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Sponsorship Renewals

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The Baseball-Reference sponsorship system was launched in August of 2003, so many of you have received renewal notices for the pages that you have sponsored. Here are the steps necessary to renew your sponsorships.

(1)Return to your sponsorship account and click the "RENEW" link next to the page you wish to renew.

(2) If a payment is necessary, we will then guide you through the payment process. You are free to leave your message the same or change it as you see fit.
  Your Sponsorship Account

Sponsoring Newly Expired or Newly Created Pages

Since not all pages will be renewed when they expire, and these will become available for sponsorship by other users, I will enact the following policy, in order to avoid a mad dash for these pages,

Upon their expiration, all pages will be priced $100 higher or three times their standard price whichever is less. Then each day, the price will be reduced by between $5 and $10 until they return to their standard price one to ten days following the expiration of the previous sponsorship. This policy will only be in effect for sponsorships a year in length. All of the recently expired pages.

For example, a page was priced at $65 in August 2003. It expired on September 8th, 2003. When it became available, it cost $165 to sponsor the page. This price dropped $10 per day to $155 to $145, etc. until it returned to the $65 level or someone decided to sponsor it at a higher price.

The same policy will be in effect for new pages each morning (6am-7am) we add pages for new debuts. These pages will be started at $100 or more and then drop $10/day until they reach $10. Some highly desirable pages may be set at a higher initial value at BR's discretion.

All of the recently expired pages
All of the soon-to-expire pages

Due to a streamlined payment process it is now less likely that two people will send payments to sponsor a page on the same day. If this should occur, I will happily and quickly refund any money sent for a sponsorship that did not go through. I am not able to honor requests such as "Please reserve a page for me when it reaches $80. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

The date of expiration can now be viewed in the sponsorship box on every page under the link "You can sponsor a page."

Clicking on the "Alert Me" link next to the expiration date will create an e-mail reminder that will be mailed to you should the page expire. No note will be sent if the page is renewed.

Please e-mail me with any questions you have regarding any other sponsorship-related questions.