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2011 Draft Data & Short-Season Minor Leagues Now Updated

Posted by Neil Paine on June 20, 2011

Two quick site announcements this afternoon:

4 Responses to “2011 Draft Data & Short-Season Minor Leagues Now Updated”

  1. Timmy p Says:


  2. Neil L. Says:

    Neil P,
    Fantastic for research, thank you. Just adds to Bref's resume.

  3. Nash Bruce Says:

    In trying to check facts, to respond to an earlier comment, that Neil made, on another thread, I tried a couple times, to search the minor league database, using the search term 'Ottawa'. Both times it told me, that there was an internal server error, probably related to a cgi script...:(
    @2: Nice!
    I'm thinking of 2 letters, myself- but, they are assuredly not, "Z-Z".

  4. Np Says:

    #2 - Thanks, we're glad you like it.

    #3 - I'm not sure why you had a server error, but the way to get Ottawa minor-league teams is to go here and find the word 'ottawa' on the page (ctrl+f):

    (Or go directly to "Canadian Teams History".)