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Three players homering twice in the same game

Posted by Andy on June 27, 2011

In today's Rockies-Cubs game, three different players hit 2 homers. Carlos Gonzalez (COL), Carlos Pena (CHN), and Aramis Ramirez (CHN) did the honors.

This actually hasn't happened for a little while. Here are the most recent times when 2 teams combined for 3 different players hitting a pair of homers:

Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching
1 SDP ATL 2006-07-14 3
2 DET BOS 2004-08-08 3
3 PHI CHC 2004-07-30 3
4 CHW PHI 2004-06-08 3
5 BOS NYY 2003-07-04 3
6 CHW DET 2002-07-02 3
7 SFG COL 2002-07-02 3
8 MIN MIL 2001-07-12 3
9 KCR CLE 2001-06-30 3
10 NYY CLE 2001-06-02 3
11 HOU CHC 2000-09-09 3
12 ANA TBD 2000-04-21 3
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Generated 6/27/2011.

Going back to 1919, the most players homering twice in the same game is 4:

Rk Tm Opp Date #Matching
1 COL MON 1999-08-14 4
2 DET CHW 1995-05-28 4
3 PIT STL 1947-08-16 4
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It's not a surprise, I suppose, that the most recent game happened in Coors Field in the pre-humidor days.

23 Responses to “Three players homering twice in the same game”

  1. DoubleDiamond Says:

    Aramis Ramirez also was one of the players who homered multiple times in that 7/30/2004 game. No, I don't remember this happening, but since it was a Phillies game, I decided to look up more details. Ramirez actually hit three homers. Pat Burrell and Bobby Abreu homered twice each for the Phillies. Six of these seven home runs were solo shots. One of Abreu's came with two on. The Burrell and Abreu taters were the only ones the Phillies hit that day (and I do mean day - only in Wrigley do you usually get a non-holiday, non-opening day non-home opener Friday afternoon game), but Derrek Lee had a two-run blast.

    Although the Phillies scored more runs on homers, 6-5, they lost the game 10-7.

  2. JDV Says:

    Don't lie. Who guessed that Edgard Clemente was one of the four multi-homer players in the 1999 Rockies-Expos game?

  3. oneblankspace Says:

    In the Tigers-ChiSox game, Kirk Gibson had 2 HR (along with two other Tigers; Sox won 14-12) and 2 SB. That has only happened 14 times in the play index (using >=2 both times); most recently by Ryan Spilborghs.

  4. Stephen Says:

    @3 Oneblankspace - Also in the '95 Tigers-ChiSox game with four players hitting 2-HR, four other players hit one HR as well. 12 HRs total.

    In the '47 Cards-Pirates game, Ralph Kiner kicked in a 3rd homer as a bonus. Related to a post yesterday, the Bucs pulled their starter after 2 outs (and 2 HR) and relieved with Jim Bagby, who then went 8.1 IP, facing 33 batters - probably hitting that 95 pitch count.

  5. mccombe35 Says:

    In the '02 White Sox - Tigers game that the White Sox won 17 - 9 with 6 HRs, Thomas, Carlos Lee, & Konerko combined to go 0 for 12.

    That is just strange!

  6. Mustachioed Repetition Says:

    Paul Konerko had a game without a hit? But that's a future HOFer!

  7. John Q Says:

    I was at a Red Sox vs. White Sox game at Fenway Park on September 15, 1996 and 3 players homered twice in the same game.

    F. Thomas actually hit 3 HR, J. Valentin hit two and Mo Vaughn hit two.

    Thomas was intentionally walked in the top of the 7th and the RED SOX pitcher was actually booed in Fenway Park because the fans wanted to see Thomas hit a 4th HR.

  8. Fireworks Says:

    The Big Hurt got both of his only two 3-HR games in Wakefield starts. The only game I can think of offhand that I attended where I know any guy hit two homers was August 31, 1993 CWS at NYY. I was actually more of a White Sox fan than a Yankees fan at the time so I enjoyed the game immensely. Not to often you see Joey Cora go yard.

  9. Fireworks Says:

    Just noticed that Frank Thomas stole a base that game. Don't remember that. A stolen base by (an admittedly young) Frank Thomas and a homer (to Deep RF) by Joey Cora? Hmm...

  10. Doug Says:

    This is the 3 player x 2 HR game I remember best:

    The Jays pounded Baltimore 18-3 as Ernie Whitt had 3 HR, George Bell and Rance Mulliniks had 2 each, and 3 other players had one dinger. Total of 10 HRs in the game - the most ever recorded by one team in a game.

  11. Doug Says:

    Speaking of offense, in tonight's Dodgers-Twins game, every Dodger starter had at least 2 hits. That's probably worth a post by itself.

    The Twins did well to allow "only" 15 runs.

  12. Bip Says:

    @11 also, every starter had at least 1 run scored and 1 RBI.

    Perhaps the most amazing thing was that, as the game was getting out of hand, Don Mattingly pulled both Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, and replaced them with both Dioner Navarro and Aaron Miles. That hilarious downgrade of offense left the Dodgers with a lineup in which no player had an OPS above .700 going into the game. That actually was only possible in an AL park, because otherwise Chad Billingsley and his .855 OPS would ruin it.

  13. John Q Says:

    @9 Fireworks,

    And then in an odd switch D. Pasqua came in for F. Thomas for defense at first base in the 9th. Pasqua was essentially a LF Slugger type of player who coincidentally came up with the Yankees and was traded for Richard Dotson.

    Pasqua was a good trade for the White Sox because Dotson was basically shot as a productive pitcher. That was kind of a dumb trade by the Yankees in that Pasqua was a lefty slugger with a perfect swing for Yankee Stadium.

  14. Nash Bruce Says:

    @ 11: OK, my off day- ok fine, my calves are too sore(at almost 36 yrsold) to run, after running through the gulch/hills, on Sat.- so I go to the gym, and run on the treadmill- but ok, their showers, are still not up and running, after TWO MONTHS........ok, so, after running on the treadmill, I go back into(where I live) town, to get some money, from the BOH ATM, so that I can enjoy a meal, during Happy Hour.....and it is out of order. OK, FINE; I'll just go back to the restaurant, and pay the ATM there, the 2.95 fee, for getting MY money, from the bank, that is a half-a-block down from the restaurant........and then I turn around, and see, that, on the TV's, 'wow, the Twins are on, live!!!! And,........they are losing, FIFTEEN-TO-#%^^%! NOTHING, IN THE NINTH.....'
    you know, I was a lot happier, with the Twins just flat out being horrendous, a couple of weeks ago. I know, that they will never win anything, other than the AL Central (minor leagues) with the players, that they have........and then they went on their little run, to get close. So, I'm like, "ok, whatever. Go for another meaningless division title."
    But so it goes.
    My wish, still, is that they lose like 110 games, to remove any pretense, of this team, being a serious 'contender', thus allowing the rebuilding to begin. So tired of ownership, passing off AL Central Titles, as 'success'......
    more like,"Suck-sess".

  15. Nash Bruce Says:

    I think, that on the Dodgers telecast, they made mention of, something like, 'no Dodgers lineup, has ever had every player, get a hit, RBI, and score a run, in the same game".

  16. Nash Bruce Says:

    @my last post- "starter" I mean, sorry.

  17. Thomas Court Says:


    That was an amusing read Nash... We all have days like that. Reminds me of a Larry David type day. In fact I think you have an entire episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in that post.

    Plus it is hard to read, "So it goes." and not think of Kurt Vonnegut.

  18. Nash Bruce Says:

    @17: <<>> 🙂
    Only saw, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" once, don't ask (please) which episode, but it sure was funny....

  19. Dan Says:

    Was this the game that someone hit 2 home runs in the same inning for the second time in their career? One of only a few players to do that?

  20. Evil Squirrel Says:

    The 2004 Phillies/Cubs game will forever be remembered by me. Burrell, Abreu, and Ramirez were three of the ten betters in my fantasy team's lineup at the time, and they combined to hit me 7 homers...... in one game!

  21. Neil L. Says:


    Nash, you have to feel better for having gotten the bad day off your chest in BBRef.

  22. Nash Bruce Says:

    @Neil: lol.....
    it wasn't a bad day for me, after all, I wasn't on a team, that lost 15-0:)

  23. Neil L. Says:

    I know, Nash, but it WAS your team.

    I feel bonded to you because of the Minnesota-Toronto connection, in terms of no-chance franchises.