilbur Wood
59 1974 NL Los Angeles Dodgers 2 Andy Messersmith / Don Sutton
60 1974 AL New York Yankees 2 Pat Dobson / Doc Medich
61 1974 AL Oakland Athletics 2 Ken Holtzman / Catfish Hunter
62 1974 AL Texas Rangers 2 Jim Bibby / Fergie Jenkins
63 1973 AL Oakland Athletics 3 Vida Blue / Ken Holtzman / Catfish Hunter
64 1973 AL California Angels 2 Nolan Ryan / Bill Singer
65 1973 AL Baltimore Orioles 2 Mike Cuellar / Jim Palmer
66 1973 AL Chicago White Sox 2 Stan Bahnsen / Wilbur Wood
67 1973 NL Cincinnati Reds 2 Jack Billingham / Don Gullett
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Generated 6/30/2011.


A fun list of names, eh?

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53 Responses to “Teams With 2+ 18+ Game Winners Since 1973”

  1. Kahuna Tuna Says:

    I hadn't realized that no Pirates pitcher has won 15 games since Doug Drabek in 1992.

  2. I love the fact that Maddux shows up 6 times, but Clemens only twice.

  3. 5 different teams in 2002!

  4. @1

    The team's high-water mark in wins since '92 is 79.

  5. @ #1 that is not correct.

  6. @1

    close but not quite right. Todd Ritchie won 15 in '99

  7. mccombe35 Says:

    That '83 White Sox team had 2 pitchers win 22+ games. Guessing they are part of a very short list.

  8. @ #5- The first comment is definitely correct. There have been some 14 game winners for the Pirates, but no 15 game winners since 1992.

  9. As Max said, Ritchie won 15 in 1999.

    The team that jumps out at me is the 91 Angels. Three 18 game winners, yet they finished 81-81. Abbott, Finley and Langston started 34 games each, so that probably helped them make this list.

  10. oneblankspace Says:

    My search result:

    For single seasons, Playing for the PIT, From 1992 to 2011, (requiring W>=15 and At least 14 Decisions), sorted by greatest franch_count


    No seasons match your search

    Please let us know if this is an error

  11. Oneblankespace... what is the point of including the "At least 14 decisions" parameter? I looked at Ritchie's game log to see if there was anything quirky about his W, perhaps coming in relief or in a rain shortened game or something that might have made it screwy... no dice. Not sure why you got nothing off the search. Then again, as Andy will attest, I'm the worst person to talk to about PI searches.

  12. Looks like an error to me-

    BTW, about those '91 Angels, I forgot to mention that they finished last in the AL West with that .500 record.

  13. I don't understand the Todd Ritchie error. I did this search:

    For single seasons, Playing for the PIT, From 1992 to 2011, (requiring W>=15), sorted by most recent date

    ...and got Drabek and Ritchie.

    Then again, maybe it got fixed in the last hour?

  14. Nice list but check out those Orioles: from 1968 to 1980 (13 years in a row) they had at least one 20-game winner; 3 in 1970, 4 in 1971, 23 times overall IIRC, and nine different pitchers do it: Palmer, Cuellar,McNally, Torrez, Garland, Dobson, McGregor, Flanagan & Stone.

  15. Haha maybe it's just user error. I didn't catch Ritchie in '95 for some reason.

  16. Thomas Court Says:


    The 2002 Diamondbacks had two 23 game winners - Randy Johnson (24) and Curt Schilling (23).

    It's no surprise also that the Braves make the original post list four years in a row (1997-2000).

  17. I'm still trying to figure out how the 2002 Red Sox didn't make the playoffs when they Manny Ramirez at the peak of his powers, Nomar was still playing at an All-Star level, they had the two best pitchers in the American League (one the best period), and wonderful relief seasons from Wakefield, Urbina, and Embree.

  18. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    Storm Davis' 1989 season was so bad, despite his 19-7 record.
    He is the only player in history to average 1 HR per 9IP, > a hit an inning, a WHIP of > 1.5 and still have a .700 winning percentage. factor in his 85 ERA+, and what a terrible 19 win season.

  19. Drew Cobb Says:

    Re: Storm Davis. IMHO, he was the beneficiary of pitching on good teams. He himself was quite average.

    The Florida Marlins have won 2 World Series and have during those 2 seasons, no one pitcher won more than 17 games (Alex Fernandez in '97).

  20. Remember when Ron Guidry was the best pitcher in baseball? Its like how Gooden exploded on to the scene. I know Koufax is untouchable, but Guidry was just as good has Koufax. Yes it was for a short time, but he was also a 2 time world champion, which is a lot more than any hall of famer who played for the cubs can say. Similarly, Don Mattingly was also a major force when considering who was the best player in baseball. Because of injury his career was shorted, and this should be taken into consideration when judging HOF. In his prime, he was HOF. So was Gudri

  21. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    Storm Davis knew how to pitch to the score. He didn't exert a lot of extra effort trying to shut down the other team when he had a big lead. Why are you digging up fancy stats to keep him out of the HOF?

  22. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    I don't like guys named Storm.
    Especially Storm Fields, from ABC.
    I wasn't fond of X-men's Storm either.
    But 169.1 IP in 31 starts. What score was he pitching to? The score in the 5th inning. I admire that.

  23. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    Well that's the most important inning. In the 1st inning there's no score. If you pitch to the 9th inning score, there's too little margin for error (even the great score-pitchers like Storm and Jack are human). So you see how many runs you have in the middle of the game, and then decide how much to bear down.

  24. mccombe35 Says:

    Seeing the '93 White Sox up there reminded me how us White Sox fans were told we had the AL version of the Braves staff for years to come.

    '93 was pretty sweet.

    McDowell 22 - 10, 3.37. age 27 (CY)
    Fernandez 18 - 9, 3.13. age 23
    Alvarez 15 - 8, 2.95. age 23
    Bere 12 - 7, 3.47. age 22

    After that it didn't really pan out...... haha

  25. mccombe35 Says:

    Edit: Bere was 12 - 5.

  26. John Autin Says:

    Out of curiosity, I did the same search as Andy but with an extra requirement of a 110 ERA+ or better.

    The number of teams with 2 such pitchers since 1973 fell from 67 to 44, and the number with 3 fell from 5 to 1 -- the '93 Braves.

  27. John Autin Says:

    Sorry, Steve -- "I did the same search as Steve, but...."

  28. Wow.The 1990 Mets should have one 98 games according to Pyth but won only 91.Big swing.

  29. Slightly off topic, Berkman homers from both sides of the plate tonight! The Puma with cat-like quickness.

  30. Twisto you can hardly go a single thread without trying to bring me up, time to move on man!

  31. @21 @23
    MR, are you bored with BBref? Timmy P., never thought I'd side with you on a post but nice call out.

    Storm Davis is not Jack Morris.

  32. 29 Mantle still the all time leader at that?

  33. In an unrelated matter, it was hugely humiliating to the opposition fans, but tonight the Pirates won their first inter-league road series in 17 tries dating back to 2003.

  34. @32 I would say either Mantle or Eddie Murray.

  35. Ben Trotsky Says:

    @ 32

    Mantle is 3rd, iirc. Too many complete game pitchers back then. 1st is Murray and 2nd is ... Chili Davis.

  36. John Autin Says:

    Neil @33 -- No shame in losing to a winning team!

    Pirates were already 2 games over .500 on the road before they hit Toronto.

  37. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    Timmy, I didn't see anyone refer to you in any way. So, get over yourself.

  38. @37 Just trying to help, you're turning in to a bore, and that's worse than being stupid!

  39. @20, Liam, Tinker-Evers-Chance and Mordecai Brown were two-time world champs who played for the Cubs.

  40. @39 Frank Chance got into the HoF 12 years earlier than Wahoo Sam Crawford and Chance has less than 1300 career hits. Really a crime.

  41. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    you're turning in to a bore, and that's worse than being stupid!

    For your sake, I certainly hope so.

  42. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    Crawford has less than 1 career managerial victory.

  43. John Autin Says:

    I hate to see my friends quarrel ... Why not check out my 2011 WAR-Stars and pick on me instead? Tell me how I blew the picks.

  44. @20...Yankee fan I presume? 🙂

  45. @39 i meant this century... i should have specified

  46. Ganderson Says:

    #17 - I think Randy Johnson's 2002 season is every bit as good as Pedro's, and probably better.

  47. I like the 5 teams which had 3 18-game winners. Four won their divisions, and the '91 Angels came in last.

  48. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    @ 23
    Mis-lassoed partition -

    I didn't think of that. The pivotal 5th inning. The hinge! forget slamming the door - lets open the thing first!!!

  49. @46 That's definitely arguable, but I think that most people would agree that Johnson's biggest advantage was volume. Personally, I would say that Pedro's edge in quality on the hill (an edge I'd give him against anyone in baseball history) trumped Johnson's greater amount of time spent on it, but I think it's fair to just call it a wash. Since Martinez had been the best pitcher in baseball over the previous 5-6 years, I think it's not unreasonable to give him the "tie goes to the runner" edge.

    Either way, fair point. Randy Johnson is truly an all-time great and deserves more recognition than he tends to get.

  50. Thomas Court Says:


    I am gonna have to politefully disagree - at least as far as the 2002 season is concerned. I see no problem if you want to give Pedro the edge over the previous seasons (although RJ was no slouch himself winning 3 consecutive Cy Young Awards).

    But in 2002, their numbers were razor close, (ERA+ has Pedro ahead 202 to 197) - but with Johnson pitching an additional 60.2 innings. That is 7+ additional starts. I would rather have the guy who is toeing the mound for more than an extra month's worth of innings.

  51. Thomas Court Says:

    Now remember Zachary, you are comparing RJ's best WAR season (8.8) with Pedro's sixth best WAR season (5.7) so there is no shine off of Pedro's stellar career to concede the 2002 season to the Big Unit.

    Although it is interesting to extrapolate the comparison over the entire careers of both pitchers.

  52. I think we're just defining things differently. Johnson has a better season in terms of production, but I think Pedro was more brilliant when he actually took the hill. If you're asking yourself, "Would I rather have '02 Johnson or '02 Pedro?", the answer very much depends on whether you're talking for a season, for a series, or for a single game. I tend to base my terms like "best" on the final category.

    I'll absolutely concede that Johnson had a better season overall. No question about it.

  53. Frank Clingenpeel Says:

    one word of warning about being boring, or stupid;

    Occaisions of either make a person human. Too much of either makes him {or her} both; continuously dwelling on past performance maikes you a royal pain in the touchis.

    Learn it, Moustachio and Timmy. Live it.