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PI: ‘Start-of-Season’ Option Added to Team Game and Streak Finders

Posted by Neil Paine on April 7, 2011

Just a quick Play Index note: Sean recently added a "team's first ___ games" option at the bottom of the Team Game Finders and a "to start season" option for the Streak Finders.

This will allow you to find things like how many other seasons the Reds scored 7 or more runs four times in their first 5 games, or that Baltimore's season-opening 4-game streak of allowing exactly 1 run was the longest since 1919.

5 Responses to “PI: ‘Start-of-Season’ Option Added to Team Game and Streak Finders”

  1. Dave Says:

    I still say you guys need a streak cut-off function that would allow a user to eliminate a set number and lower.

    something like:
    "Most consecutive games won at home...but not less than 6 games. Just 6 and over"

  2. Andy Says:

    Sweet, kudos to Sean. This was added at my request due to difficulty in looking up that Baltimore streak (although I know it was on Sean's radar before I asked about it!)

  3. Dave Says:

    Start of the season means start of the season--not start of the home season.
    "start of the home season" must be at the start of the season
    If the first home game is after a 6 game trip then it doesn't work.

  4. John Autin Says:


    Everything that helps conform the different "finders" is a plus.

  5. TheGoof Says:

    I'd love to see a second search within the results of the first search option.

    But anything you add is awesome. Even without any additions, this site is amazing.