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Awards Voting: WHIP and ERA+ added to Cy Young ballot tables

Posted by Neil Paine on May 16, 2011

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5 Responses to “Awards Voting: WHIP and ERA+ added to Cy Young ballot tables”

  1. Nice feature.

    I noticed Carlos May on the 1969 AL ROY voting. Tomorrow happens to be his birthday, May 17. "May 17" was also his jersey for most of his career. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many of the teams he played for had the names on the backs of their uniforms at that point. In any event, happy Carlos May Day!

  2. How does Jimenez have a higher WAR thank Halladay in 2010 when Halladay seems to beat Jimenez in every category across the board with k/9 being close to the same. Halladay walked less than 1/3 as many hitters, had a better ERA+ and threw more innings with a lower WHIP. What am I missing?

  3. And wow Ken Tatum for ROY in 1969. 3 times as much WAR as Piniellla. And wow, he sure could hit for a relief pitcher. Looked like the next Babe Ruth in his rookie year but then didn't have much of a career.

  4. #2 - It looks like it's mostly park effects. That difference isn't really attributable to defense or strength of competition, so it must be due to the difference in park factors (COL 115 multi-year, PHI 100). A replacement-level P would be expected to allow basically the same # of runs in Jimenez's 222 IP as in Halladay's 250 IP. That works out to a rate of 5.9 R/9 for a replacement P in Coors and 5.1 R/9 in Citizens Bank. Sure enough, 5.9/5.1 ~ 1.15.

    And since Jimenez/Halladay practically allowed the same # of total runs, they have pretty much the same WAR.

  5. Congratulation! ๐Ÿ™‚