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Every Box Score Since 1920 on Your Phone

Posted by Sean Forman on March 18, 2011

150,000+ Box Scores in the Palm of Your Hand / Mobile Home Page

All 155,000 regular season box scores (from 1920-2010) are now available in a mobile-friendly format via our recently launched mobile site.

Box Scores is a new option on our mobile site front page

You can see all games by team/season or by date.

Box Score Pages have a game summary followed by a scoring summary, player stats, and play-by-play account

Full Stats are given for each pltcher and batter to appear in the game.

A full-game play-by-play account is available for 99% of the games since 1950.

And unlike some other products that require you to own an iPhone, an iPad or download a costly specialized app, our mobile website works on every major mobile web browser for free. iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, Android 1.4 through 2.3, iPad and iPad 2, Blackberry 4, 5, & 6. Every. Last. One.

And when we make a change to the website, you don't have to go through an update process, and we don't have to get Apple, Google, or Blackberry's approval. It's all there for you right away.

You can even add it to your iPhone, Android or Blackberry start screen just like an app. Here's how to do that.

On iPhone, visit the mobile homepage, click '+' or '->' sign on the menu bar at the bottom of the browser and tap "Add to Home Screen." On Android, visit the mobile homepage, bookmark the mobile homepage, open bookmarks, long click the bookmark and "Add shortcut to Home." On BlackBerry, simply click on the link for the Launcher for Version 4.2 and Above or the Launcher for Version 4.0 and 4.1. Our icon is automatically used to create a launcher for our web site. The instructions also appear on the front page of the mobile site.

Give it a try now and next time you are on the couch or at the game and need to know who hit that home run in the last game you attended, you'll know where you can look.

6 Responses to “Every Box Score Since 1920 on Your Phone”

  1. Joel Says:

    Cool stuff, Sean! A couple of bugs I found. The "Teams" box does not list actual teams, only the choice of "Teams".

    On the page that comes up after you find all games on a date, it appears that the home and away teams are listed backward, so that the home team appears to be on the road.

    Otherwise, great stuff!

  2. Joel Says:

    Oh, and not sure if it matters, but I'm on the base droid browser on a Droid X.

  3. Sean Forman Says:

    Oof. Thanks Joel. I got that fixed.

  4. TheGoof Says:

    I wish my phone could show a single boxscore. But then, I wouldn't know how to use it if it did. 🙂

    Some day, I'll stop being a mobile phone Luddite.

    For the rest of the world, living in the 21st century of mobile communications, great work!

  5. John Autin Says:

    Goof -- "Luddites of the world, unite!" [he said ... on a blog.]

    Seriously, though -- I don't have a cellphone, either.

    But I'm hoping that Sean will develop a feature whereby the old box scores dial up my land line and read themselves aloud to me.

  6. steven Says:

    I tried, and tried again, but I can't get a single boxscore on my rotary phone.