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Create Season Finder Reports Restricted to a Custom Set of Players

Posted by Sean Forman on April 14, 2011

For single seasons, From 1901 to 2011, For players in the saved report : (Batted .260 or lower, 1980-2010, 27 or younger, 2000 PA), From Age 28 to 99, (requiring Qualified for league batting title), sorted by greatest Batting Average: Results -

The actual report above isn't that interesting, but the new feature I used to create it is.   When you save a report using the "link url" option under the SHARE link (and you can use this anywhere on the site).  This saved report will now appear as an option on the very bottom of the season finders.

So for the report linked above.  I first found all of the batters from 1980-2011, ages 0-27, with 2000 PA's and sub .260 career batting averages.    I then saved that report, reloaded, used that report, changed the ages to 28+, used single season and then found the best single-season batting averages among this group.

This feature will give you a lot of flexibility.   You could save reports like 2000 first round draft picks, or 1999 Chicago Cubs, or anything else on the site.  I think this will have a lot of power, but I expect you'll have some ideas I haven't thought of.  You will also be limited to 200 players total, so very broad searches may not work.

This is limited also to your last 20 saved reports.  Also note that if you use the season finder to save a report and then want to use that report, that will require a page reload to get that widget populated with the new report.

This is live only on the season finders at the moment and you can only filter on players.  It would be nice to allow searches that look for year n+1 or allow it for particular games, but at the moment, we are stuck with this method.

Have fun and let us know if there are any interesting reports you create.

12 Responses to “Create Season Finder Reports Restricted to a Custom Set of Players”

  1. Neil Paine Says:

    OK, this is awesome.

    Worst players to hit better than .340 in a post-1935 season:

  2. Raphy Says:

    Thanks Sean! This is huge!

    Here are the players who have hit at least 200 HRs in each league.

  3. Raphy Says:

    Sean - Is there any way to limit the search to the seasons returned?

    For example, If I created a list of pitchers with a seasonal ERA+ of at least 150 (say from 1973 on) and I wanted to find the players with the highest batting OPS+, the season finder would return all seasons for every player listed, not just the seasons in question.

    The same issue would arise if I wanted to find the player with the fewest HRs in a season in which he had a 3 HR game.


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  6. TheGoof Says:

    So...this is basically the second search feature I was recently asking about? For instance, I can search for fireballers who flamed out by seeking 200+K seasons, then running a search again of just those guys to see who had less than 100 W?


  7. TheGoof Says:

    It seems to be stuck, unless I'm doing something wrong. But I like seeing the reports option on the PI.

  8. Raphy Says:

    TheGoof - I'm able to create the list:
    I have found that it works better when you open a new PI page between the two searches.

    If you need help, I'll be happy to walk you through it.

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  10. Chuck Hildebrandt Says:

    I wanted to know, of all the players who had an OPS+ of 130 or better in at least 2,000 plate appearances in their first five years:

    also had the worst OPS+ for the remainder of their career, minimum 2,000 PAs:

    Winner: Cal Ripken. 130 OPS+ in seasons 1-5, 107 OPS+ for the rest of his career. Not awful, of course, and probably even expected the way he carried on with his ironman obsession. But certainly not following through fully on his early promise, performance-wise.

    Widest negative spreads between early OPS+ and later OPS+: Frank Thomas (184 to 145 = -39); Don Mattingly (151 to 116 = -35); Chuck Klein (156 to 122 = -34).

    Widest positive spreads: Barry Bonds (133 to 197 = +64); Rogers Hornsby (150 to 182 = +32);; Mark McGwire (142 to 173 = +31). Hmmm ... I wonder what Hornsby was on? 🙂

    Notables who never made 2,000 PAs after season 5: Benny Kauff (156 OPS+ in season 1-5); Charlie Keller (155); George Stone (154); Jim Ray Hart (135); Pete Reiser (134); Leon Durham (132); and Bob Horner (130).

  11. Norman Morrow Says:

    Sean has cumulative totals for individuals for a team for hitting and pitching that has the totals up to that year, but with this tool you can create the all time totals for the players on the team or the future totals of the individuals on the team.

    For example here is all the totals for the 1969 Expos

    You can also do this for the 1939 Yankees.

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