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Bartolo Colon’s great start

Posted by Andy on April 28, 2011

Bartolo Colon has put together a great season so far for the Yankees. First he filled in on long relief of Phil Hughes, who got hammered thanks to his dead arm, and now he's got Hughes' spot in the rotation.

Yesterday, Colon became the first pitcher in 2011 who's at least 37 years old to pitch 8 innings while allowing no more than 1 run:

Rk Player Age Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec IP H R ER BB SO HR Pit Str GSc
1 Bartolo Colon 37.338 2011-04-27 NYY CHW W 3-1 GS-8 ,W 8.0 7 1 1 1 6 0 99 65 69
2 Derek Lowe 37.104 2010-09-13 ATL WSN W 4-0 GS-8 ,W 8.0 6 0 0 0 12 0 105 66 82
3 Andy Pettitte 38.023 2010-07-08 NYY SEA W 3-1 GS-8 ,W 8.0 5 1 1 4 9 0 107 67 73
4 Jamie Moyer 47.216 2010-06-22 PHI CLE W 2-1 GS-8 ,W 8.0 2 1 1 1 5 1 107 66 78
5 Derek Lowe 37.001 2010-06-02 ATL PHI W 2-1 GS-8 ,W 8.0 6 1 1 1 7 0 119 73 72
6 Tim Wakefield 43.294 2010-05-23 BOS PHI W 8-3 GS-8 ,W 8.0 5 0 0 2 1 0 102 68 71
7 Jamie Moyer 47.170 2010-05-07 PHI ATL W 7-0 SHO9 ,W 9.0 2 0 0 0 5 0 105 71 88
8 Andy Pettitte 37.313 2010-04-24 NYY LAA W 7-1 GS-8 ,W 8.0 6 1 1 0 8 0 114 75 74
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Generated 4/28/2011.

Interestingly, when Colon was in camp with the Yankees, the reports all along were that his stuff looked great but his conditioning was poor. It makes me wonder how many more effective outings Colon has in him. I wouldn't be surprised if he breaks down before the All-Star game.

22 Responses to “Bartolo Colon’s great start”

  1. John Autin Says:

    Last night's game was the first time Colon lasted at least 8 IP since Sept. 2007, and just the 2nd time since his 2005 CYA season.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Interesting thing I found about Colon's opponent last night, Mark Buehrle: He leads this list of pitchers who, since 1919, pitched 9-inning complete games and faced the minimum 27 batters. Obviously, his perfect game was one, but he picked off the only runner in his no-hitter, and induced double plays to remove both baserunners during a 2-hitter in 2004. An odd bit of trivia about an underappreciated guy.

  3. Johnny Twisto Says:

    I watched much of last night's game and it was the first time I'd gotten to see Colon for an extended stretch this year. He really did look impressive.

    Also, I must say it's a joy to have a game end in a little over two hours. I guess that's not rare for a Buehrle start. It's exceedingly rare for a Yankee game.

  4. micker17 Says:

    The second most amazing thing about Colon was that he hit 96 on the radar gun last night.

    The most amazing fact is that he's listed at 185lbs.

  5. Voomo Zanzibar Says:

    Predicting that somebody is going to hurt themselves is kinda lame, Andy. And it is an easy and safe prediction, anyways. I'm 38 and athletic, and I just hurt myself typing this.

  6. Nash Bruce Says:

    @5 LOL move over, I'm 35......
    Good for Bartolo. Still a living link, to the Montreal Expos:))) hope that his career, somehow outlasts Mr. Selig's.

  7. BobBobson Says:

    @2: Buehrle's one of my favorites. It's too bad he seems to be a .500 guy most of the time.

  8. TheGoof Says:

    Amen, Nash. Selig is the worst thing to happen to baseball since Arnold Rothstein.

  9. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Voomo, I don't think Andy was predicting an injury. Just that one of Colon's axles might rust when they try rolling him back out to the mound.

  10. Voomo Zanzibar Says:

    I'm not saying Andy is a bad person. Just dont see the positive aspect of pointing out that a man has resurrected his career... and then doubting how long it will last. I come to this site every single day because it offers two things that I havent found anywhere else on the www: an impeccable approach to statistics, and a true, un-cynical love for baseball.

    The people who take the time to write here, both the bloggers and us commenters, all seem to understand the beauty of the game; both the scientific beauty, and the Human beauty.

    I respect this site and I respect Andy's contributions.
    Just voicing my opinion that saying (in effect) "Bartolo is fat, he will fail" is neither insightful nor does it serve any positive purpose, and I think this site and Andy's writing are better than that.

  11. Andy Says:

    Colon's lack of conditioning was widely reported during spring training. There have been many cases of pitchers breaking down in seasons where they reported in spring training in poor shape. Given Colon's age and recent history, it seems quite likely. I am merely repeating here what has been widely speculated in the New York media.

    I didn't post it to be negative, or to try to crap on Colon in any way. I didn't hear you complain when I predicted Phil Hughes' demise for 2011 after his second start.

  12. Dave Says:

    If someone could ever solve the issue of why an uber-talented person doesn't do everything possible to maximize their talent that person will be rich.

  13. dukeofflatbush Says:

    About Bart's weight; I can think of several plus sized pitchers who seemed to do better while heavier.
    As a Met fan, I can recall Sid Fernandez (If anyone here forgets or has never looked at Sid's rate #'s, please do) and his dominance, but also the year he reported to camp 30lbs lighter and was being touted as an early Cy Young favorite (maybe '89 or '90) and he simply fell apart then got injured without the weight.
    Ditto for David Wells.
    And it is too early to say, but CC Sabitia seems to be a bit less effective this year after shedding 25ilbs.

  14. John Autin Says:

    It's clearly a legitimate point of baseball discussion to question the stamina of any starting pitcher -- even one who appeared to be in good shape -- who has not topped 81 IP since 2007. (That's majors & minors combined.)

  15. Noodle Says:

    Well, a simple math approach would be to analyze if weight leads to breakdowns. The probelm is the listed weights are WAY UNDER actual.

    So maybe we do this by asking who were the 10 fattest ptichers we can think of, and seeing how often they broke down...the problem is we only rememebr the ones who didn't. Maybe there were fat guys who broke down so fast we don't even remember them.

    So now we are back to just pontificating.

  16. Andy Says:

    Great example of sample bias, Noodle. For every David Wells, Curt Schilling, or Rick Reuschel, there's an Andy Sisco, Sidney Ponson, Eddie Kunz, Juan Gutierrez etc...tough to know the ratio.

  17. dukeofflatbush Says:

    Ponson's problem was not his belly, it was his brain.
    I just find their to be (at least by watching the game) a greater percentage of pitchers whom are portly.
    And it would make sense, in pitching, that weight could lend itself to speed.

  18. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Even if we knew actual weights, I don't know how much it would help us. CC Sabathia may be (very) heavy, but I don't think he looks out of shape. Obviously he doesn't have a washboard stomach, and maybe I'd change my mind if I saw him shirtless. To me he just appears to be a very big guy who's carrying some extra pounds. David Wells looked to be in worse shape, but still carried himself like an athlete -- he could move quickly when covering 1st, for example. Colon just looks like a blob. That may not impair his pitching, but I wouldn't be surprised if it affects his fielding, and if carrying all that weight around will wear him down further as the season progresses. Especially since he hasn't been pitching anything close to a full season lately.

  19. Cisco Bastidas Says:

    What a surprise to find a forum with respectful and knowledgeable people that really appreciate the game. The large majority uses sites like this to offend each other and vent their frustrations, but not here. Think i'll visiti this place more often. Thank you guys and May God bless you all....

  20. rico petrocelli Says:

    I was at the game w my 9 year old son

    Colon was dominant
    Buerle was too -- one mistake to Cano in 1st

    When Colon washed out with the Red Sox it was his attitude that sealed it...think he noshowed some practices etc

    Maybe he has turned that around

    A question: with arod (615) Dunn (350) and Jones (400)in line up there were probably. 2000 career homers across the starters. Could we calulate the most career HRs across 18 starters in a game?

    I read Colon said "I thought I'd never pitch againin the najors". So to see him resurrect and rule was pretty inspiring

  21. dukeofflatbush Says:

    @ Rico
    In a recent chat we all were guessing at the same question. I found a few in 1971 that might take the HR cake. Aaron and Cepeda playing against Mays and McCovey.

  22. Fireworks Says:

    @13 CC does not appear to be less effective. He had had a pretty good April and CC isn't that great in April. He was at best okay in 09 and 10 and he was terrible his first four starts in 08.