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Our Mobile Site:

Sports Reference is all about providing information where and when you need it as quickly and as easily as possible. We are pleased to now offer a mobile version of optimized for the most common mobile devices. Front Page

Albert Pujols Mobile Page

Pujols Full Batting Stats

What can I get on the Mobile Site?

Currently, our mobile site offers:

  • Major and Minor League Player Stats (and not just the basics)
  • Team Rosters & Stats
  • League Stats, Leaders, & Standings
  • All-Time Leaders and Awards

I want an app. Why don't you have an app?

Because for this application a mobile website is, in our opinion. better:

  • It can work on all of the major phones.
  • It's free.
  • It's much easier for us to maintain and update.
  • Due to the amount of data and need to update the data daily, the app still wouldn't be available offline.
  • Our mobile site front page includes instructions for adding to your phone's home screen along with our fancy "app" logo.

That said, we may develop some specialized apps that utilize our data in new and interesting ways.

What Devices are Supported?

Currently, we actively test and support iPhone, Andriod and Blackberry 5.0 and above devices, but we have created the site with an eye towards providing at least modest functionality to all smartphone devices.

I want to see the full site!

We auto-redirect mobile users to the mobile site, but you'll always have the option of viewing the full site. Every mobile page has a link at the top and bottom of the page (Look for "Full" button) that will take to you to the corresponding page on the full site.

Tables are a pain on my phone!

We agree, so we designed Mini-Scroll which on more advanced mobile devices will allow you to click buttons to scroll the stats left and right while the informational columns (year, team, name, etc) stay frozen on the left. When supported, Mini-Scroll Buttons appear above wide statistical tables.

Rotating your screen will also cause more columns of stats to be viewed as we read your devices screen width to optimally present the stats.

If you want to show all of the stat columns at once, you can just click the "All" Button and all of the columns will appear and you can horizontally scroll as before. To aid in horizontal scrolling, tapping a row will cause it to be highlighted, so you won't lose your place. We also add header rows to the middle of the tables, so no row is ever more than six rows from an explanatory header.

Mini-Scroll is only enabled for more advanced touch phones (Android 2.0+, iPhones, Blackberry 6.0+). Lesser phones simply can not handle the javascript necessary for Mini-Scroll, so in the interest of usability we've had to disable it.

Clicking the "?" will bring up the glossary for the stats in that table.

Why can't I find feature X on the mobile site?

We probably haven't mobilized it yet. First off, we will probably add new features as the season progresses and we see what features users want to use from the park or while watching games from their couch. Let us know what we are missing and we'll add it to the to do list.


Let us know what you think of the site.