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Random Recap for Monday, June 6: “Danks Wins! Danks Wins!”

Posted by John Autin on June 7, 2011

White Sox 3, Mariners 1: In a battle of the 6-and-2 phenom Michael Pineda against the 0-and-8 veteran, John Danks finally broke into the win column in his 12th start, scattering 7 singles and a walk over 7.1 crafty innings [copyright: Southpaws, Inc.] and allowing just an unearned run. Seattle got only 3 AB with a man in scoring position and cashed one. Pineda was almost as smooth, yielding 2 runs on 5 hits over 7 IP, but was touched for Paul Konerko's 13th HR in the 4th and a 2-out RBI single by Gordon Beckham, who fouled off 3 two-strike pitches before delivering what would prove the decisive run.

  • Greg Halman, just the 9th Netherlands native in MLB history, had 3 of Seattle's 7 hits; he's 6 for 7 in 2 games since being called up. Nothing could be farther from the truth of what kind of hitter Halman is; he's shown big power in the minors, but a .247 BA, .309 OBP, and mammoth K totals (191 in 124 games in '09, 169 in 112 games last year) foretell struggles to come. Halman got 30 PAs with the M's last year, collecting but 4 hits (no HRs) and 1 walk, with 11 Ks.

Phillies 3, Dodgers 1: Speaking of crafty lefties who scattered 7 singles, Cliff Lee was back in form tonight, blanking LA for 7 IP with 10 Ks and a walk, giving him an even 100 strikeouts and the NL K lead, nosing past Doc Halladay. The Dodgers had 9 hits, all singles, and had just 4 AB with RISP (0-4).

  • Lee's 10.3 K/9 is tops in the majors, but his K totals by game have varied wildly: 11, 3, 12, 1, 12, 5, 16, 4, 4, 10, 8, 4, 10.
  • Ryan Madson allowed a run in the 9th, but struck out the last 2 men to remain perfect in 13 save chances. (What's so hard about closing, again? But that's a rant for another time....)

Brewers 7, Marlins 2: My premature pronouncement proved prophetic, as Milwaukee completed the rare Friday-Monday sweep in Miami. Zack Greinke, who's been gradually rounding into form after a late start, had his most effective game so far, allowing 2 runs in 7 IP with a walk and 6 Ks. Prince Fielder provided the oomph with a 3-run HR off Javier Vazquez and an RBI single, vaulting over 3 men to grab the NL RBI lead. No walk-year worries for him.

  • Greinke's K:BB ratio is over 7 (51 strikeouts, 7 walks).
  • Logan Morrison had 3 hits and drove in both runs for the floundering Floridians.

Detroit 13, Texas 7: Sorry, Rangers fans, they can't all be shutouts. On a hot night in Arlington, the Tigers matched the MLB season high with 10 extra-base hits, with Brennan Boesch hitting a pair of HRs off Colby Lewis among his 5 hits. (But no glowing write-ups for you this spring, Brennan! Let's just wait and see where you wind up.)

  • The last Tiger with a 2-HR, 5-hit game was Carlos Pena (6 for 6) in 2004. Since 1919, a Tiger has done this 11 times, by 10 different players (including Ty Cobb); Jim Northrup is the only one who did it twice (once in a 3-2 game).
  • Nelson Cruz hit 2 HRs, giving him 7 in his last 14 games, and 14 this year in just 44 games.
  • Austin Jackson (3 for 5) batted .181 in April, .290 since.

Reds 8, Cubs 2: Jonny Gomes had the best night by a batter still hitting under .200, driving in half of Cincinnati's runs, including a 3-run HR that broke the game open in the 5th. Jeff Samardzija started that inning in relief of SP Matt Garza; he hit Joey Votto and served a double to Jay Bruce before the HR by Gomes, and has now allowed 14 runs in his last 13.1 IP.

  • When you look at his major- and minor-league record, it's impossible not to think that the sole reason for Jeff Samardzija being in the majors right now is the ridiculous bonus the Cubs gave him as a 5th-round draft pick in 2006. He's never had a good year at any level since 30 IP at class A in his first pro season. His career ERA in the minors is 4.30, with nothing positive in the underlying stats: poor control, poor K rate, high HR rate. The same is true at the MLB level, in spades. If Carlos Zambrano was right -- if the Cubs are "an embarrassment" right now -- then Exhibit A is their continuing to force-feed a big-league opportunity to a player who has done nothing whatsoever to deserve it.

That's all for tonight, folks. Let me know how the other games came out.

10 Responses to “Random Recap for Monday, June 6: “Danks Wins! Danks Wins!””

  1. Nash Bruce Says:

    re: Twins 5-game winning streak:
    Dear Twins: You guys are blowing it, please keep losing........the team is not good enough, to seriously compete, for a WS title, or solid enough, to build upon, with intent, of doing same.
    Worst case scenario: They keep winning, hell, why not, even win the AL Central (against all utterly impossible mathematical odds) and management defrauds fans, yet again, into thinking that winning the worst division in baseball (i.e., Quadruple A) means something, and they keep these scrubs...........c'mon Twins fans, they shoved this stadium down our throats, promised, promised......demand something BETTER!!
    Enough, already.

  2. zuke Says:


    that's why, as a white sox fan, i despise the twins more than any other club. they're scrappy enough to win the division just about every year (the last decade or so), but never talented enough to win it all. i hate those guys!

  3. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    Lincecum became just the eight player to SO 1,000 batters in their first 5 seasons last night.
    The guys ahead of him are a strange mix of Hall of famers and flameouts
    Seaver 1155
    Blyleven 1094
    Wood 1065
    Alexander 1036
    Nomo 1031
    Langston 1018
    Clemens 985
    Pete Alexander is there just by virtue of pitching by far the most innings.
    Wood has by the farthest the best K/9 ratio, having 29 more SO than Alexander in over 800 less innings.
    I added Clemens to this list even though he fell 15 short, but he only pitched 35 starts (36 overall) his first two seasons, so he conceivably could of thrown at least 200 more innings if he had played full time.
    Lincecum managed this in only 899.1 innings.
    He has an outside chance of passing Seaver, but his low inning total may keep him from doing so.
    In comparison, it took the Big Unit till he was 29 and 7 years to reach 1000, so I think we are gonna see some huge #'s from the FREAK, but as a righty, it seems SO totals really drop off when aging, unless your name is Nolan Ryan.
    Even Seaver became more of a finesse pitcher during his White Sock twighlight.
    But Congrats to Lincecum!!!!

  4. Zachary Says:

    Samardzija absolutely made the right decision in picking baseball over football when you consider all the research that shows how dangerous football is, but there must be days when the Cubs wish he'd turned down their stupidly large awful to go play on the gridiron.

  5. Zachary Says:

    Freudian slip. Said awful when I meant offer.

  6. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    @ 4

    todd helton, also was on the fence btwn football and baseball.
    he know says it was the best decision in his life.
    just look at Bo Jackson.
    I guess Brian Jordan did well though - an Allstar in both sports a year apart. Impressive.
    I think Deion was also.

  7. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    @ 4
    Dave Winfield ( I think football) was offered contracts from the big three sports.
    And Kenny Lofton was the point guard on a final four NCAA basketball team.
    Imagine Kenny as a Knick.

  8. Cheese Says:

    @3, Lincecum doesn't have blow by you speed though like Clemens and Johnson. He'll have to 'pitch' even more than he does now to compensate for mid-low 90's heat.

    But man is he fun to watch...

  9. Tmckelv Says:


    Deion Sanders hit an MLB Home Run and scored an NFL Touchdown in the same week.

  10. Dukeofflatbush Says:

    @ 9,

    I think he knocked out Tyson that Wed, won an Iron Chef competition on a thursday, and won a beautiful new living room set on the price is right on Fri. All in all a good week.