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Baseball Biography Project: What’s New?

Posted by Mark Armour on April 25, 2011

I have not checked in here in a while, principally because (a) I have learning a new computer architecture and tools, and porting several year's work, (b) SABR's new web site has taken some of my thunder--it is now announcing things I used to announce, and with nice pictures, (c) I have been bummed about the Red Sox, and (d) I have been lazy.

Still, a lot continues to happen with the project. Here are a few.

Today is Connie Marrero's 100th birthday. There is a nice spread at, but in particular I suggest you read Peter Bjarkman's wonderful biography for our project (update today!) HERE.

As part of our agreement with Acta, we were able to publish 48 bios from the book Don Zminda and friends put out on the 1959 White Sox. Did you know--six Hall of Famers? You can find them, plus other stars and criminals HERE.

The project has produced 9 themed books thus far. We have also recently contracted with the the University of Nebraska Press to do six more. You can read all about that HERE.

Mainly we have just been writing biographies, with a handful coming in every week. I have five more in the queue to publish, hopefully later today--including two Hall of Famers. Check back often.

Please join SABR, then join this project, then help us out!

6 Responses to “Baseball Biography Project: What’s New?”

  1. John Autin Says:

    Mark -- Very laudable work, and I look forward to catching up on it.

    FYI, your post is not yet listed in the blog lineup on the B-R home page. I don't know if that's intentional.

    One more thing -- Any chance of adding a "print" button on the bio pages? I know I'm a dinosaur, but I still do most of my baseball reading the old-fashioned way.

  2. John Autin Says:

    Now it's in the front-page lineup.

  3. Mark Armour Says:

    Yes, John, I added it after I saw your first note. Thanks.

    I will make a note of your suggestion that we add a print feature. We are scheduled to move our home under the SABR web site sometime this spring, so I can see if this is possible then.

  4. DoubleDiamond Says:

    I will finally get to read about Barry Latman!

    And Del Ennis, too!

    (People probably forget that he ended his playing career with the White Sox.)

  5. Neil L. Says:


    I have added the site to my favorites and will consider joining. At an initial look the bios are fantastic. I wasn't aware of your work.

  6. Bill Tuck Says:

    I enjoy reading the comments made about the players. Even some of the players with short careers are interesting.
    The thing thatg puzzles me is how can some of the star players be overlooked? One example that sticks out is Warren Spahn. He was one of my favorite players. When he had his first 20-game season, I was a little boy, but I remember seeing it. When I graduated from college, he was still winnning 20 games a year.
    I remember careers of Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Stan Musial, Bob Feller and many other great players, but Warren sticks out above the rest because the others were in the middle of their careers whereas I caught all the great years Spahn had.