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Why support this site?

Due the popularity of this site, our server costs are very high, and we spend hundreds of hours maintaing the site and adding new features. The payments support a growing business and allow the site to grow and flourish.

We're asking for voluntary, direct payments for this service. We know folks enjoy this site given the amount of time they spend here. To guarantee the continued production of this site, We're asking you to pay for a site you find useful and interesting.

In return, those who provide support will be recognized as sponsors of any of a wide variety of pages on the site. It is our way of tipping our cap to those who have given support to the site. Let others know that you like this site and support it. If you have a sponsorship account, go there to make a payment and sponsor a page.

You can pay for your use of by using any of the methods listed at the bottom of this page. If you've used Amazon or PayPal before you will find this feature very easy to use.

If you've used my site only sparingly, are just passing through, or would never consider bookmarking a site as lame as this one, then please don't contribute to the site until it has proved its value to you.

Non-Sponsorship Payment Methods

If you aren't interested in sponsoring a page and just want to support the site, you can use one of the payment methods below. Thank you again.

  • (a subsidiary of EBay and the leading online payments company)
  • Send a check payable to Sports Reference, Inc. to
    Sports Reference, Inc.
    6757 Greene St, Suite 315
    Philadelphia, PA 19119
  • Please e-mail BR if you have any questions.

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